American Idol 2016: La’Porsha Renae ‘Battles’ – Winner’s Song

Even if American Idol 2016 finalist La’Porsha Renae doesn’t make it all the way to the end this season, she will still be remembered as one of the best singers we’ve ever had on the show. She fought hard to make it to the finale, not just on the show but in her personal life as well. With that in mind, it only seems appropriate that “Battles” would be her Coronation Song if she becomes the last American Idol winner.

La'Porsha Renae sings on American Idol 2016
La’Porsha Renae sings on American Idol 2016 – Source: FOX

“Battles” (available here on Amazon) could be the song we hear performed last on Thursday night if La’Porshae is announced as the winner of American Idol 2016 amid a shower of confetti and celebration. The song fits La’Porsha like a glove, and plays to all her strengths as a singer and performer.

This song was written by Jake “Who Is Fancy” Hagood and definitely suits La’Porsha incredibly well. It’s a showcase song for her powerhouse vocals, is very upbeat and positive, and has a strong message that lines up with what we’ve learned of Renae’s backstory of overcoming struggles in her life.

La’Porsha Renae sang “Battles” Wednesday night during the Top 2 results and performance show on FOX. She’ll sing it again if her name is inside the envelope when Ryan Seacrest dims the lights that one last time.

La’Porsha absolutely killed it on the first night of the finale, and it would be awesome to be hearing her sing it again after being crowned the winner on Thursday night.

You can download the song right now on and give it a listen.Or watch La’Porsha in her Wednesday night performance below!