American Idol 2011: Steven Tyler Is My Favorite New Judge And Other First Week Thoughts

The first week of auditions for the new season of American Idol 2011 is over and I must say I was some what pleasantly surprised.  With the departure of Simon Cowell the table was lacking in the critical meaness department and became more like the after birth of Paula Abdul but with the added wittiness and off the wall comments of Steven Tyler. 

I thought we would see more of Jennifer Lopez‘s diva attitude which, in my opinion, would have added some needed bitchiness and controversy.  I didn’t expect her to have a problem saying no and really didn’t think she would ever cry after hearing someone sing but it was cool to see a softer side of her I guess so I’m a little torn, just on the fence with her.  Maybe a little of both wouldn’t be so bad, lol. 

You’ve got to love Steven Tyler.  I mean this guy is a rock legend and his crazy comments had me laughing so hard.  I mean what does “I know why we’re here.  We’re all here because we’re not there” even mean?  LOL I know what it means but it’s crazy to hear him say that.  What about him asking Randy if he’s “looking down boy” with a fist bump?  Come on Steven, the girl was only 16! 

What hasn’t changed for American Idol are the same sad stories playing on the sympathy of us viewers.  Really I don’t like this especially if the contestants make it to the voting stage because you get too many wanting to help out one person because they know their back story and not putting through the actual talent but this has always been and always will be part of the show so I need to get over it.  What I loved the most was not seeing nearly as much of the stupid contestants trying out that can’t even sing.  They showcased the actual talent and that was such an improvement over years past. 

There have been a couple of stand outs as far the actual singers.  From New Jersey I have to give my vote to Robbie Rosen and Kenzie Palmer.  One of the two makes the top 40 and the other does not, lol.  More on that next week so check back.  I didn’t care for the girl in the bikini top with stars who starts crying over Jennifer Lopez.  I just didn’t think she needed that get up because she sang rather well.  I thought Jennifer’s comment about recognizing Rachel Zevita from season 6 was nothing but a big fat lie but whatever.  She made the girls whole life. 

From New Orleans I liked the very first audition by Jordan Dorsey who sang “Over the Rainbow”.  I think he’s quite talented.  I’m not at all a fan Jovany Barreto who took off shirt so Jennifer could get a look at his abs although it was fun to see Steven and Randy join in but Steven’s comment of “from my melodic sensibility, it was really delicious” takes the cake. 

How do you feel about the first week of auditions for American Idol?

Watch Jordan Dorsey’s and Robbie Rosen’s auditions below the break:

You can check out a few more audition videos with Reality Rewind’s review of last night’s Idol auditions episode.




  1. I love the "new" panel of judges. They seem to mesh well together. Steven Tyler is awesome!!!

    • I totally agree with Shelly! JLo wasn't so bad herself (she is a softy after all), Randy is still the DAWG, and Steven Tyler is an absolute LEGEND…he ROCKS!!! Great choice of judges AI!!!

    • You're kidding right! This is the worst season ever. At least Simon Cowl was honest and if someone was mediocre he would say it. This season it seems if you cry, and beg enough the judges will give you a pass. It is pathetic. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez should be fired. This is the death of American Idol.

      • Jack, we are two shows into the season and you can say its the worse season ever…..How can you base 2 shows on an entire season?????? These new judges are surprising pleasant….what is wrong with that? The shows doesn't need the judges to be mean or nasty……Yes, I agree that some of the talent was dramatic but so what, most of them will not make it into the top 12….We have not seen all the talent yet…..try and hold your judgement until we get further into the season or just switch the channel……its your right no one is holding you to it…..

      • @ Phyllis (G0 (Las Vegas) Hi Phyllis.I agree with about almost everything you said. I think Steven Tyler is doing quite well. He can do better with out the comments about the girls. In others words we don't need that! Other wise he has made some good constructive comments.Jennifer Lopez seems to be a bit hesitant. Maybe it will take her a bit longer! Randy is Randy! Hey dog! I definitely will give them longer time. Steven is kind of funny. Time tells all! We definitely need to hold our judgement for now! Take care girl. Later! Sherry K.

      • Hello My Friend Sherry K. Glad to see you on site. You know me, sometimes this negativity gets to me. I tried to be fair, I know different strokes for different folks, but gee these judges are really good together (so far). I am truly looking forward to seeing this season unfold.

      • OMG I hate it! I was bored to tears both nights. The dramas are ridiculous. I won't waste another hour watching it. I miss Simon.

  2. I like the new judges and don't really miss Simon. They need to change how the voting is done (one vote per viewer) and there needs to be less advertising. Last night was more ads than show.

  3. My old dance teacher went to dance lessons with Jennifer over 20 years ago. The way she is on the show is exactly how my teacher described her at the time. She hasn't changed a bit which is good.

    Steven has been brilliant. He makes the show for me. Even Randy is bouncing well of the new judges.

  4. Never in my life would have chosen Steven Tyler for this job. Good thing I wasn't picking judges! He is great. I love how he interacts with the contestants – even singing along… the man has got chops! He is witty and sometimes off the wall, but he knows what he's looking for. Unlike the early season Simon, Steven knows that the winner doesn't have to look like Ken or Barbie to have the "whole package"… they need charisma and "it." He's looking for the next "Janis Joplin (a hot mess even in her day) or Christina Aguilera."

    • I honestly had very negative thoughts about the two new judges ruining my favorite show. I'm glad I'm also open minded and watched anyway! I think they did a great job, although I must have blinked and missed the constructive comments. They will definitely make AI funnier and more entertaining, although I wish Mr. Tyler would make an effort not to have so much of his language censored. This is afterall, supposed to be a family show, even if the kids do know more bad words than I do nowdays.

