American Idol Ratings Plunge to Historic Low

After a brief upswing a few episodes back, American Idol ratings have once again plunged to a record low. FOX CEO Chasey Carey recently said that the once dominating reality singing competition is “winding down,” and these numbers certainly prove his point.

Ryan Seacrest & Randy Jackson

In an effort to stem the tide, American Idol 2014 producers have thrown everything they have at this show for season 13. They switched up the judges once again and moved veteran Randy Jackson from the panel to a mentor role. Hollywood Week and the new semifinals Rush Week were stuffed full of new twists and format changes. Nothing, however, has managed to keep American Idol ratings from continuing to slip.


Part of the blame for the failing ratings is due to still competition right now from the Sochi Winter Olympics. Although ratings for the Olympics are also down for NBC this year, they are still winning against American Idol by a landslide during the hours they compete.

On Thursday ¬†night’s American Idol results show for the Top 13, reports the show only nabbed a 2.4 average rating for viewers in the advertiser-coveted 18 to 49 age group. This was a historic low for an American Idol Thursday night voting results show, and was down a whopping 20 percent from the previous Thursday night.

While it is likely ratings will rise for American Idol season 13 once the Olympics are over and the finale draws closer, it’s doubtful we’ll see a huge upswing in numbers. We have to wonder how many more years the show can last at this rate.




  1. sad to say, the show is stale even with all the new “twists and turns”. it started going downhill when simon left. the talent is good but not outstanding and the judges are okay but not really exciting. also, dvds have affected the ratings.

    • The twists were exploitive, cruel. and pointless and backfired turning off millions of viewers people with kids and a heart who dont seeing like our kids or anyone who is chasing their dream being humiliated for sport. Shame on you American IDOL Time to stick a fork in this show.. I tuned out for good. Its done.

  2. It’s unlikely there will be a surge in vieweship. Talent the judges have selected for America to vote for are not captivating and only a few have demonstrated any decent singing ability. They should have listened to fans in the beginning that JLo is way over paid w/ little ‘star’ power to draw fans in. Harry’s judgemental & condescending comments are a real turn-off. Keith is the only judge with anything useful to say. They should have saved their money and brought two other past Idols as judges & better spent their money bringing in a better pool of talent to vote for. Don’t even get me started as far as Randy’s usefullness as mentor. The workshop that brought Adam & Chris back was the only smart & interesting move Idol has made this year, especially Adam. The only thing I’m hopeful for the rest of this season is to see Adam come back to perform.

  3. This week, they need their two ” Power Hitters” (Sam & Jena) to not only knock it over the fence, but clean out of the park!

  4. The problem is the pitiful talent, it’s very weak. There was much better aired during auditing rounds. Melanie Porras, Sydney Arterbridge, David Oliver, just to name a few. American Idol showed Melanie and Sydney in small spurts because they are pure professional, crisp raw talent. They would have represented and given the show a powerful top 13 that America would have loved to tune in to see. It seems that American Idol is on something other than talent. Who’s producing this show? They should be fired ASAP. The new twists were awful and low blows to contestants who dream big dreams. Strong pure talent could have turned this season around. Instead politics ran it down. Good bye American Idol you blew it!

    • My favorite was Tory Tompkins from Houston who was shown 20 times in 3 different shows yet IDOL threw her (and many quality entertainers much more appealing to watch/listen to than the teen age girls with underdeveloped voices and performance skills that IDOL chose) under the bus at those awful airport hanger auditions at LAX. They did not show either of her Austin or Hollywood auditions or the decency to even mention her name in spite of spending 3 months preparing new songs and flying out to LA as an invited guest on the show. Classless way to treat people that cost IDOL 3 million long time followers like me for good as I turned off after the humiliating way they treaded her and those contestants at the Airport Hanger and took IDOL off my list of shows to DVR and watched the Olympics instead of giving support to the exploitive direction one of my favorite shows I’ve watched as a FAN for the past 12 years has taken and the format designed by these new Executive Producers. Tory is a graduate from the University of Texas and is a professional singer songwriter musician (electric guitar, acoustic guitar Turkish Oud, and piano/keyboards) and an actress with a bunch of live performance videos on YouTube

    • Swedish IDOL produers Per Blankens and Trish Kinane are the new American IDOL Executive Producers whose direction and exploitive format has killed this show along with the lower level producers who chose sob stories or demographics over talent. Yet Texas is one of the most populous states and has no final 1 30 contestants and there were some very good ones including Savion Wright, Jesse Roach, and Tory Tompkins. Ergo a show filled with a high percentage of teen age girls (Yet most of the guys 10 of 15 were over 21) and African Americans in Final 31 to make some amends for a discrimination lawsuit filed against IDOL last year. Some very talented ones let go. No longer watching the way this show has treated contestants and the lack of anyone compelling for me to turn back in to watch. The girls voices are weaker than usual (NO SuperStars there) and half the guys (or moe) are kind homely with half of them looking like they need to lose 40+ pounds. Just sayin’

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