American Idol 2016 Auditions: Denver & Atlanta Deliver In Season Premiere

That’s it for Atlanta as the Judges are out and off to Denver, Colorado as the search continues on American Idol 2016. Taylor Hicks is on hand to help out with the initial auditions and has a quick word with Jeneve Rose Mitchell who is also the first to step before the judges’ table.

Jeneve is singing “Chainsaw” by The Band Perry. She’s got her cello along for the performance which she relishes as living “off the grid” and far from civilization limits her chances to sing for others. Keith says she’s “compelling” and Harry thinks she’s “a work in process, but there’s a lot to work with.” Yes votes all around and there’s her Golden Ticket.

Sonika Vaid traveled from Massachusetts to Colorado for this audition opportunity. She’s singing Carrie Underwood’s “Look At Me” in hopes of a ticket to Hollywood. Harry says Sonika sang beautifully and has a voice that he thinks could win this whole thing. Keith likes how she kept her voice pure and didn’t overlay distractions with her performance. She’s got the Golden Ticket and is off to Hollywood.

Joseph Kohlruss might be our first goof of the night as he’s shown up with his own entourage that has their own dance moves. Joseph is classically trained, but says he can do it all and expects to get four “yes!” votes. Yep, he said four.

Jennifer is the first to break the news to Joseph as she explains he has a “strong voice” but it is “super inconsistent” and wasn’t what she considers strong enough to be put through, especially with this being the last season of American Idol. Harry seals it up telling Joe he appreciates him coming in, but it’s going to be a no for him.

Bringing back up the fun factor is Reanna Molinaro, a police officer from Hobbs, NM who starts off her audition with Harry Connick Jr. in handcuffs. Probably not a bad idea. She’s singing Patsy Cline and “Leave It On You Mind.” Everyone likes her performance, but Jennifer wishes there had been a little more to the performance itself. Finally after some teasing by Keith who is dragging this out to the chagrin of a handcuffed Harry, they all settle on “yes.” Reanna is off to Hollywood.