American Idol Judges Will Cut 10 Contestants Next Week!

The American Idol judges have one more big twist for you before the live rounds begin next week! Although they’ve just named the season 13 Top 30, the American Idol 2014 judges will be cutting that number down next week to just 20 contestants who will actually compete in the semifinals.

American Idol Judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. - Source: FOX/YouTube

Wait, what? No, we aren’t kidding. After all the drama of The Green Mile at the end of Hollywood Week, five guys and five girls in the American Idol Top 30 won’t even get the chance to perform for your votes. Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban will be deciding for us which singers are worthy to go to the voting rounds, and which ones will be sent packing.

These harsh cuts will take place during Rush Week (next Tuesday, Wednesay, and Thursday at 8PM ET), which will feature former judge Randy Jackson returning as this season’s new mentor. Former American Idol finalists Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry will also be popping up to help coach the contestants.

While they are going through this, the American Idol judges will be evaluating the hopefuls. The ones they just don’t think have what it takes will be slashed and burned right out of the competition. So we’ll actually only get to watch the Top 10 girls on Tuesday, and Top 10 guys perform on Wednesday. The rest will be sent home without even getting the chance to take the stage again.

From those, the viewers will get to vote for five guys and five girls to continue on to the finals. The American Idol season 13 judges will choose three more to round out the Top 13. The results will be announced on Thursday night.

What do you think of how the semifinals are being handled this year? Do you like the new format or would rather go back to how it was before?




  1. I can’t believe we’re going to drop so many singers so fast! They’re speeding right on to the live finalists rounds. I kinda like it, but these are going to be tough cuts for the singers to handle.

  2. I would like to see them more, but when I think about it, there really are some I might cut, either weaker singers, redundant categories, people less memorable, and any I just don’t prefer.

  3. IDOL lost 3 million viewers after that exploitive airport hanger show including me an 11 year fan of show. That was heartless and a new low for IDOL executive producers seeking a ratings bump. 30? 20? Dont care..Not watching this show filled with undeveloped inexperienced teen aged girls with 10 of final 15 are 18 and under and only 2 of finalist over 21. Yet 10 of 15 guys are 21 and over. Who made that decision?

  4. American Idol needs to do a complete background check which included mental health check. Also, the contestants social media past and present pages needs to be scrutinize carefully. Afterall, an American Idol not only should have the talent to sing but the social media graces of a role model

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