American Idol 2016 Top 6 Power Rankings

Last week’s American Idol 2016 results were very telling. It showed us that just because we might think we know what’s going on, we don’t always. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are often right and have been great prognosticators, but last week we all got it wrong.


That being said, my power rankings this week are going to reflect mostly on performances, with only a little emphasis on polls and social media buzz. So we might see the person I rank second or third go home this week, who knows. This season is too hard to predict.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

American Idol 2016 Finalist Trent Harmon (FOX)

1. Trent Harmon. Trent remains in the first spot because he’s the best performer of the season. He’s got all the elements. He’s mot just a voice or not just a stage commander. He has everything. And the judges love him and are pushing for him. But after what Jennifer Lopez said last week about she doesn’t think the audience knows what a “bad ass” he is, I’m wondering if he’s not garnering as many votes as one would think. At any rate, he’s No. 1 on our list.

AMERICAN IDOL: Top 10: La’Porsha Renae. Cr: Fox / © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

2. La’Porsha Renae. Again, La’Porsha stays among the top two spots. Because that’s how it is. She’s one of the best two contestants this season. Sometimes she’s No. 1, sometimes she’s No. 2. She is the best vocalist, but she’s not as versatile as Trent, so that’s why he nudges her out a bit. At this point, she probably has a better shot at winning than Trent, depending on who is voting this season. We all know how hard it is for a girl to win this thing.

American Idol 2016 finalist MacKenzie Bourg

3. MacKenzie Bourg. What? No. 3? Hear me out. We were wrong about him. Our polls suggested he would have been in the bottom last week, below both Lee and Sonika. We were wrong. So I’m going back to my original instincts about him. He’s got a huge following from his time on The Voice and the guy is a very good artist. He might get a little boring at time, but never underestimate a cute white boy with a guitar when it comes to American Idol.

American Idol 2016 Finalist Dalton Rapattoni (FOX)

4. Dalton Rapattoni. This one confuses me. Was he really in the bottom 4 last week or was that a random order up until the bottom three? I wish they’d spell it out a bit more. At any rate, if I don’t think Dalton is a great vocalist. He’s a good performer, but that’s about all he’s got if you ask me. He does have a large social media following and fares well in our polls, so I think this is the best spot for him. But let me say this: I think Dalton might be getting more votes than Trent. I was pretty set on a La’Porsha and Trent finale, but I could easily see a La’Porsha and Dalton finale.

American Idol 2016 Finalist Tristan McIntosh (FOX)

5. Tristan McIntosh. This is another one I just don’t get. How was she not in the bottom last week? Our readers here always put her near the bottom, but something about her is registering with America. She has a great Twitter following and last week she wasn’t singing for her life. So she might be doing better than any of us think.

American Idol 2016 Finalist Sonika Vaid (FOX)

6. Sonika Vaid. Ugh. Why was she in the bottom 3? And why do I have to put her in the No. 6 spot? She is a Top 3 performer. But I guess she just never really caught on to connecting with the audience. I’m not sure she will be able to stay if they do this bottom three thing again this week. That being said, she’s a great performer and deserves better than this, but this is how it has to be apparently.





  1. I don’t get it when it comes to Trent. He’s boring. I don’t see any WOW factor there. Now Sonika – her performances blow me away every week! And she makes it look so effortless! She is a natural born star!

    • Trent just is an overwrought run loving bombastic singer. Right up Sleezak and Borinda alley. Both would never make it in the real world.

  2. Here’s my 2 cents on this…..
    I was recently delayed at the airport for a long time and out of boredom decided to look up the contestants social media accounts. Do u know who uses SM the most? Teens! Do u know who mostly votes? TEENS! Especially teen girls. Here’s what I gathered….
    Dalton has a huge SM fan base. Teen girls love him. For a contestant who has an average voice at best he sure gets a lot of attention. I do think he is an above average performer though. I just don’t care for him. Every one of his performances seems so over the top. Not a fan. Unfortunately I’d be pretty shocked if he didn’t at least make it to the finale. Wouldn’t surprise me if he won. It sucks!
    My rank 6.
    Mack is up next in SM appeal. Again huge following of teen girls. I don’t mind Mack, although I’m getting kind of bored of him. My guess is Dalton steals to many votes from him and he goes home 4th. Probably about were he should go.
    My rank 4
    Up next is Tristan. I actually have grown to like Tristan. She’s been really stepping up the last couple weeks and given the right song she tends to do very well with it. I know she’s young and she isn’t as seasoned as most of the others. But she’s 15 and she’s already this good! And she looks like a star. Scott is looking for a t swift replacement and this girl just might be it. I think she’s a better vocalist than swift was when she first came out. I also like her singing older country. I don’t like the direction country music is going and I think there’s a place for her in the genre. In my opinion the most marketable of the bunch. Her audition has over 3 million views on YouTube!! If u didn’t at least almost shed a tear, you’re probably not human! She slayed that song to. She’s my dark horse. If she sticks to what she’s been doing and plays the piano here and there she could ride that train to the finale. Plus we all know Scott’s got her back. Hopefully beats Dalton if he’s in it. Going way out on a limb there!
    My rank 1. Due to marketability. Talent now, she’s 5
    Trents up next in SM following. I think Trent is talented enough to be here. He’s got a pretty large teen/teen girl following. Just not as much as the above 3

    • Boy are you clueless. Many long time Idol faithful love Dalton. Unfortunately we are long past our teens

      • I didn’t say Dalton doesn’t have adult fans. I was stating the fact that this competition is usually decided by teen votes. I personally don’t like him. I don’t think his voice is that good. He is a good performer but goes overboard sometimes and it really strains his already average voice.