  5. I agree about no more sob stories. It gives that person an advantage that the other singers don't get. And that's what happened last year with Gorky. And why Adam lost (Gorky fans would never vote for him). Randy is still too wishy washy – even on Great singers, if he's asked to "go first," he starts hemming and hawing. What a dork. Let's vote him off for next season.

  6. Loved the first show!

    Steven Tyler is terrific, love his entire vibe.

    J.lo is great too. Gorgeous and sensitive.

  7. Are you kidding. Steven Tyler is the worst addition. Lopez is awesome, she is someone you would want an American Idol to aspire to, someone like Steven Tyler is not, in my opinion, a role model. Randy is genuine. That being said, there is no chemistry in place among the judges.

    Whether you liked or loved Simon or Paula, there was chemistry, which made the show interesting as to whether the contestants would take advantage of this chemistry.

    Paula leaving was a mistake, Simon leaving a bigger mistake, and whoever decided to add Steven Tyler destroyed what was left of idol. I won't be watching, unless Lopez performs.

      • I disagree. Steven is great! He's funny and honest. He also has been there/done that, so he knows what he's talking about.

      • I totally agree! The chemistry was awesome between the three of them not like Paula trying to get with Simon every chance she could. Steven Tyler is one of the great rock and rollers of all time and knows talent when he sees it.

      • Totally agree….the chemistry has been great between these three judges, something we haven't seen since Paula left. I feel the original three had great chemistry, in between was awful and now the chemistry is back. I for one am giving them a chance…..

        Hi Ashli Rae….good comments…I totally enjoy you and Matt's commentaries.

    • How different we think Bernadette I think there is tons of chemistry between the judges and most of all between the judges and the viewers. I think this season will be very interesting and Tyler I have to apologize to you, when they said you were going to be judge, I was upset and didnt want to watch the season. Now I want next week to come and see your faces, your jokes and your nice way of being.

  8. It is just not the same. I could not get excited about the show. I miss

    Paula and Simon. The show will never be the same. I don't think it will last more than a couple seasons. I won't be watching anymore American


    • I can not tell you how to think or feel, but I for one believe that AI has proven to be the real survivor!!! The fans of this show are loyal, and will continue to be loyal with or without Simon and Paula!!!

  9. I absolutely love the new Idol format and the new judges. I think Jennifer and Steven are doing a great job. Steven is hilarious! I'm also glad they cut way back on the number of weirdos they're showing this year. I used to skip the auditions because of all the horrible singers and insane people they gave time to. I have nothing but praise for what I've seen so far this year. Can't Wait For Next Week!

  10. I REALLY dig Steven Tyler!! Which I have to admit I did not expect. But he is terrific and has a nice balance of compassion, but not without reservation, and sausy glib. J-Lo, well she is gorgeous but if she had her way she'd let the whole sheep farm in. Randy, I think is trying to find his leadership and yet wants to be too much of everyone's pal (dawg?) making it hard for him to step it up. I really miss Simon. He was brash, sometimes painfully, but he was honest to the core and saved us a lot of banality and tripe. Mostly, as much I love her, I am so glad Ellen D is gone. She simply was not up for the task and I cringed for her the entire season. And who was the other woman? I never did figure who she was or why she was there, except that she was pretty and sexy (uh oh, J-Lo!).

    • Her name is Kara DioGuardi and let me tell you she was kicked from the show because she was on Simon´s lap all last season saying bull to the contestants haha good they got rid of her

  11. I love the new panel. Clearly they know the business so we won't get any of those obnoxious contestants saying they know more than the judges. But I love it when Steven starts playing rhythym and singing with the contestants. Jennifer brings a warmth and seems to relate well to contestants. Randy hasn't said dawg once that I recall. It really is about the contestants anyway and so far there are some talented folks. When did the age drop to 15? Is that a response to Bieber's popularity?

    • The age changed with this season. Not sure why though. Yes the new judges know the business much better than their predecessors and let's face it some of the contestants DID know more lol.

      • I am glad that they changed the age or we would have missed out on the young man who did a fairly decent job of singing Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay….what courage that took. I am glad they let him through. Yes, Ashli…thank you for the commentary. You and Matt definitely keep all of us informed. 🙂

  12. well I Do MISS SIMON!!!! he was awesome! i do wish the best for the new judges GO JLO!!!! love ur perfume!!! oh and i also wear ur glasses!!!!

  13. Thumbs way up for new judges. 3 judges is the perfect #. Steve, Randy, and the Kitty in the middle (J LO) They have got to colaberate this season on singing "Walk This Way" with Randy on guitar. They have to lead by example as to what an American Idol is.

  14. but yes! let's be a Little more strict on the judging, can't lie if they can't sing then TELL them don't feel sorry for them! please don't be like that one season where a mom claimed that her daughter sang wonderful and lord please!!! she was awful!!! that's one thing about Simon he kept it REAL!!!!! and told them the TRUTH!!! LOVE all the judges!!!!

  15. Love, love, love the show this year. Yes, it is different but change can be good. the same old thing becomes boring. They may actually end the show with real talent. Steven Tyler is hilarious, Jennifer is insightful, and I feel Randy has more confidence and doesn't have to do the "dawg".

  16. I liked this show better when paula and simon done it. randy is good . theres not as much fun watching it now

  17. Like many others who have commented here, I was not expecting to like Steven Tyler at all. But he is absolutely fantastic. I have to say I loved everything about him–how responsive he was to contestants, how witty he was without even trying, and how relaxed he was. He was just totally likable! He showed a wide latitude of acceptance in the contestants' abilities; that is, he wasn't overly critical at this stage, which I think is appropriate.

