American Idol 2016: Dalton Rapattoni ‘Strike A Match’ – Winner’s Song

American Idol 2016 finalist Dalton Rapattoni may be the underdog going into the first night of the finale for season 15. However, he didn’t let that stop him from giving it everything for his opening performance on Wednesday night. The Winner’s Coronation Song for chosen for Dalton was just the right kind of tune for him to really sink his teeth into, and he gave the viewers quite a show.

Dalton Rapattoni sings on the American Idol stage
Dalton Rapattoni sings on the American Idol stage – Source: FOX

“Strike A Match” (available here on Amazon) will be the song Dalton performs to a rainfall of confetti should he be announced the winner of American Idol 2016 during Thursday’s series grand finale. Although we don’t really see Dalton winning over either La’Porsha Renae or Trent Harmon, stranger things have happened in American Idol history.

Dalton’s Coronation Song was written by Nathan Barlowe and Chris Braide, and perfectly matches the style we’ve been seeing from Dalton so far this season on Idol.

Definitely a good fit for him. It’s very upbeat and fast paced with an inspirational spirit to it that should do well for Rapattoni whether or not he secures the big win.

Thankfully, no matter the results, we got to watch Dalton Rapattoni sing “Strike A Match” during Wednesday’s Top 2 results show ahead of the viewers’ decision on who will be eliminated.

You can download the song right now on and give it a listen. Or check out Dalton’s Wednesday night performance of it below!



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  1. I listened to sample but could not understand what he was singing as far as lyrics, the music drowned out his singing. Didn’t purchase this one. Sorry

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