American Idol 2016 Auditions – Cities & Dates

Want to find out how to audition for American Idol 2016, the series’ final season before being cancelled? Yes, this is your last chance to be on American Idol and it starts now.

Golden Ticket winner at American Idol auditions
Golden Ticket winner at American Idol auditions – Source: FOX

The very first audition event was held Wednesday, May 13th at the Dolby Theatre. Seems FOX made smart use of the stage while they had it under contract. How cool would it be to have auditioned on the same stage that has crowned winners like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and the next American Idol winner?

Remember you must be between 15-28 years old and if you’re under 18 then you need to audition with a parent or guardian. Check out the audition FAQ and audition information.

American Idol audition cities:

5/13/15 Los Angeles, CA Dolby Theatre – Details
7/10/15 Denver, CO Denver Coliseum
7/22/15 Savannah, GA Martin Luther King, Jr. Arena
8/2/15 Philadelphia, PA Liacouras Center
8/8/15 Little Rock, AR Verizon Arena
TBD San Francisco, CA TBD

In addition to the regular audition events you see on the early season episodes, the American Idol Bus Tour returns and heads around the country with a lot more opportunities.

American Idol bus tour auditions:

6/18/15 Seattle, WA
6/18/15 Providence, RI
6/20/15 Baltimore, MD
6/22/15 San Diego, CA
6/22/15 Pittsburgh, PA
6/24/15 Tucson, AZ
6/25/15 Indianapolis, IN
6/26/15 Santa Fe, NM
6/28/15 Athens, GA
6/29/15 Tulsa, OK
6/30/15 Oxford, MS


Will you be auditioning for American Idol 2016? Do NOT miss your chance. This is IT!

American Idol Auditions – Inside the Idol Auditions with Ryan Seacrest:




  1. Your finally coming to Providence and now I’m too old. I’m 30 years old and would love to audition. I’ve got music posted on my YouTube channel JoshmanzProduction. It sucks I can’t try out. I have very limited resources and can’t travel well and now your coming to my state and I can’t even try. Smh

    • That’s what I’m saying music shouldn’t have an age on it . there’s so many people in my state that have talent young an old and this is the late year people please don’t close the gate to make a way no fair

    • Same here. My daughter will be 15 in April 2016 and can belt it just like Christina Agliare. For the past 5 years, strangers have told her she will be an American Idol some day. She was excited for America to hear her but is not 15 yet to audition for the last show 🙁

  2. I live in Savannah and it’s always been my dream to sing on that stage. I’ll see y’all there.

  3. Hey, my name is luis and iam 15years old and i cant make it to those states i really want to become a american idol and singing has literally been my life. Its been a hard time for me and my familly and i know iam young but i have been through alot and singing is everything to me it kept me going in the hard times it kept me happy and gave me strength to move forward. To audition it would mean the world to me.

  4. Hey my name is Cassandra Hope i am 24 year old i live in selma ala and my mother name is Shirley hope and my father name is Joe Coleman but he pass away and if i winning American idiot i want to help the children that be rapes and beat and i want to buy my mother and big house because she got heart failures and so i hope i winning because i can sing.

  5. Hi I’m Cortney Crowley. I’m fourteen years old and I live in wheatland wyoming. I turn 15 in April and really want to be the next American idol. I have been told many time I’m a very good singer and that I’ll be big one day, plus it’s just my dream. I’ll be auditioning via video. Hope to see yall soon.

  6. Keep your dreams but everyone if American idol doesn’t so something else can always have a back up plan don’t let the dream keep you from holding yourself back because mine is singing too but I’ve always had a back up plan which is psychology but with my medical problems on top of it both will be hard but I’ve never never given up.

  7. Please come back!!! I’m 13 now and singing has been my dream! I’ve watched every season (one in my moms stomach) and I can’t imagine my life without American Idol! I need to be on this show!!! Please!!!

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