American Idol 2016: Vote For Winner & Best Top 2 Performance [POLL]

The American Idol 2016 Top 2 have been revealed and need your votes for to win it all. This is your last chance to support your favorite ahead of Thursday’s series finale for American Idol.

Trent Harmon & La'Porsha Renae on Idol's Top 2
Trent Harmon & La’Porsha Renae on Idol’s Top 2 – Source: FOX

Read the details on how to vote for American Idol and don’t miss this opportunity. Next week will be the series finale where all three will perform, but only two will be competing for votes to become the season’s champion.

Once you’ve made your official vote we want yours here too for our poll to determine who you want to win American Idol 2016.

Cast your vote here and then share your comments below. We want your opinion!




  1. i want La’Porsha to win but the white guy will probably end up winning. i hope not though ??

    • Why did you refer to Trent as ‘the white guy’ and called La Porsha by her name rather than ‘the black girl? If I had said I wanted Trent to win but the black girl will probably end up winning, there would have been racist out cries. They both are great performers and either would be a memorable last winner. While I prefer Trent’s style and his ability to sing several different genres of songs and hope that he wins, I am glad La Porsha is in the wings as an accomplished singer that we can fall back on.

      • because only 4 of the 14 winners so far have been non-white. the other 10 were white, 8 of them being men. Candice was the first black and female winner since season 6 when Jordin Sparks won. it’s just a fact that white guys win American Idol more often and trent is in fact a white guy. not trying to downplay his obvious talent, just stating the facts. and you’re right, saying it the other way around would probably be racist so good thing neither of us is saying it. ?

      • 4 of 14? I’d say that’s quite a few, considering there are a lot more white people in America than black!

      • no to your entire ugly argument. that ‘pinkheaded broad’ is Carly Rae Jepsen. Buy E•MO•TION on iTunes, Google Play Store, etc. or stream on Spotify and Apple Music ?

      • I agree with you, Tom. The pinkheaded broad seems a bit racist, don’t you think?

      • If the shoe fits……

        That’s okay though, the right person won! He sure beats the socks off of the muppet mouth Fantasia!

      • That is really the truth what you said. Big Machine sigher her up too. Don’t know why some people have to be so nasty talking. God made all of us. We are all his children. And I doubt that he thinks one thing about color.

  2. Both are extremely talented so either one would be an amazing American Idol, but my favorite is Trent!!!

  3. After hearing Trent sing “Chandelier” I have to vote for him. La’Porsha is a very talented singer. I have watched from the beginning and actually thought that she should win American Idol until last night. The growth in Trent’s ability is phenomenal. There is something unique and special in his voice. There is passion and heart in every word he sings.
    So I’m now voting for Trent. I have watched American Idol for years and this is the very first time I have ever voted. What a special gift this young man has.

  4. I’m all for Trent.. I started out this season saying “I really like how the guy with Mono sings” 🙂 And he kinda stuck! Best season of AI in years!!

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