American Idol 2011 Premiere Episode Tonight On FOX

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Here. We. Go! Tonight at 8PM on FOX is the American Idol 2011 premiere episode that we’ve all been waiting eight months to see since last season’s finale.

Simon may be gone, but will he be missed? Of course! But we’re about to see if the new power duo of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler can calm the nervous twitches of loyal viewers for whom American Idol is synonymous with Simon Cowell.

Randy and Ryan will ease the transition as we get our first glimpse of a judges panel featuring new faces and more importantly, new voices in front of that panel.

We’ll get a full two hours tonight of Idol hopefuls coming to New Jersey to do their best in hopes of earning a golden ticket to Hollywood. Just one night later on Thursday we’ll be treated to another two hours of American Idol when the judges head south for New Orleans so don’t wander too far away. We’ve got the full American Idol schedule for 2011 through early March to see what’s coming up.

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  1. This show has already been on 2 seasons longer than it should have. Getting big butt lopez and

    plastic face tyler wont help it, it will only end it at last

    • And yet here you are, checking up on what's going on with the show. It's okay, you can admit that you're excited about tonight's premiere.

      (Shouldn't it be "leather face tyler"??)

      • you guys that dis the judges on their appearance should really get a clue …. these people are sucessful artists. your just jealous!!! I love all of the Judges!!! Especially Steven Tyler!! I have seen him up close and personal & I assure you …. he IS NOT a leather face!!

    • John, Nice to see you are such a big fan of the #1 show in America. You are a closet fan and we all know that. Come out, come out and tell the real truth. Have a great day and I know you will be watching tonight and the rest of the season…You know you are a fan!

      • Yea, Rhonda….John…fix yourself a bowl of popcorn and relax and enjoy…you may even have fun. 🙂

  2. @John…sorry you feel that way. I am looking forward to another season…and btw…Be Nice. 🙂

    • Hey Rose, check out our new threaded commenting system (insert ooooh's & aaaah's here). Finally got it set up and configured last night so now everyone can reply directly back to others comments. I'm hoping it'll help with conversations. Give it a try by clicking the little red "Reply" link below the comments of interest and let me know what you think!

    • Angela, Yes, it was. Excited about tonight. And thank you Matt, this new reply system is worth some oooh's and aah's. 🙂

    • Yes Rose, definitely pumped up, for tonights big showdown! I know I will be glued to the tube!

      Also, this new commenting system is off the chain, as the young people say!

    • This is the most excited I have been. This new reply system is awesome….I am sooo pumped up.

  3. Wow…Somebody on that panel better acquire a case of hemorrhoids real fast or this show is about to sink like thE Titanic! Watching this show was like watching a cancer victim take his last breath…I mean without the mean the ratings should be quite lean!!! Oh was nice while it lasted…but without the insults it's just absolutely a turd waiting to be FLUSHED!!!!!!!

    • Horrified should know what a turd is. He floats with them. This was a great show. If mean is what you like, Horrified, you need therapy.

      • I don't work for telling the truth about this mess? I have nothing to lose. You? Your probably a Kiss Butt is just what the doctor ordered for you. I know talent..seriously ..I work with the best…and this is just silly at this point. You need somebody that feels the way the audience feels when somebody gets up there and makes a fool out of themselves. Back in the day I couldn't wait for Simon to weigh in because he would always say exactly what I was thinking. Nice is boring!!!! I mean…Cmon….Seriously people! This is show just plain bad now!

      • I don't work for telling the truth about this mess? Seriously..this is just plain bad!

  4. Can anyone tell me the name of the song that the last guy who auditioned tonight on the show sang? They asked him to sing a second song and they continued to play it while they closed out the show with other shots. Thanks.

    • Ann…I think it was Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars….young man had an interesting life….I, personally felt the judges were fair, honest and yes, entertaining. Although, I must admit, there were a couple of people I would not have let through to Hollywood…JMHO

  5. Love, love, love the new AI! Big fan in the early seasons, but fast forwarded through most of the last 2 or 3 seasons. So glad Randy stayed. Along with Steve & Jennifer, they're a well balanced trio of sincerity, experience & feel-good entertainment!

  6. I love to watch American Idol Contestants try to make THEIR dreams come true. As my grandfather said "If everyone liked the same things, there would not be enough of the things people like to go around". I look forward to seeing the Huggins girl from NC continue. If you don't like it….don't watch!

    • The one that had spent a good portion of his life in a wheelchair? I believe his name was Robbie? And, yes, he was good. Also, another 16 year old, Travis Orlando was good.

