American Idol Judges Uncensored: Harry Needs His Meds [VIDEO]

When we heard Harry Connick Jr. would be joining the American Idol judges for season 13, we knew he was going to be a blast. Harry has always been a riot to watch and comes fully equipped with a massive sense of humor. As much of a comedian as he is a singer, Harry brings a hilarious new vibe to the American Idol 2014 judges’ table, as you can see in this new promo clip called “Harry’s Meds.”

American Idol Judges Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez - Source: FOX/YouTube
American Idol Judges Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez – Source: FOX/YouTube
FOX has been putting out a slew of American Idol spoilers promos for the new season and we’re especially enjoying the ‘Judges Uncensored’ series of videos. It’s obvious the American Idol season 13 judges have amazing chemistry and all that nasty drama we had to endure last year is long gone. Although Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban are all from very different walks of life, it’s like the three of them have been besties their whole lives. Especially when it comes to sharing jokes around the judges’ table.

The two-part American Idol 2014 premiere takes place on January 15 and 16 on FOX from 8PM to 10PM ET. Tune in with us all season long for all the latest American Idol spoilers, news, gossip, recaps and more!




  1. I think this season will be a real hoot with the threee judges! At lst Keith Urban can have fun with out Nicki sitting next to him googling at his every word! and it looks like Harry Jr. is going to be funny. american Idol needs to put some fun in to it. After all it is in the 13 th season!

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