American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week Episode 4 Recap: America Gets A Say

Marrialle Sellars - American Idol 2014

American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week wrapped up Thursday night and ended with a face-off between two contestants that will have America deciding who gets that last spot in the Top 30.

The show opened on Wednesday night’s cliffhanger between C.J. Harris and Casey Thrasher. They both find out that they’re in the Top 30. But not until they play that stupid game where Casey gets a yes and C.J. gets tortured into thinking he’s out. But he’s not. They’re both in the Top 15 guys.

Marialle Sellars, “Wrecking Ball.” I’ve liked her up until this point. I didn’t like her attitude in the behind-the-scenes shots and I thought her audition was weak. But the judges are fans of her’s and she’s in the Top 30.

Jena Ascuitto. Her original song was actually one of the best we’ve heard. Most original songs this season have sort of been flops. But her’s was solid, as were her vocals and presence. And it got her into the Top 15 girls.

Caleb Johnson, “Radioactive.” I hate this guy’s style and he does need to calm down a bit, but his audition was very entertaining. I agree with Harry about the whole “costumed character” thing. But I think the producers would never cut this guy. So he gets a spot in the Top 30.

Ethan Harris, “Amazed.” I still like this guy. I’ve liked him from his first audition and his latest audition was no different. I’m surprised that he sort of flubbed the end of his audition, but the judges decided to keep him around. He’s in the Top 15 boys group.

Majesty Rose York, “Stars.” Wow. Her final audition was a complete flop. She forgot the words and didn’t even sound good. But she’s done so well throughout the whole time, they overlook that audition and give her a stop in the Top 30.

Briston Maroney, “Let Her Go.” I can’t help but like this guy. I realize he sound gimmicky, but I just always want to hear more and more from this guy. And despite Harry’s past apprehensions, Briston is among the Top 15 boys.

Brandy Neely vs. Briana Oakley. Brandy’s final audition was very solid. Her last note was American Idol finale-worthy. Briana’s audition was pretty awesome, too, so I’m not exactly sure why they’re doing this whole versus thing. Won’t they both just make it? Yes. They’re both in the Top 15 girls.

Kenzie Hall. We didn’t see much of her audition, but what we did hear sounded good. What we mostly got to see was just her in tears in front of the judges. But she made it into the Top 30.

Savion Wright. I haven’t paid much attention to this guy, but his audition Thursday night was pretty sweet. I liked it a lot, actually. He doesn’t have much of a presence though. Which is probably why he got a no from the judges.

Sandie Lee vs. Austin Wolfe. Sandie has a great sound, but since I’ve never seen her one single time before, it’s not looking good for her. Add that to Austin’s great audition, and it’s no surprise that Austin is in the Top 30 and Sandie is out.

Ben Briley vs. Neco Starr. I think they’re both great performers and so different that I think it’s ridiculous that they’re actually going up against each other. And it’s been placed into America’s hands. You, America, get to decide which of the two guys make it into the Top 30.

Who do you think will make it? Ben or Neco?



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  1. American Idol 2014 my top 13

    1. Spencer Lloyd

    2. George Lovett

    3. Maurice Townsend

    4. Casey Thrasher

    5. Caleb Johnson

    6. Kenzie Hall

    7. C.J. Harris

    8. Andrina Brogden

    9. Briana Oakley

    10. Brandy Neelly

    11. Dexter Roberts

    12. Jordan Brisbane

    13. Ben Briley

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