American Idol Rankings: Top 10 Week In Review

Alex Preston performs on American Idol 2014
Alex Preston performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

It was another crazy week of ups and downs as many of the contestants struggle to find steady support in our polling. Singers who were at the top the week before have slid to the mid-ranks while those in the middle slid down even lower.

Leading the pack from last week’s Top 10 round is Alex Preston with a huge jump to 22% after weeks of hanging low in the mix. Now that he’s shown what he’s capable of doing he’ll need to keep that momentum going to avoid slipping back down below.

Not too far behind him were Malaya Watson (15%), Sam Woolf (12%), and Jena Irene (10%). Malaya has actually been fairly consistent over the past three weeks while Jena fell back closer to her previous position after leading the polls in the Top 11 round. Sam came back up to familiar ground after a dip to the single digits the week before.

Sitting in the middle this week we’ve got Caleb Johnson (9%), Jessica Meuse (7%), and Majesty Rose (6%). This was Caleb’s lowest spot since the finalist rounds began though he did enter those at an even lower level of popularity. Perhaps no more Gaga for him? Jessica rose a few points with her attention-grabbing performance, but she’s still left waiting for that break out night. Majesty seems destined for a near-term elimination if she doesn’t similarly find that big night event to spark her fans.

Trailing at the back you’ll find CJ Harris (5%) and Dexter Roberts (5%). Both were just a step ahead of last week’s bottom place singer for our poll, MK Nobilette, and we know how that worked out for her. CJ had a bad night and Dexter needs something badly after last week’s Bottom 3 position. We’ll have to watch this week to see if these guys can figure out what needs to be done.

See where your favorites stand in the rankings here and check out the chart below to watch their path through the season so far.

American Idol 2014 Top 10 Week Poll Rankings:

  1. Alex Preston – 22% – up 16 points from last week
  2. Malaya Watson – 15% – up 2 points from last week
  3. Sam Woolf – 12% – up 6 points from last week
  4. Jena Irene – 10% – down 12 points from last week
  5. Caleb Johnson – 9% – down 7 points from last week
  6. Jessica Meuse – 7% – up 3 points from last week
  7. Majesty Rose – 6% – up 3 points from last week
  8. CJ Harris – 5% – down 5 points from last week
  9. Dexter Roberts – 5% – even from last week
  10. MK Nobilette – 4% – down 3 points from last week – eliminated last week

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American Idol 2014 rankings - Top 10




  1. No offense to anyone but the fact that Alex had that big of a jump and is #1 is a joke in my book. AI doesn’t need another WGWG winning.

    • I agree no offense, but the good folks on this site hardly constitute anywhere near a scientific poll. Alex won’t win. JMO

      • With no stand outs so far, Alex could win just as easily as any of the others. Who knows. So far this season it just seems to be about timing.

        This may not be a scientific study, but year after year these have done an excellent job reflecting official trends. Not always, but often.

    • No one here is saying Alex will win because of last week’s polling data from the readers on this site.

      Take a moment to look at the graph and see what’s been happening so far this season. A singer has one big week, shoots way way up, and then falls right back down the next week. It happened with Jena Irene last week and Caleb Johnson two weeks before that. This trend is not Alex specific.

      As I opened the article, most of the singers aren’t getting steady support as this trend continues.

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