American Idol 2016: Ryan Seacrest Open To Original Judges Return

One last season awaits us with American Idol 2016 as FOX prepares to say goodbye to its former ratings juggernaut and send it off in to the sunset. What better opportunity to reflect on what made the show great when it started all those years ago?

American Idol original panel of Judges & host
American Idol original panel of Judges & host – Source: FOX

Speaking with FOX Audio Central, Idol host Ryan Seacrest appeared very interested in the idea of seeing the return of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson:

We haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet, but I would love to see them all come back. It would be fantastic to reignite that chemistry that made the show so popular, at least for a little bit.

FOX has already confirmed that all three of the current Judges will be back for American Idol 2016, so there won’t be a chance to have the original panel close out the series, but that’s okay. Jennifer, Keith, and Harry have done an excellent job in their roles and while it’d be great for a send-off season with the originals I think this one belongs to the new panel.

All the same, you know everyone involved would really like to see those familiar faces back at the stage again and I’m sure we will. Considering all the years they spent with the show I’m sure they’ll want to give it a farewell hug too.

What would you like to see happen with Simon, Paula, and Randy? Guest mentors over three weeks? One surprise week with all three at the Judges table? What might be the best way to get them involved again as we say goodbye to American Idol?




  1. ABSOLUTELY! That would be Epic! They are the Original Dream Team and the show was the best with them! This is a Brilliant idea and work super hard to have it happen American Idol! Also..have the BEST of the best Idol alums come back each week to Mentor the contestants. Having Adam Lambert who truly Owns the American Idol Throne was always a Brilliant move for the show. Adam Lambert was the Most innovative Exhilarating contestant American Idol ever had! Adam is the reason so many Other singing competition shows started find another Adam Lambert. ..but they never will. American Idol is the only show that has discovered real deal singers/songwriters/performers with staying power in the industry!!! American Idol is Not the show that should be canceled, because it’s has a proven track record of real success.
    The Voice is all about the star panel exalting themselves and competing for their “Pick” to win. It’s Ridiculous! Not about the contestants at all. It’s really shameful how they use the contestants like PAWNS! And where is one winner with a radio hit?
    American Idol will always be the best and it will missed! Yes..Please bring back the Original Dream Team for the last season! It will be a Win!

    • I have to totally agree with you as far as the original judges. They were there for what 8 or 9 seasons. This panel of judges have great chemistry but I feel are terrible advisors. They push the idols they want to win and are bias. I say bring back all the winners and should have been winners (like ADAM LAMBERT). Seriously, the show was never that good after Season 8. Nobody has ever come close to Adam since. JMHO

      • Sorry but I didn’t like Adam but there are some others I think should have won. I think Danny Gokey should have won the year Adam and Kris were there. I don’t get the Adam hype but whatever.

      • No one has been as entertaining on American Idol as Adam was. Not before or after his season. No one.

      • Absolutely. Adam is the ultimate showman with the vocal chops to back it up. No other male contestant ever came close.

  2. They should absolutely have the original judges panel back for the last season. They would have the best ratings in years!

    • I agree. I have vowed to not watch next year because the talent isn’t that great and the Judges except Keith grate on my nerves. I can’t even watch live any more because of the Judges. I find my self FF most of the show any way.

  3. I do not agree at all that the current judges deserve to take the show out it’s last season. I never have liked JLo or Keith as judges and Harry disappointed, big time, as one too. They have not chosen the contestants well these past few years and the low ratings, which continue to decline each year, proves this. The original 3…Simon, Paula and Randy…should be the ones who are the 15th and final season judges panel. That would have been an epic send off to a show I am going to miss.

    • I can do without Randy. Just a cardboard blow up of him with voice bubbles that say “In it to win it’ or “Dawg” would do. He brought nothing to the show and took nothing with him when he left.

      • Disagree. Randy was a good judge in the beginning. But I will admit, he got to be dull and boring, with not much good input the last few years he was a judge. And his stint as a mentor last year was just baaaaad!

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