American Idol Judges’ Best Advice to Malaya Watson [Interview]

Recently eliminated American Idol 2014 finalist Malaya Watson is naturally “a little sad” about being voted off the show. However, being on the reality TV competition has taught her a bit about how tough the music industry is. She also received a lot of great advice from American Idol judges Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban she won’t forget.

Malaya Watson

In an interview with FOX Audio Central after her elimination, Malaya Watson talked about the emotional roller coaster of being voted off American Idol, what she learned from the show, and the best pieces of advice the judges gave to her.

Being eliminated from the competition:

“I’m happy. You know, I get to go back home, eat fried chicken and all that good stuff, so I mean, I’m a little sad. Everything goes away so quickly, but at the same time, it’s cool. It’s fine.”

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Excited to go out on the American Idol 2014 tour:

“Oh my gosh. The tour is going to be amazing, because I get to see everybody again. I’m not going to be bored this summer. So yeah, I’m happy for that. At least I got to that point here I could do that, because not a lot of people can do that.”

Learned a lot while being a contestant on American Idol season 13:

“Music business ain’t as easy as it looks, because like, a lot of people think it’s just something you can just jump in, go sing, like oh, I want this stage, I want all this and I’m just going to sing and then I’m going to go. No, it takes a long process and all that stuff, so like I learned, over the time, it’s not made for children. At my age, oh my God, I’d be tired because I’ve got school and all that, but it taught me how to like schedule myself and with timing and all that.”

Re: Best piece of advice each judge gave her:

“I remember Harry’s comments the most, that’s why, but JLo said, “Just stay true to yourself,” I think, if I’m not mistaken. I know Keith said, “You’ve got it baby, you just work on it better and you’ve got this,” and Harry just said focus rather on my craft than who I am, like as my performance, like don’t worry about stardom, worry about what you do.”

* Interview courtesy of Fox Audio Central




  1. my advice, for what it’s worth, go back to school, little girl, and study, study, STUDY!! the voice is there. it needs to be developed

    • In my head I can hear Teen Angel [Frankie Avalon] crooning “Go back to high school”.

  2. If she remembers all the advice that Harry gave her, she will become a better singer and performer. Malaya may have a future in the music biz, and if not, she surely looks Disney-ready right now, with all that positive attitude. She looks like she had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and gained experience in many aspects of performance, that is a big advantage to her moving forward. Never understand the negative remarks about her appearance – braces and glasses come with the territory of being a teen. I like this girl, wish her all the best!

  3. The judges saved the wrong one. They lost the best with Malaya Watson. Nobody there can compare with her. You will see Malaya later and the rest will be history. The show is awful now. The judges have no authority, why are they there. I am done with Idol.

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