    With all that I had read about Jennifer Lopez–who was to be dripping with "diva" attitude–I saw none of that. I thought she was very sweet! (And I loved her outfits–that little green and blue skirt with the dark blue top was darling.) No doubt, she is beautiful–with a great smile–very easy to watch. I think she has a keen ear for musical talent, but she came across as just a tad too nice. I can understand that, however, if she is making an effort to quash all the diva hype that has surrounded her entry on the show.

    I like Randy, but I do agree with someone's comments about his wishy-washy behavior at times–hedging when he was first up to comment. Perhaps he didn't want to seem the most extreme on the panel–and set himself up as the "replacement Simon."

    I see the judges as trying hard to be kind, gel as a judging panel, and present a likable image. Nothing wrong with that. They will get tougher when it counts, I will bet on that.

    The talent so far? Haven't been overwhelmed, but I do remember three, but not their names. (1) The last contestant on the first show (who was homeless for awhile). I liked his voice, and I am rooting for him to have a real chance because of his hardship. (2) I also liked the 15-year old boy's (the overweight youngster) voice. Incredible. Angelic. (3) And I really liked the "Over the Rainbow" guy, too. They are the most memorable good ones so far.

    I, too, was very relieved there wasn't the corny, too-long stretch of fake contestants there usually are.

    I like the new graphics; I also appreciate hearing the music signal when the actual show comes back on after commercial break. (Did they always do that?) That's a big help. Loved the steamboat ending!

    Finally, silly stuff: What's with the mustaches on Ryan and Randy this year?! Looks pretty good on Randy; didn't go for it at all on Ryan.

    • Overall the show is good. Refreshing in terms of the judging panel. I know I will just be seconding most of the comments here coz there's truth to them. For me, the judges showed they can be strict without being rude and nasty.

      I also loved the horns sounding(they're part of the show, right?) just when a contestant is engrossed in his rap stint!

      Talk about talent, I'm watching out for that last guy on the premiere episode(he sang something from the Beatles but the tune's kind of unfamiliar so he sang M'ras' I'm yours as requested to sing another). Also, this Baretto guy singing idk if Mexican or whatever, claiming JLo's a goddess in his eyes, has astounding vocals. He reminds me of a season seven contender David Hernandez. Finally, the lady who sang Carrie Underwood's Temporary Home. She just made a tear or two fall. Hope these three make it to the top 20.

      Oh and those photos of Randy in high school… Randy wasn't expecting that, I can tell…

  18. This comment in the article was inaccurate

    What about him asking Randy if he’s “looking down boy” with a fist bump? Come on Steven, the girl was only 16!

    I believe when Steven made that comment they were looking at JLO's behind.

    • You mean you believe the comment in the article is inaccurate.

      When I heard Tyler's comment I also thought he was referring to Randy checking out the contestant, not JLo.

      Only Tyler knows for sure, but I had the same impression as Ashli.

  19. Steven Tyler was absolutley hilarious. I expected the show to just be ok…..but what a refreshing start. I guess change is good and in this case with Tyler and Lopez it is great. I have to say and I like Simon and Ellen, but this team blows them away…by a longshot!! Keep it up! Love it!!

    • Randy is great. Steven Tyler is a perfect judge…very encouraging and funny.

      They could have picked a different 3rd judge for sure.

  20. Hey Bernadette….. Were you watching the same Idol I was…..Tyler is great!!! And JLO is an absolute Sweetheart!

  21. Love the new season, contestants are treated

    with respect. Jennifer is a real lady.

    She's great and Steven Tyler is a riot,

    will be watching for sure. Agree re Jordon

    Dorsey, awesome!!!

  22. I, like many others, thought the show would not be as good without Simon. He is the one who would say no when needed. I miss him, he made everything interesting.

    I know nothing about Steven Tyler but I love his attitude and he seems a natural as a judge. He definitely has the knowledge to judge the contestents.

    I have loved Jennifer since I first saw Shall We Dance. She seems like an ordinay person on the show and not a "Prima Donna–Diva". She is beautiful and natural, not made up or putting on airs. She is doing an excellent job as a judge and has a compassionate heart.

    Randy is Randy and we love him.

    Please keep the show about talent and not who they know or what has happened in their life. Yes, we care and yes, it makes for a good story but let's don't let it get their hopes up and they are the first ones sent home. I would think that would hurt more than a no at the beginning.

    Ryan has grown with the show and does a fantastic job.

    This is a great team, truly refreshing. Keep up the good work.

    • I agree Kelly didn't have a story, Carrie didn't have a story, Daughtry didn't have a story and I think I see a pattern here lol

  23. I thought Steven Tyler's comment about the 16 yr old girl's skirt was absolutely hilarious. I played it at least 5 times over.

    "Hmm yeah. Just enough skin showing.." or something like that

  24. Was also PLEASANTLY surprised! LOVED Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as well. Made the show more fun and nice to hear fresh commentary! Who knew…will continue to tevo AI.

  25. Perhaps it's because I'm a Brit that I find the new American Idol season has been drained of any fun and is far too saccharine. I have heard comments that it's better that they don't dwell on the REALLY bad auditionees, but that for me was the most enjoyable part of the early rounds. I really think it is now bland, boring TV and that Simon Cowell is desperately missed.

  26. Well the king is dead long live the king!! The new panel is MUCH better, Simon Cowell is up his own Arse……you watch him on any UK show its about Simon and how much money he can rip off the public…. not the acts! If they are not filling his bank the your gone!!! Watch US version since season one …… trust me by the middle of the season people will be saying SIMON who!!!!! The new panel is just fine …….. roll on next week

  27. I'm a huge fan of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, so I was excited when I heard they'd be the next judges. The first nights show was great. I love the mix of Jennifer,Steven and Randy. Its hard to put in word but the show has a very different vibe and I love it. The new judges have brought a breath of fresh air needed. Even Randy seems more relaxed and funny. I wached all season's but I'm really excited about this season's show. Great job chosening Jen and Tyler.

