American Idol 2014 Winner: Caleb Johnson vs. Jena Irene Ascuitto

At this point on American Idol 2014, we are almost certain we will be seeing Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Ascuitto in the season 13 finale unless something crazy happens in the next few weeks. The question is, which one of them will come out on top and be the next American Idol winner?


For many weeks, it seemed like Caleb Johnson was the clear favorite to be the one who won American Idol 2014. Not only did he rule repeatedly in our reader’s polls and other fan sites polls across the net, but he also handily led in the American Idol betting odds in Las Vegas. From past seasons, we know these are strong indicators of a future American Idol winner.

However, we are beginning to wonder if perhaps rocker Caleb Johnson may have peaked too soon. He’s just so good, and so consistent, that it’s become very difficult for him to give us even more every week. We know he’s going to rock whatever song he gives. We know he’s probably the most comfortable, confident performer in the competition. However, we don’t know how much better his performances can get at this point.

On the other hand, we have Jena Irene Ascuitto. Her song choices haven’t always been perfect and she hasn’t been as consistent or confident as Caleb on stage at times. But, and this is a big thing, Jena Irene probably hasn’t yet even reached her maximum ability yet on American Idol 2014.

We think Jena could still give even better, more impressive performances in the weeks ahead. In a way, it’s not even as important that she comes across as better than Caleb Johnson at this point. It’s more important that she keeps beating her own previous performances from week to week.

A star on the rise always seems fresher and more exciting than one who has already established themselves. And that might just be Caleb’s downfall. Unless he can somehow manage to pull out even bigger and better performances than he already has — and that could be very hard — he might just find himself joining fellow rockers Adam Lambert and Bo Bice as a runner-up, instead of taking home the grand prize.




    • That is the most depressing outcome I can imagine. He’s a cute kid but so darn mediocre.

    • That’s a big possibility! SAM I think has the whole package! And he has this fighting spirit to compete! Every week his craft is improving! And I would be happy if he will win! He really deserves it! I will go for him to win!!!…

      • I think Sam is a good kid and likely has a warm and tender heart. But – there is no “fighting spirit” in him, which is really not that bad. You would have thought that after the judges saved him, he would have gained some fight, but it didn’t work. That no big deal though – he just stays his best self.

    • Sam does well but he’s too Tweeny Bopper. His followers are mostly younger generation. Yeah he’s cute…he can smile till the cows come home…but I think he lacks the performance level and srage presence of some of the other contestants.

      • So a 18 year old is Tweeny Bopper? And so what if they are teenagers! People love Sam and whether he gets into the finale is not up to you. We will vote and vote! He definitely has better stage presence than Jess. And you expect him to be “perfect” at 18? Jena’s not perfect. She’s only here on a wildcard! Sam actually got voted in. Half the time I can barely understand what Jena is saying. At least I can hear what Sam is saying! 🙂

      • I got it…everyone is entitled to their votes and their opinions. I didn’t say he didn’t do well…in my personal opinion (which I THOUGHT we were allowed to voice on here) is that he doesn’t have as much stage presence as some of the other contestants. Merely my opinion. Not once did I say I expect him or any of the contestants to be perfect. I don’t believe that was ever used in my comment. Vote for him, by all means, if that’s who you want. I’m not saying no one can vote for him. Again, my personal opinion is another choice…I just don’t choose Sam.

  1. I say Caleb will be third…it will be Sam or Alex in top two…hopefully Sam. For what it’s worth I said James durbin would finish fourth the year he was on it when every one had him as a sure top two

  2. I feel like your article could jinx these two in the finale, but honestly I have the exact same prediction! The best part? If either of them won, they would be so happy for each other, which is a really great thing! This is in part why I believe Jena will win, I think even though Caleb wants to win also, he would be a gracious runner up to her, and her originality and versatility is something I know I look forward to every week. I almost always prefer her versions to the original song, which is a really huge deal, and hasn’t happened for me since Katharine McPhee & Adam Lambert.

  3. I find it ridiculous that you keep pressing both Jena and Caleb on your site users while practically ignoring and occasionally blasting the other contestants. For one it is ignorant to count out any contestants at this point because anything can happen. There are still three performances before the top two are decided, lots of opportunity for surprises and disappointments and just because Jena and Caleb have had great performances you should not base results solely on that, there are many other factors to consider such as voter demographic, voting patterns, popularity, momentum. For example who would you say on average has the fastest growing number of fans and thus potential voters? Seriously comment answering the question.

    • I find that they have been holding back with Jena. Even when she performed “Decode” and then the exceptional “Creep”. But then the following week gave her, her best grade so far with an A+ on “Barracuda”- in which I thought was less of a performance than the two previous songs mentioned above!

  4. You mentioned Bo Bice and I think history will repeat it’s self. Someone on this blog stated that Jena could hold a candle to Carrie Underwood. They need to look back to 2004 and see Carrie’s performances “then” on AI. Jena has had two historical performances (on the piano) on American idol. Can they say the same of Carrie in 2004?

    • Sorry, they stated above that Jena “couldn’t” hold a candle’ to Carrie-as well as Kelly Clarkson.

    • I can only think of two memorable performances by Carrie from that season, even though I knew she was going to win right from her audition. That kinda says something. For me, Jena has had 4 or 5 memorable performances, and at least one or two more to come…I think she does more than just holds a candle. I mean I know I’m biased being her fan and all, but compared to my other faves, I think she does more than just hold a candle. Jena is a better performer now than Carrie was “then” on AI as well, her face is completely into everything she sings, I remember Simon giving Carrie crap for not feeling her songs sometimes, even when she sang them flawlessly.

