American Idol 2016 Auditions Hit Tulsa, Oklahoma

The American Idol 2015 auditions hit Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 29th. A huge crowd of young singers lined up in hope they might be the final American Idol winner. The Tulsa American Idol auditions were part of the bus tour this year and it is the first time the show has come to Tulsa. The only other time the show has gone to Oklahoma was in 2012.

American Idol auditions (FOX)
American Idol auditions (FOX)

The line to audition for American Idol on Monday stretched  all around Guthrie Green park in downtown Tulsa. Some of the hopefuls were back again for another try after failing to make the show previously. Others were trying out for their first time to be on the very last season of American Idol before it goes off the air.

Many of the singers hoping to try out camped out overnight, even if they weren’t supposed to. “We wanted to make sure we were the first contestants to try out,” 26-year-old Josh Woods and sister Haley Woods told

Josh reportedly sang a Jason Aldean song and made it through to the next round of auditions. He hopes he will make it further than he did in 2012, when he got through four rounds of competition before being cut. He has tried out for the show a total of four times, according to

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