American Idol Judges: Finalists Need ‘Consistency’ to Win [Interview]

In order to win the competition, American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban agree the finalists need to focus on “consistency” in their performances, as well as creativity. While taking chances is always an important part of proving you have what it takes to be a star, the judges caution about taking things too far.

American Idol 2014 judges

“It is about taking chances, but … in a competition like this, you have to be consistent too. Jennifer Lopez told FOX Audio Central. “So you take as much chance as you can with being safe. Do you know? Look, it’s not easy. If it’s easy, everybody would do it.”

American Idol 2014 judge Keith Urban has similar feelings about what this important bit of advice for the Top 10 finalists.

“Harry said the greatest thing. He said, you know there’s that fine line between being dependable and being predictable,” Keith told FOX Audio Central. “And each guy and girl has got to figure out how to change it up but make sure the change up works.”

Keith said he believes that not being consistent was a definitely a contributing factor to Ben Briley going home in the last elimination. “I think that’s where Ben went wrong… He took a chance and that’s great, but you got to know that chance plays to your strengths still.”

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  1. Really too bad that Majesty is still on this show. Wonder why they didn’t honestly say how badly she sang this week.

    • Yes I think Ben should have stayed. I think it’s MK’s time to go home. Too bad Ben didn’t make it for the tour. He is much better in my opinion than Majesty and MK.

  2. The judge’s inconsistency in judging is what got Ben voted out. Their negative comments against Ben, when he was just following their adivce was just wrong. Maybe Ben wasn’t number one, but he’s better than several of the others. Jessica’s voice was just shaky and horrible last week.

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