American Idol 2016: Sonika Vaid ‘Safe & Sound’ Top 24 Performance [VIDEO]

If American Idol Top 24 singer Sonika Vaid doesn’t make it at least to the Top 5 in the competition, we would be truly shocked. In a season where the ladies especially are rocking serious talent, Sonika is one of our strong favorites to possibly win it all. Her performance for the Top 24 semi-finalist round on Wednesday night just proved to us again that this is one young lady the other contestants should be wary of this season.

Sonika Vaid American Idol Top 24 (FOX/Twitter)
Sonika Vaid American Idol Top 24 (FOX/Twitter)

We’ve been watching and reviewing American Idol singers for countless years now, and it’s a rare one that actually makes us stop and forget what we are doing just to watch and listen. Every time Sonika Vaid steps on stage, that’s exactly what happens. It’s hard not to be reminded how we felt listening to the early songs on American Idol from future stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Just take a listen to Sonika giving us another awesome performance with her rendition of “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars. Do you think she might have the gift to go all the way to the end?

Check out the Sonika Vaid Top 24 profile page for more information on this dedicated young singer. Can’t wait to find out if she made it through to the next round of the competition? Take a sneak peek ahead in the season on our American Idol spoilers page!