American Idol Judges: Top 13 Nerves, Getting Booed, and Having Fun! [VIDEO]

Quite a few fans and critics feel the American Idol judges’ panel for season 13 is the best in years. We happen to agree.  Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez have great chemistry, they bring a lot of humor to a show that can often be heavy, and they just often seem to honestly be having fun.

Judges on American Idol 2014
Judges on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX
Even when they are at their most goofy, however, the American Idol 2014 judges never seem to lose sight of what they are really there for. Unlike some previous judges we could name… but won’t… the season 13 panel seems seriously invested in the contestants. They honestly seem to care about the singers who are putting their dreams on the line, and we think it shows.

In an on-set interview the night before the American Idol Top 13 results show, the judges and host Ryan Seacrest talk about having fun together on set, who gets booed the most, and how nerve-wracking it is not knowing how America will vote.





  1. keith and harry are hilarous together. jennifer is still jennifer. and the show is still the show. the talent, however, is not as good as the talent on “the voice”.

    • Lets hope that the” Voice” can produce a star that will at least match a non-winning contestant on AI-like Haley Reinhart! I do think though that Danielle Bradsberry will become a significant country star!

      • haley is a fantastic singer and i’m surprised that we haven’t heard more from her. danielle has a great future ahead of her. but where are this seaon’s crop of carries, kellys, adams, and jennifers???

  2. The judges should all be fired they surely didnt pick the best 13
    The 2nd&3rd singers where horrible its a joke. Than tey praisethem like ther great please it crazy.

    • OMG This is just terrible. Steve, ALL the singers have been awful. What is wrong with these judges? There is not ONE contestant (I won’t even call them “singers”) whom I would have put through to the best 13!!

  3. Talent this year???? Obviously the at home viewers are not hearing the same thing as the judges and audience. The band and the sound in general needs work.

    • Just heard Jena Irene sing. She is the best so far. The others before her simply sucked! Awful – especially MK, who really does not belong in any singing competition. No voice whatsover!

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