American Idol 2015 Premiere Recap: The Nashville Standouts


American Idol 2015 kicked off Wednesday night with the Nashville auditions, and I have to say it was a near-perfect episode. From the teasing the Top 24 to the talented hopefuls to the judges’ chemistry, season 14 has gotten off to a great start.

Let’s take a look at the standouts from the night.

Riley Bria, “Georgia Woods.” This guy is perfection. His vocals are effortless, he’s great on the guitar, he’s got an easy confidence about him. And he’s going to Hollywood. He gets the first golden ticket of the season.

Priscilla Barker, “Delta Dawn.” Well she’s cute and and very, very country, but she doesn’t seem to be quite ready for such a big stage. But there’s a lot of sweetness and potential there. The judges were mixed on her. Harry liked her and gave her a yes. JLo agreed with me and delivered a no. Keith sealed the deal with a yes, however. She’s on to Hollywood.

Cameron Bedell, “You Are The Best Thing.” I liked Cameron’s smooth and raspy voice and I also liked his song choice. Oh, and three guitar players in a row… yay for actual musicians. I’m not sure this guy has a big range or diversity, but I think I’d give him a shot at Hollywood just to see what else is there. The judges must’ve agreed. Cameron is off to Hollywood.

Amber Walker, “Heartbreak Hotel.” This girl has got some soul, but her vocals are a little shaky. Only Harry seems to agree with me, however, with a no. JLO and Keith said yes, though, so it’s off to Hollywood for her.

Kyle Blaine Corman, “Give A Little Bit.” This guy is definitely a handful. That’s a lot to take in. I’m not sure he could ever be taken seriously, but he isn’t bad. He’s a good guitar player and has a solid voice. I like him, but I feel like any further than this would be a waste of a lot of time.

Kory Wheeler, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” There’s something magical about this guy. He’s got a great spark in his eye and his voice is so smooth and easy to listen to. However, he’s not much more than that. I guess he would be a good radio voice, but can he command a stage? I’m not sure yet. Luckily, I’ll get another chance to find out in Hollywood week. He got all yeses.

Michael Simeon, “Stay With Me.” This guy is purely a musician, but I wasn’t a huge fan of his vocal stylings. I do, however, think that if he’s not just a one-note, he could be quite great. And the judges seem to agree. He’s off to Hollywood. And how awesome was that impromptu jam-session/slow dance with JLo? Yeah, these are the judges this show has needed for a long time. Great chemistry. Great interaction with contestants. Love it.

Emily Brooke, “Blown Away.” And the final audition of the night may have been the best? I think? I’m not sure. I mean she’s effortless, unique and picked a great song. She’s got a great range and a lot of confidence for 15. Yeah, she’s good. The judges agreed. She’s off to Hollywood.

What did you think of the first batch of American Idol 2015 auditions?



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  1. Well so far there’s alot of talent on American Idol unless they are only showing us the ones that make it to the Hollywood round, the judges are doing a awesome job as usual, love Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

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