American Idol Continues Season 10 Auditions In New Orleans Tonight

Update: We’ve got Paris Tassin’s audition down below along w/ tonight’s intro so you can watch Blake Patterson break down and then check out the new fancy intro.

Week 1 American Idol Season 10 auditions continue tonight with another two full hour of high notes and low points as the judges head to New Orleans for more.

Last night’s episode introduced many changes and I’d have to say they were working well. From the simplest of a new intro to the show (very slick) to the most anticipated change with the judges, American Idol is definitely back in full force.

Unlike some past seasons, Wednesday’s premiere felt like it kept its focus on the better singers rather than hyping and dashing the dreams of the hopeless. Maybe producers are trying to keep things more on the talent and less on the trainwrecks.

The big question of the night was of course, can American Idol survivor without Simon Cowell? My answer is: yes. The judges panel felt smooth even if occasionally awkward with Lopez trying to lead when she should let the 9-season veteran Randy show them the way. I’ll still have to be convinced once we reach the live performance stage of the show and we can see how this new trio handles on-stage mentoring and guidance, but for now I’m satisfied.

For a more in-depth analysis of what worked and what didn’t (or at least what was liked and what wasn’t), check out Reality Rewind’s Idol 2011 premiere review and don’t miss what Small Screen Scoop had to say on the new Idol judges’ debut.

Are you ready to accept American Idol 2011 for all its changes and move forward like it’s the show you’ve always loved? Any early favorites for you?

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Update 3: By popular demand, here is Paris Tassin, the 23 year old medical assistant from New Orleans singing “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood.

Update 2: Poor Blake Patterson. He definitely didn’t make it to Hollywood:

Bonus Update: Watch 16-year old Travis Orlando, the final singer from last night, perform ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘I’m Yours’ for the judges in the video below.




  1. For me, American Idol is Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Without the two with Randy, not exciting.

  2. Loved the combination of judges last night. Never thought I would take to Steve Tyler, but he was hilarious and wonderful. Fantastic choice of judges.

    • I agree. A wonderful suprise…they really clicked working together. The 16 year old from the Bronx was quite good..Travis and also Robbie…the young man that had been in a wheel chair for so long had a lot of talent. So far…so very good. 🙂

      • r you people in reality or what. the show stunk and everyone I spoke with agrees. Tyler is a used up has been and acted like he was high on something. Lopez was acting like a simpee idiot with her fake compassion and Randy has no personality at all. The show will never be the same, has run it's course and needs to get off the air and come on with all the stupid commericals! we will never watch this show again. LOSER

  3. My sister and cousin may be on this show they are really good. And you will see. i love them alot they are all i have now.:(

    • The show stinks and the judges are horrible. simon cowel made that show what it is and without him

      no one is acting in realtity! their choices were horrible, only a few had actual talent and lopen was a fake wimp and tyler on something for sure! Randy has lost all his charisma . This show stinks and they need to get off the air. Also, how many commericals are you willing to endure. it's ridiculous. more commercials to pay these "has beens" more money. No thanks

  4. The judges and contestants, were very entertaining to watch! About the contestants, I will have to continue to watch the show, although I did have a few favorites!

    What I would like to know, is, what was up with the female who popped her twinkies out with the stars on them? When she did that, JLO looked like she was about to jump out of her chair, Randy, and Steven just looked stunned! Oh what a surprise that was!

    • The girl with the stars was interesting. I think she might have been the most costume-y character that they gave any airtime. That was a nice change from past seasons when it felt like anyone who showed up in a cape could get their 15-minutes of Idol fame.

      • I agree and she had a good voice. In the past the ones that dressed up couldn't sing….and were quite ridiculous. I thought last night was great considering all the hype and it was a really enjoyable show.

        To the people who miss Simon & Paula can catch them on X Factor and Live to Dance, respectively.

    • Always going to have a few of these contestants for entertainmet value…although when she did sing, it was not to bad…I think they even let her through…we shall see. Loved the opening and the rapport the judges had. Look forward to tonight. 🙂

    • R you kidding me. the show stunk , the judges has no personality. Lopez was a fake, Tyler looked liked he was on something and acting like a complete idiot has been but then again that's what he is. When are you people going to stop idolizing losers. Randy is dust. He's nothing and has no personality. That show was the best with the original team who made that show great.Now all they are doing is trying to hard and it stinks and the commericals every five minutes are not tolerable. I refuse to sit through the endless time slot so more commercials can be fed through to satisfy the ridiculous amounts of money these people are making for this show. you all need to get a life and stop contributing to this . it's not like a cure for cancer or the aide to starving children and families. get your priorities in order!@

      • BETHANNY….This is a show that most people on this site enjoy. If you feel that way about it

        stop watching it and move on….

