Simon Cowell Approves Of Steven Tyler As American Idol 2011 Judge

American Idol Simon Cowell

When Simon Cowell quit American Idol he left behind some pretty huge shoes to fill, or should I say some pretty big t-shirts. So what does Simon think of Idol’s replacement? He’s impressed so far!

Former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell says he’s happy that Steven Tyler will take his place.

Cowell says, “I always said it had to be someone who wasn’t better looking than me and they achieved it.”

He believes Tyler can adequately fill his shoes, but stopped short of saying the rock star would damage his credibility being on the show.

Cowell says the role of judge is something that Tyler wants to do and that “it’s a fun job. You got to take it like that. You can’t take it too seriously.”

Considering all the jabs returning producer Nigel Lythgoe is taking at Simon it’s nice to see Cowell isn’t returning them even if he is teasing Tyler along the way.

We’re still weeks away from seeing how Steven and JLo handle their new responsibilities, but sight unseen, do you think Tyler is up to the task?

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  1. I think we all need to wait and watch before we judge any of them…..Simon was an honest judge and usually right on the money…..lets see how the new judges do in January….but I must agree….He's no match for Simon in the looks category…..LOL

    • Phyllis G, You don't think Steven Tyer is sexy? You think Simon is better looking? I guess he is. But he uses Botox. Tyler is a lot older than Simon. And they evidently fixed his neck because it did not go with his face. What I love about Steven Tyler is his mouth! LOL! What comes out of it! I know you were watching the night he was cursing right and left and Randy was making the time out like football player do. LOL! Also it cracks me up when he put on his glasses and starts reading something! Or writing something down. Hi Sweet Rose A. It's been a longtime since I have found you on here! This silly board just jumps all over the place from one subject to another! Oh and one other thing Simon Was a class act ~ After they got on to him about talking about how big some of the girls trying out were!! He made several cry!!! I began to like Simon after he was tamed down from the " Brittish say what ever the hell you really think." Lets have someore fun this week! I am ready! Bye; Sherry K 🙂

  2. @ Phyllis…agree…Simon really was a class act and honest…sometimes brutally….bu hey, that is the role of the AI judge. Interesting to note that Simon has no comment on J Lo. We will have to wait. Happy Holidays 🙂

  3. Oh, Phyllis and Rose, generally I totally agree with everything you say. This time though, I have to say that the last two seasons, Simon was not impartial or honest. He and Kara were unfair, nearly to the point of cruelty to Siobhan Magnus. And Simon was clearly pushing his own agenda. But, i still love you girls. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Stormy I agree with you. This last season Simon didn't even care or acted like he did. His mind was NOT in the last season of Idol. He was already halfway out the door. What a waste it was. I don't think anyone can take Simon's place but do we really want that???? I love Simon but it is time for a change. Let's give this crop of judges a chance before we decide if we like them or not.

    • I hate to hop in the middle of this ladies. But I have to agree about Simon the last 2 seasons. But the very last season Simon was on was SO BAD!!! He looked Bored to death! He looked like he didn't give a Damn one way or another. He didn't comment as much as usual and when the camera would pan to him he wouldn't even be looking at the contestant. Or even listening! I will hop over to the x-Factor to see if he and Paula fall all over each other again!! Naughty Simon!! Don't do it! Especially if you are still engaged! I personally don't see Simon EVER getting married! Most men his age never get married. Just a thought of mine! Sherry K.


  5. Happy Holiday everyone and have a safe one!!!!!

    I like Simon, but what is up with his hair? I guess I am looking at this picture from a bad angle!!!

    @Phyllis G, thank you for the birthday wish. I've been meaning to ask you, is there any connection with how you write the "G" with your name and the way "Kenny G" does this with his name?

  6. @Angela, Happy Holidays to you too…..

    No relations to Kenny G but when I started to write on this blog there were other Phyllis' so I started to use the G for my last name, then someone suggested we put where we are from but I never got rid of the G.

  7. I think the American Idol should go back to its original format,,I know it will never happen…I think the ratings won't be as good as they were before…It won't be as interesting as it was when the original 3 were there……..

  8. I think that such a great rock artist as Steven Tyler will do a lot of good for the idols show, he is honest in his comments, and knows all about having a good voice, and to keep that voice. Adding mr Tyler to the show was the best thing to do, and.. stevens looks are a whole lot better than the formel judge… bring some rock in to idols ,steven.

  9. If Steven Tyler represents the values of Idol, then Idol is in big trouble. Simon is honest. Honesty is a rare commodity these days.

  10. no because steven has not said 1 bad thing to any contestant yet and not that he should but he is there to give constructive critism so if he cant be brutally honest like simon someone had to suck since the top 24 performed and he should have given his save to Julie Zorilla she with the right criticing would have been the American Idol without a doubt she was the one SUPERSTAR that got away from the show for who Namenia?

  11. I think Simon was 'right on the money" But could have softened his statements at times..As for Steven Taylor he is VERY good at his observations.And speaks to the kids with mountains of respect.For years I never really cared for him..But seeing him in American Idol Light,he is a person to be greatly admired. Hats off to you Steven.

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