  28. I think it is entirely too early to judge the direction the show will take. As for the new judges, I am a "Senior Citizen" and have always thought Jennifer was the most beautiful,

    lady-like, beautifully-dressed lady in show business, and certainly should know how to judge talent. I haven't followed rock music, but I think Stephen also knows talent, and that along with his personality should add up to a panel of judges who will sort out the talent, and when the final 20 are presented the contestant's will be really good. Randy–well let's just say he is THE JUDGE!

  29. I agree–after 5 minutes of the new judges–Simon Who? I definitely do not miss Simon's rudeness. I liked Paula but she was so childish in her tiffs with Simon. Steven's attitude is a real breath of fresh air that has even picked up Randy's spirits. Did you see that ear-to-ear smile? Randy looks happy now. Both new judges are fab! My co-workers all agree.

  30. @Marta…I really tried so hard to be good but these negative comments just got to me……No one is forcing us to watch the show…..Most of us really enjoy it……

    • Yes Phyllis and time will give us reason 🙂 this is going to be a great show and have to applaude Lithgoe (dont know if spelling is right) but he is a genious and I respect him a lot to put together this pannel and against all odds he made the perfect decision.

      • Marta, I totally agree…..He is a very smart man and knows how to produce a show….thats why I love "So You Think You Can Dance" too….Great show..

      • Phyllis, you are politically correct with your tactfulness!! That's what I love about your comments!!!

  31. I'm really enjoying American Idol this season. Jennifer Lopez/Steve Tyler make the whole show fresh. And they really feel for the singers. I'm so happy they finally got muscian's on the panel. That really makes a big difference.

  32. Love, love, love the new judges! Have been watching since the 1st AI. My husband is even watching this season! Tyler & JLo have added great chemistry to the panel.

    We now have all the judges that recognize talent, they have and are in the industry!!!

    Great job, American Idol, for selecting the new judges!!!

    • lol, Debi. My husband is too…although he pretends he's not…So far, a great year. Love the judges and their interaction. Go… AI 🙂

  33. I was afraid this season would be the end of Idol after all the past years bad press! I've been a fan since the beginning, and would love to see it out last me! This season looks like a POSITIVE new start! It's good they didn't try to replace Simon–after watching this weeks premiere, who needs him???? He's certainly not the only one who knows the music industry, and this new panel to me was very refreshing, uplifting, and funny. We can do just fine without Mr. McMeany and his cruel and snide comments. Let's make it fun again!

  34. Best audition week I've ever seen. I like to see more of the real talent and less of the others. They always hurt my ears. Good chemistry. Liking it and I didn't think I would. I believe this year will be better than last, thank goodness.

  35. The new Idol judges are great. I really didn't know what to expect but I was really quite impressed. I never really cared for Simon even though at times his pompous attitude probably helped the shows rating in some sick way. I guess the same we all want to see a train wreck. Someone is going to get hurt and that's not cool.

    The new judges really hit the mark in every way during week one and I hope they can withstand the hoards of people who really think they can sing but can't.

    I think this season may prove to be a record setting year for the show in both talent and revenue due to talent. I think Simon may have actually tuned a few people out. It is really about the performers and not the judges. I think this season these judges realize they have nothing to prove to anyone. They can be themselves and not act all "holier than thou" as we have seen from you know who in the past.

    Kudos Steven, Jen, and Randy…Keep the focus on the talent. Making them feel comfortable may go a long way toward them perfoming like superstars. Too much pressure creates anxiety and who needs that.

    I don't know about you but I would rather see 10 stellar performances per show instead of one or two followed by eight or nine others who crack under the pressure. These judges have the ability and the desire (from what I saw this week) to help these contestants be all they can be.

  36. Randy is great, as always.

    Steven is a breath of fresh air, funny, encouraging, he's just the best!

    Would definitely like to see a different 3rd judge!!

  37. I absolutely love American Idol. I am 57 years old, have 4 children and 4 grand-children. I have never missed a single show (including auditions) in the past nine seasons. I suffered through losing Paula and Simon, but I hold out hope, that the new judges, and this years talent, will make the show even better. I am afraid that due to "a failing in ratings", the show will be canceled after this year. I feel like Idol is the only place, where talented young people can realize their dream! Most young people aren't as blessed as so many other "well known stars", but they are just as talented. Everyone needs to dream, and hope. I hope this show continues to be "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for many!

  38. This is the best idol ever The judges interact well and create a fun vibe Cowell was very lucky to have been paid so well for so long

  39. I absolutely loved it. I do miss Simon and Paula but Steve and Jennifer Lopez are great additions. I have laughed so much. Steve is so cute. Of course Randy is too. I don't mean to ignore him but I don't think he could have better partners to work with. I think this is going to work out great. I can't wait until next week. Anyone who doesn't like this is stupid. I know they are a little soft but this is a hard job. I don't think I could do it. Great job everybody. Like I said I can't wait until next week. I bet it's going to be a blast!

  40. I really like the fact that those contestants with talent are being showcased. The show is refreshing and I like all three judges. Steve is hilarious and raucous enough to keep me looking forward to each show

    to see what he has to say.

  41. Steve Tyler friggin rocks man….I just love him he is awesomwe, the best ever. He really has heart and is oh so funny!! Jennifer Lopez hs a heart too, I love her, she is real!!!

  42. i love the show!!! when simon was on the show it was great cuz he was so honest but with steve j-lo and of course randy… it is awesome i really think its gonna be an amazing seasson… I LOVE u steve tyler!!!

