American Idol 2014 Top 9: What Does It Take? [Interview]

American Idol 2014's Top 9 contestants
American Idol 2014’s Top 9 contestants – Source: FOX

There are just nine contestants and two months left on American Idol 2014 before we crown a new winner at the season finale. So with the competition closing in on them, what do the Top 9 think it takes for them to move on to the next round? FOX Audio Central asked each of the finalists to share what each of them are focusing on this week to win over viewers and the votes.

There are a lot of great, thoughtful responses from the Top 9 below including efforts to focus on song choice, get back to songs in their core, and to be braver out there on the American Idol stage. Read on for the full list and see what you can look forward to from your favorite Idol contestant during tonight’s performance.

Alex Preston: “Really got to make sure that I keep on showing my artistry in different ways.”

Caleb Johnson: “Just be myself, and just stay true to who I am, and I’ll be good.”

CJ Harris: “I need to work on just staying to who I am, doing songs that really fit me and make my voice stand out because I think sometimes that I’m overthinking it and maybe trying to learn a new song to please other people instead of just going with what I know and what got me here.”

Dexter Roberts: “I’m going to go out there, you know, and just have fun with it, you know, and just keep doing what I’ve been doing and not, you know, not mess up.”

Jena Irene: “I’m bringing back my rock roots. I’ve kind of dipped my toes into the old rock scene with Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. So next week I’m doing more of a modern rock feel and I can’t wait to see how people take it because I was in a band for like five years, so [I’m] bringing my originality to the competition. Hopefully it’ll be taken positively, so I can’t wait.”

Jessica Meuse: “I’m going to really, really look at song choice and you know, measure out pros and cons and just make sure I pick the absolute perfect song for the I’m with the band theme.”

Majesty Rose: “I’m just going to continue to be myself and to show America who Majesty is. As long as I’m pleasing myself and God, then I’ll make it far in my own eyes.”

Malaya Watson: “Bigger and better. I think I need to be bigger and better, you know, never the same. Never keep it the same, because if it’s the same it’s boring. So I’m going to keep doing that and keep practicing and keep working on it.”

Sam Woolf: “Confidence! I need to gain, or I think I have gained confidence each week, but I think I need to step it up times 10.”

Source: FOX Audio Central



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  1. So, not the most articulate group in history. Think of the lucidity of Clay or Adam. But they are still a pretty likable bunch with a mix of stubborn refusal to grow and open minds. Interesting.

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