American Idol Top 31 Poster Gallery – Vote For Your Favorite

American Idol poster

Here they are, your American Idol Top 31 semifinalists! Last night the “final judgments” were revealed making our spoilers official and confirming which singers would move on to the live shows starting next week on FOX.

To celebrate this milestone for Season 13, American Idol has released a gallery of posters featuring each of the Top 31 singers. The look and style goes back to the very first season’s poster which makes for a nice retro design thirteen years later.

So which one of these artists will win American Idol 2014? You can help predict that by voting for your favorite right now. Scroll through the gallery below and click on your favorite Top 31 semifinalist. Then we’ll keep watch on the views and share results for which performer is leading the pack.

Update We’ve added a new poll below all the pics as well.

Vote early and often then share with your friends to do the same!

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Vote for the best Top 31 semifinalist on Season 13!

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  1. Have you checked out the contestants past and current social media pages? Do you think it’s a Red Flag when a contestants deletes their old posts and un followed their friends and family? I have seen undersirable and un American Idol/Role Model posts and pictures on social media pages that should be looked at very closely.

    • No. Many contestants shut down their social media pages during American Idol’s early stages to avoid revealing any information about their progress that could get them kicked off the show (they have to keep their mouth shut to avoid spoiling info). Family & friends have accidentally revealed info in the past that jeopardized contestants’ place in the comp so disconnecting from them is not surprising either.

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