  43. For those of you that miss Simons’ crule honesty here ya go! Your negative reviews about Steven Tyler and the rest not having chemistry is idiotic. I feel a real respect and like between the 3. If you miss that half wit Paula then watch that unwatchable dance show of hers. A.I. is now judged by people that have credibility and not because they were bought cheap and willing to do it when so many others said no thanks. Paula, Simon, and Randy (who is better now with the change)are unwatchable without Idol. Remember Randy’s dance show? Simons’ God awful Cupid?! This show now has a future. Plus they got back Nigel (SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE) to produce again. One more year like the last 3 and this show would only be seen in Germany with Hasselhoff as the host. Seacrest OUT!

  44. Congratulations! Idol. Best panel of judges ever!I love their perspectives, personalities and how they work together! I am excited for the remaining weeks! Well done!

  45. There needs to be a constructively critical judge a bit of a "Bad Guy" if you will.

    #1J-LO is persuaded by her admirers' compliments (you are my idol, you are beautiful, etc, etc) How can she say no?

    #2 I am tired of the pretty girl with the "ok" singing voice with the sad pathetic story getting by because she cries. EVERYONE has a sad story ….they need to keep focus on the talent. need to find that "wow" quirky UNIQUE person….not the pretty girl/guy who sounds like everyone else.

    #3 Randy Jackson- He seems like an outcast…He is the original judge and he seems to be pushed to the side. He is trying to keep it "real". You need one who has the nerve to say it like it is. Come on American Idol… We need somethng new, clean, exciting, different. Judges…where are your back bones.

  46. One more comment…Steven Tyler is very entertaining…a great personality…and I have been listening to him speak think, although a little raunchy, he seems strangely down-to-earth

    • @ Lindiva. In some respects I do agree with your earlier comment regarding not passing through everyone that has a sad story. You are right…this is a talent competition. I do feel that a lot those that were just mediocre will get cut during Hollywood week. Also agree about Steven Tyler…he is a great personality to have on the show..I had my doubts at first…but he had proved to be super entertaining. Have a good one. 🙂

      • @ Rose and as always my dear friend Phyllis G. (Las Vegas)I agree with some of the people who are saying none of the judges are being tough enough on the contestants.Also I don't know about you all? But I guess I am getting old and do not have enough patience anymore. But you know all of the storys the contestants talk about bores me. I mean this is a talent contest. I for one am tired about all of their stories taking up so much time. Yes, their name, where they came from and what they do in a short brief setence should be enough! Some of them go on an ond on.I really love getting to hear some of Steve Tylers comments.Kind of learning a bit about his personality! I have been to one of his concerts. Awesome, but couldn't hear for 3 days after! But his personality is kind of cool except for the girly remarks. I do think he was talking about J-Lo's booty when he made that remark to Randy. Anyway I just want to hear the contestants singing. Find out If there is any true talent.So far I have seen about 3 who were pretty good. Randy is as always too easy going!Love you anyway dog! For me Simon was the one who always stuck to whether they could sing or not.I know , I get it. I said it myself. I can always turn the chanel. And I do that when I get bored. People at Fox. See if you can get at least one of the judges to be a bit tougher! And they get one up there who just cannot sing and let them sing and sing their face off. When it is obvious they have no singing talent what so ever. The looks on Tylers face when that happens is very funny! But remember Simon used to say "OK thats enough! Singing is not for you." Well I have said enough. Bye Rose and Phyllis too!

        Sherry K.

      • I agree, Sherry. I feel as the season progresses we will get to know the contestants (those that are really talented) tidbit by tidbit…we do not have to be subjected to too much too soon and TMI stuff. I am enjoyiung the show and will continue to stay tuned in. I have 3 in mind that may just make it to the final 24, 20, 12. Who knows. Just hearingthe comments and seeing (some of Steven T.'s get ups) is worth watching. Have a great day. 🙂

      • Hi Sherry K. Its always great to see you on this site. Hello to Rose A. & Angela and all my AI friends. This site is so awesome. So many different people with different views. I just love it but of course I don't always agree. I know what you say about the sad stories, etc but that has always been part the auditions but I really don't think that it should influence the voting. This is a SINGING competition. I usually VCR everything I watch so I can zoom thru those commercials and boring parts of the show…..It works for me. I am so ready for Wed. I am so happy that so far this has been a great improvement, in spite of losing Simon……Have a wonderful day guys.

        Sherry K. Rose A and Angela……Your friend Phyllis G.

    • I have never enjoyed watching American Idol more. The combination of Steven,Jennifer, and Randy make it so real. They really see talent. This show has NEVER EVER been better. I have never been a faithful watcher but I will be now. I love the judges!!!!!!!

  47. I think I am going to like this season. I like the fact that all contestants are being treated with respect.

  48. I like the addition of Steven Tyler – he's funny, witty, kind and knows what he's talking about musically, for sure! I also like Jennifer Lopez…beautiful to look at, compassionate and kind…and I feel saying "no" will get easier for her. I also like that the focus is LESS on the silly, ridiculous contestants! First 2 shows, I didn't miss Simon at all (or Paula, either!)

    • Dear Joan?

      The show is about the contestants not about artists who's careers are flagging

      At least Paula and Simon are on top of their form, who is this Randy?

      • Are you kidding me? Steven Tyler could never be in that position! He is a rock God who has been around since the 70's. Do you know how many people are tuning in just to see him? He hasn't lost a single step and could and is making another album which everyone will bye! I'm 32 and totally smitten with him, my friend's daughter is 16 and totally smitten with him, my neighbor is 58 and totally smitten with him… he is cross generational man…

      • In reference to Steven Tyler: I'm 80 and totally smitten with him. I'm even following him on Twitter.

  49. I think it was a sroke of genius for Simon Cowell to have Tandy, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler as the judges on Idol. Never thought I would have said this Jennifer, but you are so sweet and funny, not a bit like the diva we hear about, and Steve Tyler has me laughing so hard it hurts. Randy seems to have lost some weight so is a smaller 'dog' but fantastic just the same. Have a feeling this show is going to be a goddie……………….

