American Idol Judges: Harry Connick Jr. Inappropriate With Teenage Girl? [VIDEO]

The American Idol judges have some weird things over the years, but what Harry Connick jr. did on the show last night made us more uncomfortable than just about anything else we’ve seen.

'Idol’: Harry Connick Jr. Gives Audience Member Awkward Piggyback Ride

When Harry left the American Idol 2014 judges’ table to lift up a teenage girl onto his shoulders for a piggyback ride, we think perhaps he crossed the line from being wacky to being downright inappropriate. The young girl did not look comfortable straddling Harry’s neck in very short shorts or being singled out in front of the cameras. Even if it was a pre-arranged stunt, it looked and felt awkward and disturbing.

When host Ryan Seacrest at one point asked with concern if the girl was “okay” up there, she replied with a strained “yeah” and a wan smile. She did not look thrilled at the experience at all, she looked miserable. If that had been our teenage daughter, we probably would have been rather displeased at having her manhandled in such a manner — even if it was by a celebrity.

American Idol Judges Harry Connick Jr teenage girl

In general, Harry acted like a fool pretty much all night long, repeatedly jumping up from the American Idol judges’ table to dive into the crowd, claiming he just couldn’t resist. It was disruptive and odd, leaving even host Ryan Seacrest at a loss for words at several points. The bit with the poor girl he held captive on his shoulders, however, was just too much.

What do you think of Harry Connick Jr.’s behavior on American Idol 2014 last night? Was he just being his usually silly self, or do you think he went too far this time?




  1. I don’t think what Harry did was wrong per se…….but I do think he picked the wrong girl. She didn’t look the least bit impressed! BUT, she didn’t look uncomfortable either. Just kinda flat.

  2. It was definitely odd. I don’t know if it was planned or spontaneous, but the show will hopefully rein him in next week.

  3. I don’t think he was trying to be inappropriate, but maybe they let it go on a bit too long? I do think he’s a complete hypocrite after giving Jessica such a hard time for Pumped Up Kicks and then praising Alex for seeing Every Step You Take as something other than a stalker song. Also he gave someone (Jena I think) flack over “inappropriate lyrics” for a young girl. Let’s face it, after last year we are still just happy to have Harry!

  4. Harry just having fun! !But even if it had been a boy peoples minds would “still” be in the “GUTTER”!

  5. A bit pervy I guess, but I have to give him credit for picking the cutest girl out there, even if she was jailbait.

  6. Having kids doesn’t mean anything. Action speak for themselves. Starting with him ” not being able to take it anymore” and “going in” to the pit of little girls only to choose his preteen queen and place him atop his glorious head like a crown. Creep factor times a thousand! There are innumerable measures of fathers who be have inappropriately with their own daughters and this was definitely a father behaving inappropriately with someone else’s daughter.

  7. The girl in his question is his youngest daughter…she was in on the joke and gave a fake name. It’s easy enough to confirm this w a simple google search. But yes… it was creepy without having that bit of information. He was trying to be funny but succeeded in making everyone uncomfortable. I bet they say something about it on the show tonight to quell all those calling for his head on a platter.

  8. very inappropriate! I was shocked when I saw him with the teenager on his shoulders, hoping hoping he would have introduced her as his real life daughter. Harry has always given positive and respectful comments to the teenage girls on Idol, helping them choose appropriate songs, so I’m really sorry that he was so out of line last night. Not sure how he can get over this one. Even Keith and JLo were uncomfortable.

  9. Harry should be removed from this show. It was totally sick for him to do that! He also NEVER supports any singer ! And NEVER CLAPS, thats awful. He NEVER supports the singers. Is he a DRUNK OR ON DRUGS!!!!!!Or does he have MENTAL PROBLEMS> I saw how that girl looked SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If THAT had been my daughter I would have sued his ASSSSSS!I LOVE Keith, and Jennifer! I pick Calib to win!!!!!!

  10. OMG people. IT WAS HIS DAUGHTER!!!! I so remember my dad doing that with me when I was little!

  11. I observed the body language and it was fine. No inappropriate touching and the girl seemed relaxed. It was funny. Also, he pick a girl who looked pretty young and not a sexy young girl.

  12. The girl had the same expressionless expression on her face when she was clapping for Malaya and CJ. I think it was her facial expression that made the author uncomfortable.

  13. And again not his daughter young females who were raised right don’t get on a mans shoulders as a 20 year old female I would have been uncomfortable and been afraid to say anything to ruin the show and make a scene even if it was not in that way he should not have jes done that knowin if she didn’t like it she wouldn’t want to make a scene

  14. Very very creepy, and certainly very inappropriate! This fool is lucky that he doesn’t get sued. I can’t believe that there are some posters who think it is just “ok” to do this. If you had a daughter, would you want this to happen? Let alone on national TV!? Ryan Seacrest was appalled, and the other judges were very uncomfortable. Fire him asap!!

  15. He is supposed to watch the singers’ performances and not try and draw all the attention to himself. Poor Caleb and Jena

  16. It was both creepy and inappropriate. I felt uncomfortable watching it and I consider myself pretty broad minded. I thought he was acting weird through out the show. Crossed a line as far as I am concerned.

    • ITA No part of a grown man’s body should be between a 12 year old’s legs. Period.

      • Couldn’t agree more. There was something desperate about him all evening. At best this was an unforgiveable lapse of judgement and sensitivity. At worse…

  17. If my now grown daughters had that happen to them at 12-15 or any age, my husband and I would have been ecstatic for them. They would have been so excited to be on a celebs shoulders and on TV and I would have been happy for them. So loosen up America. You sound like a bunch of right wing, religious right 90 year olds. My mom is 80 and thought it was fine! Get a life people and fight for the real issues.

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