        I’m very confused with your comment about power vocalists being absent in today’s radio besides Adele. Are u calling Dalton and Mack power vocalists? If so that might be the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time! The other four are far more powerful. And I sure hope u weren’t comparing them to Adele! But here’s to having another average singer heart throb flood the market! Cheers!

        Tristan is by far the most marketable artist left. The winner of this thing gets a contract with big machine records. Scott owns this label. He is looking for a young up and coming country artist to replace Taylor swift after she went pop. He has done well with young country singers in the past. Obviously. It’s a good fit for Tristan. Plus country music is booming right now. If AI is looking for the perfect bookend this is the best shot at it. No matter if she wins or not. I’d be willing to bet a lot that she’s the artist from this year we’re talking about years later.

      • Dalton and Marengo not power vocalists. They are current.

        I happen to agree with you about Tristan. She is very stiff and green with a deer in the headlights look but Scott could mold her. I bet he signs Tristan even if she doesn’t win.

        As for Dalton, he would be better off not winning. Check out AltJ J, Panic at The Disco, The Cure, Depeche Mode ect. That is Daltons genre and he sings just fine. Never off pitch .

      • Ok just trying to clarify. I think he would be best suited in a band where he could blend in. Don’t see him being a lead vocalist or going solo. He does perform well but when he starts going overboard his voice strains. He was outta breath a lot last week. It’s just not strong enough. Not saying he couldn’t do well in a band. He can be entertaining. But this is a solo competition and his vocals are not good enough.

        Tristan is the only one anybody will be talking about 10 years down the line. She’s idols only shot at the bookend the show deserves.

      • You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Tristan went home and I have to agree with Harry, she just needs to grow up. There is some disconnect with her and I suspect it’s maturity and life expletive.

        Now, I am not a teenage girl (though I am female but I’m in my 30’s). Dalton is one of the most exciting people I’ve seen on Idol. I work in entertainment and someone who can grab your heart and really connect will always go far. Dalton has that gift.

        I also agree with the poster who said it would be best for him to get second or third. Characteristically, the winner is subjected to all the idol/corporate crap (note how Nick F seems worse after being saddled with inept Scott Borschetta for the last year). I feel pretty confident that Dalton will have a great career: Personally, I’d love to see him in Rent as Roger or Spring Awakening.

      • Amen to commenting on “the Corporate Crap” Scott worked very hard last year and this season to mess with Am. Idol as if he were trying to assure Idol program died away. Liked your response to Collin. Besides, who wants to hear such loud vocals—-loud does not always equal good singer or performer.
        Yes Nick seems to be a good soul–but will not get better with present influences.

      • Yeah she went home 6 and still will be the only one anyone is talking about in 10 years. In the music business. I totally agree with her not being the most talented at this juncture. But idol saying all year it wants the perfect bookend to Kelly, she was the only hope. That’s my point. Do you honestly see any of the contestants left having that kind of career? Any other year I wouldn’t even consider Tristan being a contender. But after Olivia was eliminated, Tristan was idols last hope at that bookend the show deserves. Maybe if the winner got a deal with someone other than big machine I would feel different. No one left is going to prosper with Scott.

        I never said Dalton doesn’t have adult fans. My point was this competition is usually decided by teen voters. That was the whole point to my post. Did you read it? I guess if you’re looking for someone who’s going to do well with musical theater Dalton is your guy. I totally agree with you on Dalton going in that direction. He’s a good performer/entertainer. But since when did AI become the stepping stone for someone going into musical theater? That’s not what this show is about!

      • I hope Dalton doesn’t win, he’s too good for the stupid producers they have.

        Musical theater…hmmm…does Clay Aiken ring a bell. Or one of their biggest success stories, Jennifer Hudson?

        I think LaPorsha will win. She has a big voice and is meldable, no doubt she will go on to have a career.

        There really is no duplicating Kelly Clarkson. To do so is kind of moronic and removes any artistic pursuit (which may be true for some of the contestants).

      • Ah Jennifer Hudson yes. Can’t take anything away from a academy award winner! Clay Aiken? Give me a break! But then again you’re a Dalton fan. Shouldn’t surprise me. Yeah he’s to good for big machine. He’s got no future in the music business. Stick with your guns on the musical theater route.

        I bet laporsha’s career is going to be just like Candice glovers. Non existent. Just as everyone else’s that’s left. That’s the worst part of the show now. The inability for these judges to pick stars. Simon was the only one that ever seemed to have a knack for it.

        I’m curious what your job in entertainment is? My guess is you’re a usher at the local theater. Not sure if that qualifies u being in the entertainment field!

  3. IMO this season’s roster is sub par. That being said, if La’Porsha wins she will disappear faster than Candice Glover. Trent will end up playing small coffee house venues. MacKensie will try out for the next singing show that comes along and will eventually have a career as a public accountant. Sonika will disappear entirely. Tristan will have minor success with a country CD. And Dalton will go on to acting rather than singing as a minor celebrity. Sorry for the dismal analysis.

  4. Dalton was not in bottom. The ones voted Thursday were announced in Random order. Here is to a Dalton MacKenzie finale. Both are current. It is more than teen girls who like these two.

    If you listen to radio, power vocalists are absent, except for Adel.
    Dalton 1 and MacKenzie 2. The rest who cares. They will not be successful.

  5. Simple fact is that it’s going to come down to a battle between La’Porsha & Trent with her ultimately winning.

  6. Dalton should go home. He has no good voice. Tristan should’ve stayed! Sonika no personality. I hope La’Porsha wins last season.

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