American Idol Recap: Showcase Round & Top 24 Results

Colette Lush (who?) is next up in these American Idol results and something tells me from the lack of edit we’ve got of her and her mediocre Top 51 performance, we’re going to be seeing more bad news. And it is bad news. Colette is heading home.

More bad news goes to Jessica Cabral, Jessica Clark, Ameet Kanon and Terrian.

It’s time to see how the first guy up does. It’s MacKenzie Bourg and his Top 51 performance is tender and sweet and after about 30 seconds it becomes clear that he is going to make it into the next round. It’s no surprise that JLo keeps the news short and sweet as she welcomes him to the Top 24.

Following MacKenzie is Trent Harmon, who has been treated for mono. But that didn’t stop him from delivering during his Top 51 performance of “Tiny Dancer.” There’s no one else like this guy in the competition and if he makes it far enough, he’s going to win this season. He gets one step closer to that as the judges send him on to the Top 24.

Also getting good news is Jenna Renae, James VIII, Kory Wheeler and Adam Lasher.

Next up is Jeneve Rose Mitchell. The quirky, off-the-grid mountain girl perfumed a very interesting version of “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. It wasn’t my favorite arrangement, but it was a risk and those often payoff on American Idol. And this is one of those times. Jeneve joins the Top 24.

CJ Johnson takes the stage and the walk next. What we see of his performance was pretty solid, but I’m not sure there’s much that stands out about this guy. I like the rasp in his voice, but again, once he’s off my screen I don’t remember him. But what do the judges think? CJ is in the Top 24.

Up next is Amelia Eisenhauer and what we see of her Top 51 performance was pretty fantastic. She even pulled out the violin for her version of “New York State of Mind.” That was definitely a Top 24 performance, but will the judges think so? Yes. She’s moving on to the next round.

One of the most talented performers in the competition took the stage next. If the judges don’t put Lee Jean through, there’s something wrong. His showcase performance was so natural and even though he told the audience to shush (who does that?), Lee is in the Top 24. I’m glad they told him not to shush a crowd again, though.

Avalon Young, who I’m not on board with yet, is up next. Her stage presence bugs me maybe it’s the Cosby sweater) and there’s nothing memorable about her. But the judges seem to like her and let her know she’s advancing on to the next round.

Getting bad news were a lot of people I don’t remember ever seeing, so there were no surprises there.

Dalton Rapattoni, who we have seen a lot of, is next up and he’s acting pretty freaking bizarre and the whole thing is making me want to scream. I’d ditch that dude immediately after that weirdness. But the judges bought his pretense and put him into their Top 24.