        We all have lives but at the same time we all enjoy commenting and watching AI. No one is forced to watch it….so move on!!!!!!!

      • Oh Phyllis, I so agree. Way too much negativity…I noticed a lot of the comments were made in the middle of the night…insomnia…perhaps… and did not have anything better to do. Anyway, change the channel and move on…so right. 🙂

  5. @Rose and others, I enjoyed reading all of your comments on this post, as well as all of the others! Please keep them coming I look forward to reading more!

    • Just try and keep us quiet..LOL We love to discuss Idol with you and everyone else….

      • As always, Phyllis I enjoy reading your comments!

        I did not get a chance to see, the auditions on Thursday but I certainly got an eyeful of comments, LOL! I did post a comment early on Thursday before I left for work though!

  6. Until they take the final outcome out of the hands of ten year old girls hitting redial over and over, this show will never be fair to the best talent. Imagine going through this whole season and ending up with another Lee DeWyze! What a waste of time for the viewers. By the way, wasn't Lee a smash hit for America. How many platinum albums, cd's, major appearances? I hope all you Lee fans are eating your crow and enjoying it.

    • The bottom line is the voting…..I agree 100%….Lets hope that a change is coming in the near future…..Last Season was a disaster, to me the most talented person was Siobhan and she had an early exit but that was the past, we have to go forward and hope that the powers to be get the message.

      • Wanda…I totally agree…the voting system does need to be changed. I believe that this was our major complaint last year…Let us hope the "powers that be" are listening. @Matt…can you pass the word on!!! 🙂

      • I completely agree. I am a huge idol fan, but things really were not heading in a good direction last season. Siobhan was by far the best!! So far, I am surprisingly very happy with how things are going this season. If things keep heading in this direction, this show will have a chance of surviving.

      • I agree Wanda, the voting is what will hurt very talented contestants! Definitely changes will have to be made with the system! And yes you hit the nail on the head, I do not wish to watch another season of a Lee DeWyze either!

  7. I thought the show last night was very good. I would like to see more focus on Randy and Steve. Steve Tyler was just great and Randy has the experience. I also liked the focus on talented contestants.

  8. I LOVE THE NEW JUDGES. I thought this was the best kick-off season yet and I have watched from the beginning. Everyone I've talked to feels the same way. The 3 judges compliment one another and are so funny. I'm excited to watch tonight and to the end.

    • I agree totally with you and looking forward to the season…..SIMON WHO??????

  9. Sometimes I think these comments are all based on attracting more to watch. Steven Tyler go back to your band and JLo would be better off as a centerfold. C;mon where are the producers heads when they picked this offbeat judges that don't really

    deserve to be in the position. Better off seeing Simon making out with Karen lol. More entertaining

    • Obviously your not an Idol fan, wait till next year and you can watch the X Factor……

    • I believe her name was Kara…and perhaps you can tune into the X-Factor next year. I felt that the judges had a great compatibility factor. I was impressed by both J Lo and Steven Tyler…and, of course Randy..

  10. I was so excited knowing Steve Tyler would be on American Idol and he did a great job remained his true self. As for JLo I didn't really like her but she impressed me last night. I'm glad Randy is still there. AI is going to be great this year. Keep up the great work judges!

  11. I totally agree with Rhonda!

    I LOVE THE NEW JUDGES. I thought this was the best kick-off season yet and I have watched from the beginning. Everyone I’ve talked to feels the same way. The 3 judges compliment one another and are so funny. I’m excited to watch tonight and to the end.

  12. I watched the show last night and I thought it was great. It's great to see all the judges get along and laugh and joke around…Keep it up guys!!!

  13. I couldn't get through the first 45 minutes! Changed the channel, I thought it sucked. Simon was the show.. and I loved Ellen, too. They were just letting everyone go to Hollywood, no matter how bad they are. At least Simon was honest! American Idol will not be on in my house this season!

