American Idol Results: 2015 Premiere Nashville Auditions

The American Idol results are in from the season 14 premiere Nashville auditions! We wish we could see every hopeful who auditions for American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban.

American Idol Golden Ticket
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and the Golden Ticket! (FOX)

Unfortunately we only get the chance to listen to a handful, but there were some seriously talented singers on the American Idol 2015 premiere!

Which lucky few actually wowed the American Idol 2015 judges enough on the premiere to make it through to Hollywood? Where they will have to battle it out with several hundred other singers lucky enough to make it through, and endure grueling surprise twists and the dreaded ‘group’ round?

Well, we don’t know everyone who made it through from Nashville specifically, although you can check our American Idol spoilers list of Golden Ticket winners from ALL the judges’ audition rounds. However, we were able to definitely pick out the hopefuls below from the American Idol premiere who landed a Golden Ticket.

Riley Bria – Fan PageTwitterYouTube

Priscilla Barker [AI13 HW] – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTubeiTunes

Cameron Bedell Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube

Amber Kelechi WalkerFacebookTwitter

Kory Wheeler – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube

Michael Simeon [AI13 HW] – WebsiteFan PageTwitterYouTubeiTunes

Emily Brooke – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube

Join us tomorrow night for more Golden Ticket winners from the American Idol 2015 Nashville auditions in the second half of the season 14 premiere!