American Idol 2016 Judges: Which Judges Will Be Back?

American Idol 2016 has been confirmed as one last season of our favorite singing show, but which judges will be back for Season 15? FOX confirms the details.

American Idol Judges for 2016 season
American Idol Judges for 2016 season – Source: FOX

Yes, Judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. will all return for the next and final season of American Idol in 2016. Also joining them will be host Ryan Seacrest, the only original face from the aging FOX series.

No details were announced as to contract amounts for each of the American Idol judges, but in past seasons JLo has earned north of $15 million dollars, something that would likely be difficult to regain as the show closes out. Ryan Seacrest was already under contract for one more year as well.

We are thrilled to hear all of the Idol judges will be back for Season 15 which returns in January 2016. You can expect FOX to bring back other familiar faces throughout the season as we saw goodbye to a juggernaut of the television and music industry.

If you could bring back a former American Idol Judge from any season, who would it be?




  1. in a heartbeat, simon cowell. he told it like it was and never sugarcoated anything. if a performance was great, he praised it. if it sucked he let the contestant know in no uncertain terms. he wasn’t playing – he was all business. and he was funny

  2. Why the cancel ling that was the best show . We need to get a petition going r boycott

  3. I believe the fact that so many can’t get the fox channel to watch hurts american idol. They should switch networks

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