    • Jordan

      I totally agree. The first four contestants that went through would never have made the grade in past years. Steven is so into himself and JLo wants everyone to go through. They will end up axing good talent because they have to many dogs in the show. This was by far the worst season I have seen and I have seen all but the first two.

  14. As always !!Nice write up Matt..

    good chatting with you again last night also..

    I agree that in general it was a pretty good start to the new season.. I think so far the new judges have done well all things considered.. I look forward to the live shows when the true interaction and real perosnalities of the judges and contestants really come out !!

    Looking forward to tonights show !!

    Peace out !

  15. I totally enjoyed the new judges. I was afraid that I would not enjoy the show as much without Simon's hilarious comments,however, I really liked it!

  16. I, too, enjoyed the show last night and I thought the judges were great! Steven Tyler really surprised me! I think he's my new favorite judge. No one really jumped out at me yet, but I liked Travis Orlando's voice. He was my favorite of the night. Bring on New Orleans!!!

    • I agree Wendy…Travis and the other 16 year old Robbie were pretty decent; but nobody really "sang" to me either. The real test will start during Hollywood or Las Vegas week and during the elimination rounds to the top 12. The judges were great…loved the interaction. A big thank you again to Matt who keeps us informed. Will be watching tonight.!! 🙂

  17. I thought it is AMERICAN IDOL the why the hello we have people singing in Spanish where half America don't know what the hell he is singing if he cant sing in English then don't sing at all

    • Nevertheless, he has a real good voice. I'm sure that he won't be singing in Spanish the next time. He has to sing in English. If not, he's not going to go far.

  18. I watched the first episode of Idol this week. It is unbelievably and unforgivably lame and characterless. Who picked these judges??? I want to know who thought that the old "Jenny from the Block" would have any informative, interesting or insightful comments to make as a judge? The whole thing is a complete joke and very degrading for viewers.

  19. Seem to be getting a real emotional vibe going on with these auditions.!! The little 15 year old had a lot of courage and did fairly well. Still…no one has really "jumped out and shouted" at me yet. We will is just beginning. Really like the judges…they are doing an awesome job !!! 🙂

  20. Again the show tonight was great!!! I simply love the chemistry between the judges and more than anything the way they reject people, with so much class!!! Nobody feels offended or even hurt. Of course they are appaled when they learn they cannot sing but they leave with their head high up even sad but not hurt. I dont know if this is going to work throughout the whole season but at least for now people are not looking to show the finger at the camara hahaha.

    • I agree Marta. It is pure entertainment…I don't walk away feeling bad for any of the contestants that auditioned or wanting to give Simon or Kara the high sign like I did last year. I really think that Syeven, Jennifer and Randy make a great team. Looking forward to more and even better as the weeks progress. 🙂

      • I totally agree with you both…..I don't miss the nastiness of the judges in the past. I know some of these contestants have absolutely no right to be there but they think they do and the judges handle it very well this year. Two shows in the book and I still like it. The chemistry is very good between these three judges. I haven't seen this chemistry since the original three. I just hope that the talent is good this season. Its hard to tell with these auditions because they don't showcase everyone and usually its the better ones. I did like the girl with the daughter and the 15 year old boy (to soon to remember names LOL)….I sure hope they have an Adam or a Carrie in the group…..:-)

  21. I think the show this year will be fine. I think they need a different guest judge every week once they get to Hollywood. Guest judge should be a little like Simon.

  22. The premiere of American Idol,AI, Season 10 was. let's say that had I never watched AI, then it was fine.

    The judge who stood out for me is Steven Tyler.

    He can tell a person they are lousy in a nice way. Jennifier was okay, but Randy was trying to be Simon Cowell and it did not work for me.

    He came down heavy on the young woman who had the Broadway voice. He liked Adam Lambert's voice from the theater. So, what is his problem? She has a really good voice.

    Yes, I miss Simon, but the show will go on, as long as it produces the best talent, as last season was the most boring show I had ever watched. In fact, I would leave it to watch Adam Lambert on Season 8. Then my world was exciting again.

    I hope you have not allowed people who think they can sing, but can't, go through. We haven't seen them all. If you have, then the show isn't any different from the other formula.

    The bottom line? All the very best to Season 10 contestants and, may the judges prove to be excellent! I'm rooting for them all!!