  5. I don’t care who wins, I just wish, Alex would sing Taxi by Harry Chapin… It just might be the song that takes him to the top, if people were voting for the true talent he’d win!

  6. Jena isn’t even in the same league as Carrie imo champion. And two performances come to mind with Carrie…independence day and alone. None of Jena performances have come close to those two. Jena won’t be even touch Carrie when it comes to success.

    • I always understood every word of Carrie’s songs. To me Jena sounds like she has a mouth full of marbles until she goes into screaming banshee mode. Then I understand her, but don’t want to listen.

    • Carrie is a totally different performer than Jena is. Carrie is into Country Music. She has a fantastic fan base and was outstanding on AI. We all know why Adam Lambert did not win AI…….He was the best performer on AI than any other contestant since the show started. You couldn’t wait to see what he was going to sing on every show….so lets not compare him to Bo Bice…please!!!! So Randy I totally agree with you about Carrie….no comparison!!!

  7. I feel like it’s worth noting that almost every week, Alex outsells ALL of the other contestants on iTunes. I think he’s more popular than this site is willing to credit him for.

  8. Final 2 in the AI 13 will be SAM and ALEX! You know why?… These two match together as far as “musicality” is concerned! I really can’t wait for their showdown! This will be the best part of the season! It will be an awesome showdown! The Battle of the Brains!! But of course, there will always be a winner! And SAM will take home the title! This is just the way I see it! Their “Let Her Go” collaboration made me figure out with this!! Guys… don’t get pissed off… I do believe this will happen!!! This is just me… thinking of the possibilities!!…just want to share it!!…

    • Agreed! They’re the underdogs right now! But watch Sam and Alex will make it to the Top 2 in AI S13

  9. Embie, to my knowledge Sam was the only one in top sales of iTunes last week….this year American idol has been very what have you been doing for me lately and Sam had best seller not to mention from what I saw his YouTube videos were watched more than any one else’s last week. Sam is gaining momentum fast

    • Sam always top 50 on iTune since from the beginning Top 9 (which every contestants started hitting to top 200 Chart) to Top 6. Jena Irene doesn’t hit even top 200 on her “I love Rock n Roll”…

    • So agree with you Randy, the last time (last week) I saw the iTunes chart, the top sales among the idols is 1. SAM (Highest) 2. ALEX ( 1/4 of Sam’s sales). 3. JESSICA ( 3/4’s of Alex’s sales) 4. CALEB ( 1/4 of JESSICA’s sales) 5. JENA (the least sales of them all).

  10. HUGE difference inside and outside the Idol bubble. A few previous winners can attest to that.

  11. i think sam will win because im used to america to disappoint, sam is the weekest link but he is a cute kid with guitar ,i hope im wrong

  12. You guys do realize this is a FAN SITE? These guys can post their opinions as they damn well please! Don’t agree? Then make your own fan site! I’m sure it’s soooooo easy, right? /SARCASM
    No, but seriously. This is their website and they can post whatever they freakin’ want.
    Quit telling them to “stop being biased waaaahhh, it hurts my wittle feelings ='(”
    My godddd…
    Anyway. Now that is out of the way…
    I personally agree with what he’s saying.
    I believe this week, either Alex or Jessica is going home, although I love them both, but they just don’t seem to be as popular as the other three.
    I think this is how it should go down:
    Alex goes home.
    Then, Jessica goes home
    Then Sam goes home.
    With Jena and Caleb in the finale.
    Either two of them can win, so I am unsure who it could be, but I’m leaning more towards Jena, since she is younger and I believe she needs something like this for her singing career..
    Ah that is just my opinion though.

    • Somewhat confused – are you saying Jena is going to win because voters will vote for her because she is younger and she needs the win for a singing career?

  13. Narudo, I used to think that is how it’d go but I see a lot of Alex votes going to Sam one he’s voted off or vice versa hence why I say Alex in fourth and Sam in second. I could have that flipped but hope not.

  14. One of the wgwg’s will be in the finale. I put all my money on Sam winning as soon as I found out he made the top 20, but Alex has the better track record. I don’t know what people see in Alex, but he’s never been in the bottom 3 so I’d say he’s one to watch. Sam has improved in the last few weeks, but he was already voted off once. People who get the judges’ save never win. Jessica Sanchez may have made it to the finale after getting saved, but her getting voted off was a total fluke in the first place so I understand why THAT happened. Sam getting voted off wasn’t a fluke as he had been in the bottom 3 twice before. I figure that in the next 2 weeks, Sam or Jessica will go home and then Caleb or Jena will go home in a “shocker” elimination.

    • I agree with you that ever since AI started, once voted off has no chance to be a winner! BUT..this time we can not tell! The world is changing fast… We really don’t know what is in store for SAM specifically! SAM I can say at this point of the competition, has still something in store for him to make him “SHINE” that will make him the “Winner”. As his fans believe
      in his abilities and capabilities, he will make HISTORY in AI!! I do strongly believe that!!..

  15. when is this being aired in england, i am very disappointed to read all this, i have been watching this up to the point of make the selection of top 13.. when is it aired. in the UK

  16. I love Caleb but it’s too much of the same thing each week. He needs to look at what David Cook and Adam Lambert did and surprise us every week.

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