      • Thank-You Administrator for th above deleted! Enough rude replys! Most of us on here like each other! Sherry K

      • I agree, Sherry. Like the old adage says, "if you can't say anything nice…then don't say anything at all". Kudo's to the Admin. for looking out and being alert and sensitive to those on this site that really enjoy making comments…we may not always agree but I do believe we have respect for one another's opinions. Have a good one. 🙂 Sherry…did you figure the smiley out??

      • @Rose A. and Sherry K., I agree with the two of you! I've read quite a lot of rude comments!

        @Rose A., you are absolutely right, when you said that we may not always agree, but there's still respect for one another's opinions! I know those were not your exact words, but I think you know what I mean!

      • I totally agree with all of the above. Most of us love this site, and yes we don't always agree with each other but we are not nasty or abusive about it….Thanks MATT for deleting him. Lets all agree to disagree at times…..but be nice about it.

        Over the weekend I was talking to some friends about AI and we all agree we love the new judges but one of my friends said that J.Lo and Steven will probably only be here a year because of their career obligations…..

        Does anyone know how long their contracts are for?

  50. After the American Idol theme tune on the New Orleans auditions, what was the song playing in the background?

  51. @ Rose A. Rose I am kind of like you. I tune in a lot just to see Steven Tylers out fits! They are kind of cool. LOL! He is a lot of fun. Watch the expressions on his face! A lot of people thought he would be the worst judge. Funny isn't it? Turns out he may be the reason a lot of us watch AI.Aerosmith is awesome in concert. It is funny because they interviewed all three of the judges on Entertainment tonight. And they ask Steven tyler what his band mates thought about him doing AI. I hope I am allowed to say this Matt. He said " Oh they are pissed off at me." Lol. Then he said "Oh am I allowed to say that?" He had already said that and it wasn't blepped out. I got it where you said you had to use the A after your name! Last year they kept mixing me up with another Sherry. Ergo, the Sherry K. Take care. Lets see how next week goes. Cheers, Sherry PS, I like the little smiles you put in there. How do you do that? I sure am a computer dunce! Duh! Our computer crashed and I am using one my son quit using.

    • Sherry, I had to be taught also. If you hold Shift , then hit the colon key (:) then let go of Shift; hit the hyphen key (-) then hit Shift again and then hit the Parenthesis ) (the one over the 0)…and that should do it for you. I know, Steven's facial expressions are a hoot…very animated. He is really cool…and yes, he is fantastic in concert…although it has been ages..!! 🙂

  52. What a load of rubbish, not the contestants I mean the Judges. "I'm just a girl who can't say no" and two idiots. The judges are on the wrong side of the table,bring back Simon

    • Edward…switch the channel or wait until next year and watch X-Factor…then you can see Simon again. New Year…New Season..Be Happy. 🙂

      • Tishe,

        Yes, the ratings were down in certain demographics, but not by as much as FOX had been prepared to see drop.

        If these new judges and other changes can drum up critical support then there's a good chance the show can recover.

        While many shows taper off after while, others can continue to improve. Last summer Big Brother in its 12th season had its best ratings ever. American Idol 10 could do the same thing.

      • MATT, I know its not time yet but can you tell me the site that we can comment on for BIG BROTHER. I love that show and would definitely love to comment on it. Thanks…..Phyllis G

  53. I Just listened to both videos of Jordan, and Robbie, what nice voices they have!!

    Good luck to the two of you, hope both of you make it to the top 12, and even further!!!

  54. Hi there i'm a BIG fan of American Idol,I'm from the UK and I just have to say that the talent coming through,even now in the early stages is very very good.Really loving the new judges the mood seems more relaxed and fun,I dont know about you guys but I was getting a little bit tired of Simons comments.We don't have the same format in the UK,so we get spoonfed talentless morons most of the time. So even from programme two keep up the good work …. I'm loving it !!!

  55. Caught up on American Idol this morning (it's on ITV2 Thursday's and Friday's at 9pm if you want to watch it). We are at the start of the audition stages, so are seeing the usual mix of incredibly talented vs incredibly misguided contestants. That's not the real news though. The news is that we have have had the chance to see the new judging line up of: Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson, in action. No Simon Cowell, did it make a difference? To be honest, not a great deal.

  56. I have to say…….LOVE the new judges, they are the best so far!!! Always have liked the "Dawg" (and Paula),Steven Tyler and J Lo bring a whole new credible addition to this judging panel. I'm looking forward to the final contestants and what the judges bring to the table. So far…so good…love them!! Simon who??

  57. Steven Tyler is absolutely the right choice to help revive the ratings for this ten-year old show. He has the experience ( dude has sold 150 million records) I think it is a shame that his band members and the rock world are giving him such a hard time… saying he has "sold out". I hope that they will have a night when the contestans have to choose an Aerosmith song to sing and he gets to mentor them. So far, I have only seen a rare few who have really blown me away. Looking forward to more sexy Steven. He will be 63 in October and his body rocks and he STILL to this day puts on one hell of a show!!!

  58. Edward….dude you cannot be serious. Do not diss the judges. They all have musical backgrounds and much success. Evidently they know something. Simon and Ellen…..please. This change up was the best decision made.

  59. i love the easy-going chemistry between the 3 judges. I love Jennifer Lopez's attitude bc i think many who squirm @ the idea of rejecting others can relate to her. steven tyler is hysterically funny and randy is the stable anchor of the group. this is the first time i watch the show from the very start. i enjoy the judges' interactions even more than the contestants' performances… great call Ryan Seacrest!