  23. The show seems to be going pretty well. I swore I would not watch again this year but find myself once again interested. I have lowered my expectations, especially with regard to what the final outcome might be. In the meantime, the human interest stories are touching. The talent is acceptable but it is hard to tell with accapella (sp?) auditions. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the eight commercial breaks with up to eight commercials each. It was more like American Adviertiser instead of American Idol. I honestly believe there was more ad time than show time. That will kill it for me.

    • i agree, show stinks. the original cast made

      better judgements and simon and randy were real.

      this year the judges are idiots and wimps and are letting any body through.tons of commericals are a joke. it's all abougt how much the new judges are contracted to make so of course more flipp'n commercials! i'm not sitting through this show anymore.

    • I agree that there is way too much advertising. We counted 46 ads during the finals last year and they are already at that level and we're just getting started. It seems like you see one or two contestants and then off to another commercial break for five minutes. Yea, it will kill the show if this keeps up.

  24. this amerian idol STINKS!! My God how old is Steven Tyler. Come On!! And Jennifer Lopez is

    Faking Compassion. Let's Get Real Here. The First

    Few Contestants Stunk! What"s Up. Simon Would Never Have Passed Some of Those Through. the Show

    Has Gone DOwn HILL and we hate it. We Won't be watching. Could care less about LOPEZ AND TYLER. They are has beens and LOPEZ is acting so sweetie phoney it's sickening. Tyler is out of touch with realty and acts like he's high on something. Some role model! WHAT A JOKE YOU PEOPLE ARE. GET OVER YOURSELVES. TIME TO HANG IT UP!

    • After reading your comments it might be time for you to move to another show. The X-Factor starts next year and its still time to catch Live to Dance.

  25. I LOVE the new judges… they are hilarious!!!! and I think they get to the point… much better without Simon and Paula playing footsie under the table… I didn't think I'd like it without Simon but I actually love it even more… I think the judges were wise choices and I think the show is gonna blow all of the other shows away….

    • I agree with you. To me the original three were great, chemistry was great even with ditzy Paula and rude Simon but together they were good. The downfall was when Paula left, the chemistry was gone and the fill ins were awful (although I did like Ellen's humor)..I think the chemistry is back with these three judges….JMHO

  26. As I just read…"A Kinder and Gentler" Idol…lots of emotion…thast is for sure. Brett Lowenstern who has been "bullied" for most of his life…a little "chior boy" 15 year old doing an admirable job on "Dock of the Bay" and Paris a single Mom with a Special Needs child not to mention the young man who did a unique version of …believe it or not…"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" makes this AI ..the season to be watching…Good Luck to all of them. 🙂

    • Rose A. I, too, am really enjoying this show so far. I really think we are going to hear a lot more talent when the show goes to Hollywood.

      The judges are great, now we just have to see how the talent matches up….

      • I agree. There are some that have been sent through that I question…however Hollywood week will weed out those who just do not have the determination…Yes, it definitely takes talent, but being an AI also takes a lot of dedication, perserverance and the determination of fullfilling a dream. This will begin to become evident as the weeks progress. The judges have chemistry and good rapport and appear to be genuine in wanting to help the contestants ne their best. Will stay tuned until the last Hurrah!!! 🙂 @ Angela…we will all keep you posted. 🙂

      • Hi Rose A.

        Its so good to see so many positive comments so far. I'm still excited about this season and I know you and me and lots of others are in it for the long haul…….Some times these negative comments make me crazy but its all good…..

        Are you enjoying your granddaughter?????

        Have a nice weekend. I never go on the computer on the weekends so I'll talk to you on Monday. Its R&R time…..

      • Rose A., and Phyllis G., thank you both and anyone else for any and all updates, it will mean a lot to me!!

  27. @ Phyllis. I am in it ….The judges, contestants…"emotional" stories are all worth watching this season. Preciouis one found her feet today…I cried… she laughed and giggled…it was so adorable. Hope you have a great weekend as well. 🙂

  28. I am quite happy that Simon Cowell is not around this year. His over the top insults were running a bit thin… As much as I like Steve Tyler I do believe he should lay low when it comes to the young chicks.

    but al in all I do think that Steve and J-lo are much better at spotting singing talent than Simon ever could.

  29. Can anyone tell me the name of the song used in the backgrounf for Paris tassin audition, also who sings it

  30. Thanks Tishe and Rose but i’m looking for the name of the song and artist that was used while they were telling the story of Paris and her daughter, and not the carrie underwood song that she sang during her audition.

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