American Idol 2016: Did The Judges Make The Right Cuts? [Part 2]

Last night on American Idol 2016, we watched as Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban cut down the other half of the Top 24 to seven. That means five more hopefuls were cut and some of those were surprising cuts.

Amelia Eisenhauer was eliminated just shy of the Top 14. Fox photo
Amelia Eisenhauer was eliminated just shy of the Top 14. Fox photo

Making it into the Top 14 were Lee Jean, Olivia Rox, Jenn Blosil, Dalton Rappatoni, Manny Torres, Tristan McIntosh and Trent Harmon.

Like last round, we’re going to take a look at the cuts and decide if the judges made the right decisions.

Shelbie Z. 

Was this the right decision? Yes. I think she’s insanely talented, but there’s something about her that isn’t likable. I don’t think she would have made it far into the voting, despite her Voice fanbase. And speaking of The Voice, does someone really have that much luck that they make it onto two HUGE TV shows? Granted she didn’t win either, but that’s kind of an embarrassment of riches.

Amelia Eisenhauer

Was this the right decision? No. Her solo round was a bit shaky, but her duet performance with Kellie Pickler was amazing. I had read that she got cut but after seeing that performance I was totally in shock. They clearly made their decisions based on the solo rounds, but I think she should have stayed in the completion over Jenn or Tristan.

CJ Johnson

Was this the right decision? Yes. CJ seems like a great guy with a lot of talent, but there’s nothing that stands out about him. His performances this week were just OK, and seeing him next to an actual Idol winner made it pretty obvious he’s out of his league.

Adam Lasher

Was this the right decision? Yes. I think Adam did well but considering who he’s up against, I think the judges kind of had to cut him. He should head over to The Voice.

Kory Wheeler

Was this the right decision? No. I think Kory was great both nights and he just has such a welcoming presence. I think fans would have liked voting for him. Again, I would have picked him over Jenn or Tristan, but we know the judges and producers don’t want too many guys in the contest so they can get their female winner again.


Do you think the judges made the right decision last night when the finished building the American Idol 2016 Top 14?




  1. Shelbie Z: Agree with you, she’s so talented, but this is week wasn’t her best week.

    Amelia: YES! Still don’t know why she was chosen as The Top 24 and not Jessica Cabral or Sara Sturm.

    CJ: Yes.

    Adam: He is the coolest guy in this season, but yeah American Idol is not his place, maybe the voice can help.

    Kory: NO. he should be replaced by Tristan.

    • I’ll be brutal.
      Shelbie: Decent pipes but a face like features painted on a balloon and seemed aggressive. Looks count.
      Amelia: Tiffany meets Judy Greer? No loss.
      C J: A sidekick not a star.
      Adam: Weekend karaoke.
      Kory: Sheldon Cooper’s evil twin? Yikes!

      • There is no doubt looks help but look at Alabama Shakes and the ever present Adele (also fat Sam Smith before he lost wt.)

      • I think it’s proof that fat is, in itself, not a deciding factor (see: La Porsha). Neither Adele nor Sam presented themselves in a format to be “jumpstarted” into the industry–they earned their dues and their success was gained by hard work and personality as well as their talent. The only thing that I think saved La Porsha, to tell the truth, was that she worked in a sob story (my pet peeve with these shows). The more I’ve seen of La Porsha on the show the less I like her. I think that dynamic is working with Shelbie Z, too. Every time I saw what I believed to be her exposing a smug, arrogant, and entitled mindset…I thought “She’s good, but…..”

    • I like it when the judges select CJ Johnson, who will enter and elected, help judges select him

  2. Please judge CJ Johnson entries in this event, he’s a good kid and the sound quality is pretty good

  3. I do not agree with the judge’s decision last night, as there were nice issued and the bad quality in inputs like manny terros the sound quality outstanding wrote, nothing that stands out about him, why the judge can enter him into the top 14, I hope manny quick exit from american idol.

  4. I like Tristan and Dalton. Hi Branden! How are you doing this year! Great I hope ! Nice to see you Again!

  5. I think the judges like Olivia, Laporsha, and Dalton (Jlo’s crush). I stated that Tristan is the most marketable but she has shown a 15 year olds inexperience but remember that Scott signed T.S. at 15.

  6. I’ll address the elephant in the room. Shelbie Z. If voice and delivery alone were the criteria…she’d still be in. Something about her attitude and presentation grated on me when I saw her on The Voice…and it struck me again when I saw her here. I don’t really think America needs another incarnation of Honey-Boo.

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