American Idol 2020: Ranking The Auditions From Episode 2

The American Idol 2020 judges continued their talent search on Sunday night, and they sure found a few standouts. Let’s take a look at our five favorite auditions from Episode 2.

1. Julia Gargano, “Growing Pains.” Julia said she auditioned for American Idol after seeing how well Catie Turner and Alejandro Aranda did on the show. She said she finally saw a place for a songwriter like her. And all I have to say is, she is a much better singer than either of them. So I don’t know why she was ever worried about auditioning. She definitely had the best audition of the night.

2. Jovin Webb, “Whipping Post.” This guy is phenomenal. I love his old-soul sound. I think he could be a bit hard pressed to find a following based on the Idol demographic (and that will be a shame), but whatever. This guy is going to have a career regardless. I just don’t know how well Idol fans will receive his sound.

3. Cyniah Elise, “You Are the Reason.” I never saw her viral video, but I’m glad those 4 million people did, because they were right to hype her up. I loved her audition Sunday night and I can’t wait to hear more from her. I think we can expect for her to be around for a while this season.

4. Jonny West, Original song. I never caught the name of his song, but I really liked it. I think he definitely overshadowed girlfriend Margie Mays and will likely make it farther than her in the competition.

5. Hannah Prestridge, Original song. She came in with her significant other as well, and also outshined him. She has such emotion when she performs, and a lot of sadness there for giving up her career at one point. I hope this helps get her back on track because she was clearly born to perform.

What were your favorite performances from American Idol 2020 Episode 2?