  7. The most I liked was when the guy was singing and the ship blew the horn hahahaha so funny!!!

    The show was fun, I liked it, I think the judges are doing a terrific job and they know their business. No bad words, no offenses or putting down people, they are deciding right and even some seem dissapointed (no wonder lol) the judges are fun to watch.

    I think against all what I felt when Simon left the season looks very promising.

    I think that young man that was sick as a child had a beautiful voice and that girl from Bosnia was very good too. Start with your horses people!!! These are mine so far.

    • Marta…I totally agree…I loved the show and the new judges……The talent was ok but thats how the auditions go until we get to Hollywood….

  8. I never watched Idol when Simon was on, and now that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are judges I really enjoy it. Don't miss what Simon says at all, and look forward to seeing more of the new lineup.

    • You know Jon I totally agree with you. I did watch when Simon was on and I did like him but there were times when I thought he was so out of line but these new judges seem very sincere and I didn't even think about Simon last night. I'm giving these Judges a chance and I'm glad your on board too!!!!!!!!

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  9. hi eveyone well o my gosh i loved the permie of the show i was so impressed i am now in love with the new judges the are the best thing that has ever happend to the show and we all know it right well ttyl for nowbye from your gurl alexis wells from elk city oklahoma

  10. Really enjoying this new forum…it's fun how they interact with the contestants…will sing with's actually refreshing…they aren't being deliberately mean..and so what if they do let some go on..they will be weeded out…was getting pretty sick of last year's lady (not ellen) and her silly kudos to american idol…

  11. This is the best talent show ever! Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are the best! They are true talent and give the show a positive and polished finish. I used to change the channel as quickly as possible when I heard Simon speaking to the contestants. He was so demoralizing! Now, I cannot turn away from Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. They are going to make this show 100 times more successful.

  12. I love J.Lo she ROCKS!!! i mean really but i dont like randy hes rude he tells people their terrible but steven tyler is quiet sometimes J.Lo laughs alot i like her laugh but i dont like randy when simon left he told people they were terrible like simon I hope u read this randy! :p

  13. I think J.Lo is hott like really she is i think Steven tyler is cool and i think Randys just mean sorry Randy but you kinda are!

  14. I just read all the comments bloged and very interesting, seems like everyone is really liking the the show, i have watched a.i. every season, and simon, does know what he is talking about most of the time, but he was way out of line most of the time, the ego is just too way out there, as the saying goes, people that arn't happy with themselfs have to be unkind to others. But steven tyler i love him, he is so big hearted teddy bear! I agree, simon who????? lol, this panel is great, randy isn't that mean, he knows the biz, and this guy that sang tonight Feb 9th, james durban, is not only going to be standing when its down to the last 3-4 you watch, i have perdicted every winner in almost all seasons of a.i. knew carrie underwood would win in, and she did. But here is my perdiction for the a.i. for 2011, is chris medina! you watch, if not he will be standing there in the top 2. Also robie rosen is so good, lauren, travis orlando,

    jackie wilson. To name a few. But this chris medina, is so talented, and has the sound for this era, of singers that are recording today.

    If he doesn't win, some record producer will snatch him up, and what a story, i just sobed.

    Its neat to hear their storys and what they have been thru. Hey does anyone out here agree with who i like? Whats your thought?

    • Simon Cowell definitely does know what he is talking about all of the time. Simon will not sugar coat or mislead anyone; he'll tell you straight out whether you have the ability(ies) needed or not, to make it in the music industry.Simon knows what he is talking about.

      Simon's ego is not inflated, he made his way in the music industry; through hard work, focus and determination. If you think Simon is hard on the contestants; you'll find that many others in the music industry are at least 10 times as harsh and/or pompous, than Simon ever was. The music industry doesn't care about your feelings half as much as the money each wants to generate from the artists each promotes and signs recording contract(s) with.

      Like the old saying goes, You got to be cruel to be kind, in the right measure, which was what Simon was doing; by providing knowledgeable constructive criticism.

      It is up to the person Simon stated this to, to take Simon's advice, to develop one's talents, learn by lessons gained, gain wisdom of what it takes to make it in the music industry and apply yourself to the motivation and determination needed to achieve the dream(s) you want to reach. Nothing comes easy in life. You have to work for what you want.

      the ego is just too way out there, as the sayin withthemselfs have to be unkind to others.

  15. hey patti c. your blog put us all to sleep, blah blah blah, how many songs do you want to list, enough already! get a life, and if you don't see simon as having a big ego, i can gaurentee, that 90% of america, dislikes simon, as he has no tact or respect for anyone, as he thinks he is his own god! He's in for a rude awaking. You obviously don't know what "ego" stands for, let me tell you,

    edging god out!! ego. So get over it, simon is gone, hes not coming back, we don't need him back, and need to hear his nastiness, you can be honest with people and blunt, without tearing down there self worth, because you don't feel you have any (meaning simon). Any head doctor anywhere will tell ya that. Its just a show.

