American Idol 2016 Start Date Announced By FOX

FOX has announced the start date of American Idol 2016 with the fifteenth and final season while marking the return of host Ryan Seacrest along with judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban.

American Idol Judges for 2016 season
American Idol Judges for 2016 season – Source: FOX

Yes, this is the end of American Idol, with one last season premiering in January 2016 according to the latest release from FOX as we set our DVRs and get ready for one last chance as Hopefuls set out to become the final American Idol winner.

The Season 15 premiere is scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 8-10PM ET/PT followed by a second episode on Thursday, January 7th also running two hours at 8-10PM ET/PT. This schedule will start to shift right away though.

The following week, as the American Idol 2016 auditions continue, we’ll see episodes air on both Wednesday and Thursday nights, but Wednesday will be reduced to just one hour. Once we get to March we’ll lose the Wednesday night shows and American Idol will just be on Thursdays from that point on in the season.

American Idol 2016 Schedule:
– Wednesday, January 6th: 8-10 PM ET/PT
– Thursday, January 7th: 8-10 PM ET/PT
– Wednesday, January 13th: 8-9 PM ET/PT
– Thursday, January 14th: 8-10PM ET/PT
– Wednesday episodes continue until March 2nd

Read the full American Idol schedule details.

Are you ready for the final season of American Idol? The 2016 season kicks off in less than two months and that means it’s time to start watching for a roll out of American Idol spoilers and lots of fun hype. Can’t wait to see what FOX has in store for Idol’s big send off!




  1. They won’t have Kelly (having another baby) but how about Jena Irene? Kelly last season debuted Heartbeat song. Billboard awards her Invincible. Jena’s UNBREAKABLE is similar to Invincible but she doesn’t have a name like Kelly or Adele (Hello)-both ballads. Remember Adele had to break out first with an upbeat song Roll’n in the Deep as I think would also be wise for Jena.

  2. I have watched American Idol since Kelly Clarkson won.. I would like to say I have had the very most fun with JLO, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. with these judges! It is only fitting that they go out with the show! Not someone else. They all 3 always make good comments. Even if the comment might not want to be what the contestant wants to hear. You three judges are awesome! Especially love you Keith Urban. But then I have been a fan of yours since ” Golden Road! ” Please say Baby a lot. No one says it like you do with that Australian accent !

  3. Haha – a bit startled that so many miss Simon Cowell! (or should I say the OLD Simon, the watered-down X Factor version we see is a bit sad). I do too.

    In the current panel, J Lo adds nothing but a bit of glam, Keith is a bit too nice , but Harry is good value.

    Idol has always been the best of the singing shows. To me, the 2011 year was exceptional – Scotty, Lauren, Haley, Casey – wow, so much unbelievable talent crammed into one year.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Idol could go out with a final year as good as that one?! or failing that, at least some more pants on the ground.

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