American Idol 2014: Who Went Home Tonight? February 5, 2014

Tonight’s American Idol 2014 episode brings a new round of fresh eliminations for the Season 13 Hopefuls. Judges revealed many of the singers would be performing on the spot before even reaching Hollywood and facing fierce cuts in a new twist called “Hollywood or Home.” So who went home tonight on Idol? It’s time to find out!

American Idol 2014 - Hollywood Week Results

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. great the singers tonight and break the news to them. Actually it’s Harry who delivers the bad news which definitely seems to catch them off guard.

How were tonight’s “Hollywood or Home” contestants selected? Those who received only two “yes” votes back at the city auditions were move aside to this track. Three “yes” votes weren’t a guaranty of safety either as some of those Hopefuls were put on the spot as well. If the judges were still impressed then the contestants were cleared to move on to the next Hollywood Week round: solos. If not, then they were immediately sent back home without a chance to even unpack their bags or step inside the Dolby Theatre. Ouch.

We’re updating this post here with live results from tonight’s American Idol with who performed, who went home, and who was deemed safe in the competition for at least one more day.

Once all performances were complete the rest of the singers were released and sent on to Hollywood. Those who had performed were split in to two groups. One would go to Hollywood. The other to back home. Even worse is that the judges don’t even tell them to their faces. Instead the singers go to unmarked buses and will find out if they made it when their bus ends up at its destination: a Hollywood hotel or the airport.

All in all, twenty singers who had to perform were safe. The rest were eliminated tonight on American Idol. Since the judges didn’t explicitly state who was safe and who was eliminated we’ll make an official list as soon as we can get it complete and accurate.

Hollywood Or Home – Contestant List of Performers (identified):

  • Johnny Newcomb – Salt Lake City
  • Connor Zwetsch – Atlanta
  • Ali Jane Henderson – Atlanta
  • Caitlin Johnson – San Francisco
  • Adam Roth – San Francisco
  • Tristen Langley – Austin
  • Morgan Deplitch – Boston
  • Stephanie Petronelli – Boston
  • Rich LaFleur – Boston
  • Eric Wood – Austin
  • Alyssa Siebken – Omaha
  • Neco Starr – Atlanta
  • Khristian D’Avis – Detroit
  • Caleb Hartsfield – San Francisco
  • M. K. Nobilette – San Francisco

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Hollywood Week – Solos – Partial List of Eliminated Contestants:

  • Jack Janowitz
  • McKenna Davis
  • Viviana Villalon
  • Samantha Calmes
  • Selena Moreno
  • Lauren Ogburn
  • Ayla Stackhouse
  • Jade Lathan
  • Sydney Arterbridge
  • Bryan Watt
  • Quaid Edwards