  16. ok i have two different comments to put on the board today, 1. i now know that patti c. must work for american idol blog site???? cuz you can see she has written that all caps will be delted, (why that even is? is beyond me) but so be it, but she must be admin, as you see she signed it admin. so whats up with that? isn't this blog for just the general public? not simon cowell's agents, friends, managers, etc etc. or people that work for american idol or blogsite, or thereof. How strange! And even more strange that she would put that on here, when if you read my blog, there are no caps!


  17. to phyllis g,las vegas, thanks so much for your reply to my blog, you seem like a nice lady, and love american idol like i do, and can agree that simon cowell is in the minority, in otherwords more people in this country dislike him, then like him, hes an expert as his job of judging,(but then again, how hard is it to hear and know a good voice from a bad voice, ha) every audition i watch i know before the judges say a word, if the person is stayin or goin, its pretty easy to judge a voice that is good or bad, but with all due respect to simon, he is usually, not always but usually right on the money, but even though he is a great judge of a voice, he is a ugly person inside, which is really sad, and unfortunitley that is why in this evil last days on this planet, so many people like him, cuz people like rude and mean, and they are lovers of themselfs and evildoers, and darkness, cuz they are living in darkness. These are the signs of our times whether or not we choose to believe it or agree with it, it doesn't matter, cuz god isn't sitting up in heaven on the throne; saying hey, lets make a deal, he is up there saying, hey this is the deal. and when people start to finally recongize this, the better off they will be, including simon. I don't care how famous and how much money you are, when your dead, you wont have a u-hual truck behind your hearse to take all your money and stuff with you, to which ever place; you have chosen to end up in.

    so with that being said, i hope my blog can be taken for evil and turned for good, to whom ever reads it. if any of you out there agree with me or have your eyes open, hey blog me back i would like to hear from you, and phyllis i don't know if you have ever seen simons bio, but even though yes he has worked hard, who doesn't work hard these days, but he was raised in a very very wealthy family, that knew all kinds of moviestars etc, so he had help believe me, like most show business people that very rarely get there all on there own with absolutley no help from others.

    phyllis who do you think is going to win? and what do you think of chris medina? omg,omg, omg, i just think he is the bomb, and is going to win it , or be down to the final 2-3. you watch. i can't believe they elimated lauren, what were they thinking, or not thinking should i say. lol

    • KAREN…I agree with you about Chris Medina, I really liked him and glad to see he made it to the next round. I personally do not miss Simon at all. Yes, I will watch the x-factor but I don't miss him on AI. The three judges this season to me really gel and I like them.

      Also I don't think Patti C. works for this site. The powers that be are deleting her comments because they were in all caps.

      Also many of us on this site have been on it for a long time and thats how we became friends. Its really a fun site….

      • phyllis g, hey just read your blog, and you didn't say if you think chris will win it? and who are your favorites, yes this is a neat site, i am new to it, but sounds like you've been on it along time, glad i found out about it, and i like that they can send you an email to let you know you have a reply, that is really cool. well i didn't even think about that, that yeah patti c. probley doesn't work for admin, she put that msg on there to let patti c. know no caps dah, and then she puts everything in caps, ha lol, how funny, so she got eliminated. that is fine by me we don't need any simon fans on here, lol. i haven't seen this x-factor show, and probley wouldn't want to as i don't like simons demeaner. but it must not be on local networks, cuz i have not seen it on, what nites and channel is it on? I might check it out and see if i like it, simon or not. lol. can you believe they got rid of lauren! that was shocking.

        take care

      • Karen…I really like Chris Medina and I really was upset with his story….Even my son had tears in his eyes but to be honest, there is a lot of talent that we have not seen yet so to say if he will win…..I don't really know yet, its too soon to predict….but I do know that Chris makes the Top 40, after that….I don't know…..

        The X_Factor is not on yet but will be premiering sometime soon….If you stay with this site, believe me, you will know when it starts….

  18. Ok guys. Please forgive me. This has absolutely nothing to do with Idol so please don't hang me. Throughout the comments you are continually using the word "your" when you mean you are. The conjuncton of "you are" is you're.

    I'm absolutely knocked out by Steve Tyler. I was prepared to dislike him because I thought he put himself together like someone's old aunt. But, he really grows on you as an individual. I love it when he kind of goes behind J.L. & tells Randy he didn'thave to say something that he obviously thought was mean. He has credibility and heart. Great combo.

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