  60. Simon Who…..Sorry Simon, but there was so much hoop la on how will they do it without Simon….Well without a doubt, Steven Tyler and J. Lo are awesome. So entertaining and Steven's quick one liners are a hoot. My husband is even watching this year. J. Lo and steven bring a refreshing breath of fresh air to what I though might be the last season of Idol, but now…who knows…And Dawg….of course you are and always will be the heart of Idol….I look forward to watching week after week.

    My only complaint is that Canadians should be able to vote…we buy the albums we sit week after week watching…May an on line ability to vote should be looked at. Ryan come on…make it happen…you do everything else, and you're so easy on the eyes…

  61. I thought the first week was fabulous. I'm loving all of the judges, it's such a wonderful atmosphere. I hope it continues, Love Jennifer especially and Steven Tyler is great and fair.

  62. I have watched every American Idol show and I laughed/smiled more than ever before due to the new judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Steven Tyler's interaction with the contestants is heart warming and very entertaining. I am so happy to be able to see both Steven and Jennifer on a more personal level from the usual experiences when I have enjoyed their musical performances. American Idol is the BETTER with Steven and Jennifer! BRAVO!!

    • Ah, Laurie…I agree. This is entertainment and you are so right…Steven T. is so funny. What a charmer, also. Looking forward to seeing what this week brings. 🙂

  63. Hi Rose and Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) I am lookinging forward to this weeks show.I wish Edward would switch the chanel. He doesn't have one good thing to say! I can't wait to see what Steven Tyler wears this week. I like to watch. Dawg Randy is still the same. They need one of them to step up to the plate and get a bit sterner. It's all good fun. But a bit boring when one of the contestans cannot sing at all. And the judges just let them go on and on. Actually without Tyler it would not be near as fun.He makes me laugh! Phyllis have you or Rose heard anyone yet you think might make it to the final three? My husband switches the chanels back and forth when he is home. And I have missed out on some of the contestants. Rose, I am going to try the smile. Hopefully no smart remarks if it doesn't work.Looking forward to AI being fun this Week. Sherry K 🙂

    • Rose, Yes it worked! Sorry Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) I forgot to say hi to you when I started out above! Then I got carried away with what I was saying and forgot again before I closed.It is always great to see you too! We have had a lot of fun on this board. I like Big Brother too. It's a lot of fun! Cannot wait to see what happens this week on AI.See you later Phyllis. Rose too! 🙂

      • Sherry K…Aww….the smiley did work. So glad. And I would never make a smart comment to you…if I did , I would follow it up with a smiley, LOL. Hi Phyllis G, Anglea, et al. Pumped up for tonight, not only to see what Steven T wears and says ; but to see some new talent showcased. So far, Jordan, who auditioned in New Orleans stood out for me, he gave a pretty good R&B spin on "somewhere Over The Rainbow", of all songs and also Robbie who auditioned in N.J. It is too early to tell. Those that were passed through due to a potential that I did not see…but the judges apparently did….may be weeded out during Hollywood week where the "rubber meets the road" so to speak. I have never watched Big Brother…ya'll have peaked my interest. May just have to tune in. Have a great day and enjoy tonight. I babysit the precious one tonight so we will be bopping along!!! 🙂 <3

      • Hello Rose A., and Phyllis! I am glad I get to watch tonight's episode, I'm excited like you Rose to see more talent! It is so much fun to see the judges, hear what they have to say, and watch the expressions on their faces when contestants are singing!

        Jordan, Jaycee, and Robbie were really good and I agree Rose, that Jordan did put a pretty good R&B spin on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"!

        So happy to hear, that you are enjoying your granddaughter! It's so good that you get to spend time with her, because they do grow up fast!

      • Hello Sherry K, Rose A. & Angela…….I am really excited about this season so far….I really was surprised to hear that the ratings had dropped. I would have thought the anticipation of the new judges and Nigel being back at the helm that the ratings would have been up and when people saw that the saw was great and the judges were better than we all expected that the ratings should go up. MATT: please keep us informed, I'm curious about that.

        These auditions are fun but I'm really waiting for Hollywood week when we really get to see all the talent. Looking forward to tonight. Rose A. enjoy that baby tonight and the show. Angela…..glad your getting to watch it.

        Sherry K. You know how I feel about you….so glad to see you back on the site….Isn't this fun???? 🙂

  64. @ Angela. I know…She is too precious for words…she "discovered" that her feet were a part of her….so so adorable. Looking forward tonight. Watched the little video blip they had on…Steven T.'s expressions are priceless. So far…He is the "Star" right now.

    Great season. I have not been dissapointed. Hello also to Phyllis G.; Sherry K; Marta. Lindiva (first time I have seen your name – Welcome), et al. Also, of course to Ashli Rae and Matt for keeping us all well-informed. 🙂

  65. OMG! I was so afraid that I had missed Idol last night! I had my flat screen set to record, just in case. When I found out that the POTUS spoke and pre-empted the show, I thought, "Oh, Thank you Lord!" By the way, did anybody actually view The State of the Union speech? I just watched the re-runs of Sponge Bob Squarepants with my grand-daughter! LOL Go IDOL! You rock!

    • Beverly T. – Idol was not pre-empted, it is now on Wed. & Thurs nights….Enjoy tonight….:-)

  66. Rose, I didn't mean you might make a smart remark to me.( You wouldn't do that. Never crossed my mind.)You are sweet. Yes , funny it did work. The smile. Thanks Rose. I was thinking of someone else! I am so glad to see you Rose and so glad to see you too Phyllis!Yes We have a lot of fun don't we! I watch Steven Tylers expressions too! They are so funny. So Al is on wenesdays and thursdays now Phyllis? I am really waiting for Hollywood week too! It is really the best part.Cant wait to see what hapens now. Take care everyone. See you after this weeks shows. Sherry K.

