American Idol 2016 Auditions: Denver & Atlanta Deliver In Season Premiere

After a brief stint in Colorado, the American Idol Judges have magically warped back to Atlanta. I was wondering why they had left Georgia so early in the show tonight.

Bringing us back to to speed, or perhaps overdrive speed, is Sylvia Lee Walker. She’s sixteen and likely hasn’t stopped talking since she first learned how. Sylvia is going to be yodeling and despite having never lost a talent show were she yodeled, I think this might break her streak. Yep, the judges decline but there’s no denying she would have been entertaining off the stage in later rounds.

Now it’s time for some familiar faces including Shevonne Philidor who returns for her sixth audition. That’s dedication. We’ve also got Kory Wheeler who we met last season on American Idol and Laurel Wright who feels her past lack of confidence hurt her chances and she’s working to overcome that this season. All three are through to Hollywood Week.

Next we’ve got a new face, Joshua Wicker, who is singing “Stay” by Rihanna. The judges are impressed. Harry says it was “compelling” and that’s what he cares about most. Keith praises Joshua’s performance describing it as “you sang it like you wrote it.” There are yes votes all around and Joshua brings in his wife to meet Harry. We get a flash forward to three weeks later when Joshua and his wife welcome their little baby girl to the world.

Speaking of families, we’ve got Alex Sasser and her husband Jordan Sasser plus their baby girl. Both parents are hoping to be the next American Idol, but can they both get to Hollywood? Alex has a great voice, but the ukulele is distracting to me. Judges agree and mention the distractions. Jennifer wishes there had been a “voice that took over the room” while they were all looking for more passion and depth from Alex.

Alex doesn’t get a Golden Ticket on American Idol 2016, but Jordan is ready for his chance. He’s singing Celine Dion and we’ve got that passion that was missing from before. Harry says Jordan is undoubtedly a talented vocalist and smart. Keith appreciates how much their family is “full of light.” Jennifer leads the chorus of “yes” votes for Jordan and he’s got a Golden Ticket.

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Back outside there’s a little drama with the family as Alex cries that Jordan was distracting the judges by dancing their daughter on the ground. Now I found her performance distracting and I didn’t see that happening. It was the instrument for me. I almost expected her to get another go at it, but I guess not. Oh well.