American Idol 2016: Gallery Of Top 10 Singers Performances [PICS]

The American Idol Top 10 Hopefuls gave it their all last night with the first live performance show of the Farewell Season. Here we take a look back at the night.

Kelly Clarkson joins American Idol Judges
Kelly Clarkson joins American Idol Judges – Source: FOX

It was an amazing treat to see the original Idol winner back to join the Judges panel even if it was for just one night. If you missed it, watch Kelly Clarkson from last night on American Idol. Along with Clarkson’s performance she also advised and guided the singers with feedback from her perspective as a former contestant and winner on the show. She gave great, candid advice that the singers will be able to hopefully put to good use next week if they make the cut.

Which American Idol Top 10 singer gave the best stage show last night? Get ready to find out who makes the cut to the Top 8 during next week’s results show.

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  1. Top 10 Power Ranking: Based on Consistency and Social Following

    1. La’Porsha Renea

    2. Sonika Vaid

    3. Mackenzie Bourg

    4. Dalton Rapattoni

    5. Olivia Rox

    6. Trent Harmon

    7. Avalon Young

    8. Lee Jean

    9. Gianna Isabella

    10. Tristan MacIntosh

  2. 1 .Sonika Vaid – 2 Trent Harmon – 3 Tristan MacIntosh- 4 Mackenzie Bourg – 5 Dalton Rapattoni – 6 La’Porsha Renea
    Some of these are picked because of stage presence too!

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