    • Sherry K. Yes, this season AI moved to Weds. & Thurs.

      There is absolutely nothing I watch on Tuesday nights now and a bunch I do watch on Wed & Thurs.

      I catch up on all my shows on the weekend except for Idol….that I watch the same night (usually) depending on my social life LOL !!!!!

      Everyone enjoy the show tonight….:-)

      • @ Phyllis G. ( Las Vegas ) Phyllis and Rose too! I was driving somewhere today and the radio channel was on 98.5. They were talking about AI. The girl they were talking to was saying how much she liked Steven Tyler!! she was sayin " He is so funny. " He really is funny. He is kind of the life of the show!! I am delighted when my husband gets on the computer and I get to watch the whole program. Really the most fun for me is to hear Tylers comments. To watch his face when the contestants are performing. I think it would be quite dull with out him. Love it when he sings with them. Or kind of screams like he does. And I mean that in a good way!! Can't wait until next week! Take care Phyllis and Rose! Looks like we might have fun this year! Sherry K.

  67. not enough good back stories this year. Like anyone, I luv a good I got something in my eye heart tugger but I haven't welled up at all yet. Hopefully my fav will come along soon. BTW i agree Steven is a trip, and as much as I miss Paula…that JLO is so easy on the eyes…

  68. Steven Tyler is my favorite judge. He is so smart, witty and fun. Truly delicious!! He makes the show & keeps us all laughing. Jennifer is beautiful as always.

  69. steven tyler he blew me away tonight! wow what ever he said to that poor women, her boyfriend sang last he kiss her and said something she was wiping her eyes i am so glad steven and jennifer join idol with randy. it the best season yet so far thank you for the great time so far.. wonder if we could help her some how .

  70. I have been following American Idol for many years. I am happy with the addition of ST and J-LO as the new judges. They are both from a very different music background, and I think that they really care and are honestly concerned about the people auditioning, unlike Simon who wanted to crush each individual and make them feel like zero human beings. I can tell by watching that Steven and Jennifer really think before they speak and they are kind which is really hard to find these days since everyone wants to be on top of the food chain in this world. I really dig the new set and give kudos to the producers of the show. The new contestants I have seen so far are very talented and deserve a shot under the SUN!! With Love to Steven Taylor.

  71. Love Steven Tyler and the chemistry between all the judges this year. Glad all the meaness is gone and STeven Tyler, what a sweet sweet man. Love you Steven, signed a Wayland High Grad

  72. I am so impressed by Steven Tyler. I knew he would be a great personality but I was very touched by a lot of his responses – especially with Chris Medina and his fiancee. I think he is very genuine and that doesn't happen a lot these days. I am loving the show with the new jucdges!

  73. Here is a lesson learned. Don't judge a book by its cover. Never thought I liked Steven Tyler. I love him…he is awesome. All my 70's years waisted not going to see him play.

    • Jill…I totally agree. Its not too late, maybe we can see him in the 2000's….LOL…:-)

      • @ Phyllis G.( Las Vegas )and Rose! My two friends. Jill too! Jill it doesn't matter how old you are! If you get the chance to see Aerosmith in concert be sure and go! Tyler is awesome in concert! You might want to wear some ear plugs though! I promise you can hear them anyway. and if you don't wear ear plugs you won't be able to hear for 3 days like me! They are really loud. Bye Phyllis and Rose. So nice to see both of you this year! Bye all. 🙂

  74. I love this season , did not know if i was going to continue watching this year but the two new judges have captured my attention . They not only give great critisum but they show compassion , something the show started to lack . Everyone has a dream ,so take that in before you crush someone . Keep on doing what you do , You even have my husband watching again .

    I love to watch Steven Tyler amd Jennifer interact with the contestants with a human touch .

  75. I had my doubts in the beginning of the season with the new judges….but this has to be the best year in a long time……….total balance and absolutely Love, love, love Steven Tyler…and Jennifer Lopez not only has beauty but her ability to guide these young people was perfect……..great choice Steven, Jennifer and Randy……continued success

  76. i am disappointed wth the showing of all the bad singers. i would like to see more of the good singers who are moving on, otherwise it is boring.

  77. It is such a pleasure to see so many positive comments about Steven T and Jennifer L…..I, too, was so pleasantly surprised. I am so enjoying this season….AI has a new breath of fresh air and I am loving it….

  78. Hi, I think American Idol has taken a turn for the better…THE best season of Idol yet and it hasn't even really begun..has it?? Steven Tyler is soooo much better than Simon Cowell ever was..he's funny as hell..Jennifer Lopez is not only BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED but she smart and sincere…and of course Randy Jackson is "da bomb". The great thing about A.I. this year is that we have three very knowledgeable and music savvy judges…you can't ask for any better…I'm from Canada..we don't have Canadian Idol anymore but even when we did I was a loyal A.I. viewer….next year you should go bigger and better…KEEP THE SAME JUDGES.. cause there's no going back on a great thing now…you need to do North American Idol and have it span Canada, America and Mexico…THAT WOULD BE SO COOOL!! Love the direction the show has taken..keep it up.

  79. ..I am a fan of Simon Cowell and an avid follower of x-factor and american idol We all have our own opinions and whatever it is, we just have to respect it. This season of american idol is a lot different and thou I am not a fan of Tyler..I love his style thou..and J-LO…she's my favorite during her time…I think this season is FANTASTIC with the teary jerking stories…Chris Medina made me cry…Good Luck to all contestants….you are all a winner !!!!

  80. i think american idol should come so pensacola florida so i can show them my talent =]

  81. LOL, I’ve to say the on the web dating or electronic dating has come a long way since the days of basic chat rooms. Much more and much more people are turning to on the web dating web sites to display possible dates.

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