American Idol 2015: Vote For Best Top 2 Performance [POLL]

Who gave the most outstanding performance of the tonight for the Top 2 of American Idol 2015? We began the night with three but the latest elimination sent us down to just the final two.

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol 2015 Top 4 night
Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol 2015 – CR: Michael Becker / FOX

This is your final chance to help your favorite contestant as there are no more eliminations. The Top 2 have been revealed and the finale show on Wednesday will drop confetti and a crown on the Season 14 winner.

With only one more season of American Idol in 2016 now that the series has been cancelled by FOX, it’s more important than ever to make sure we go out on top with a great winner and that’s whoever you want to win!

Vote to keep your favorite singer safely out of the danger zone because next week we cut from the Top 3 to the Top 2 for the American Idol finale show and you will not want to see your fav eliminated just moments away from this big opportunity

You’ll want to cast your official American Idol vote by phone, text, or online but once you’ve done that it’s time to vote in our poll too. Tell us who you think had the best performance and most deserves to move on to the next round.

Cast your vote here and then share your comments below. We want your opinion!




  1. Nick sounds the same every song. Someone on the show has it in for Clark the last song they gave him was not him at all. I would never buy music Nick puts out, Clark is the real musician.

    • Agree with all of your comments. It appears the young girls at the show might be pulling more for Nick and likely nationwide, too. But – I’m thinking the older crowd will go big time for Clark.

    • Clark has been off the last few Weeks last night he had 1 good song .His last song he could of made his own its his own fault he didn’t not the show

  2. Clark almost made that last song in to something even though it’s a piece of crap. The other rounds he won hands down. Clark FTW

    • Didn’t like it, either. Nobody in music would have chosen that song – if they wanted him to have a chance to win. Hope it backfires on them.

  3. I am so proud of how many truly talented people that we have been introduced to as this show is now about to shut things down…They are saving the best for last it almost seems…So proud of them. I listened to Melinda Doolittle’s advice of these two…It’s all about originality and memorable performances….Not one blending into the next….

  4. I agree…I so love Clark. He’s honest about his work and truly gives his all I just love his singing.. I believe Scott has it in for clark. He didn’t give him a great song that suited him. I soo like him the best though. Just love him.

  5. I think scott has it in for clark. . He is the best.! Clark’s a winner all the way!!

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