American Idol Recap: Showcase Round & Top 24 Results

Super confident bro Manny Torres is up next and I have no idea what his showcase performance was and would probably ditch him if I were a judge. But they saw beyond whatever that was (and his other flubs during this process) and welcome him to the Top 24.

Bad news goes to Isaac Cole and a couple of other people who got no air time. Isaac’s cut actually brought JLo to tears.

Thomas Stringfellow brings his unique artistry up next and if Trent Harmon doesn’t win American Idol 2016, it could be this guy. I loved his Top 51 performance and I barely even got to see it. I can’t wait to see more of him and luckily I get to because the judges give him the good news he was looking for.

Up next is one of my favorites Sonika Vaid. And as always, her showcase performance was filled with power and emotion and her vocals were perfect. JLo tells her that there’s something missing from her performances, however. They seem to think she needs to come alive. They’re giving her a chance to work on that small issue in the Top 24.

After struggling with laryngitis, Malie Delgado was able to five it her all in her showcase performance. It wasn’t anything I’d want to hear more of, but what did the judges think? They seemed to be aligned with my thinking and give her the bad news she was dreading.

Olivia Rox also struggled with her health matters but did she meet the same fate as Malie? Fortunately for her, she did not. She got good news from the judges.

After getting cut at this point last season, Emily Brooke hopes she finds a different outcome this time. Her Top 51 performance seemed pretty solid and that surely helped her get the good news from the judges. She’s not going home this time!

Emily got good news this time, but getting bad news this season is Sara Strum, Jordyn Simone and a few other people they didn’t even bother flashing their names on the screen.

Brenda K. Starr’s daughter, who performed Brenda  K. Starr’s song during her showcase round, is Brenda Starr’s daughter. I think her name is Gianna Isabella, but I can’t be sure. One thing we do know is that she is Brenda K. Starr’s daughter. Brenda Starr’s daughter gets her pass to the Top 24. Duh.

Quirky Jenn Blosil, who makes my ears want to bleed, did her weird thing, which isn’t singing in my book, and made it into the Top 24. Because we reward this gimmick every time it shows up on a singing competition show.

Not making it into the Top 24 were more people I don’t remember getting any air time.

Tristan McIntosh, who we’ve seen so much of I’m already tired of her, of course didn’t meet the same fate. She made it to the Top 24 just like her edit has been indicating since day one this season.

Only four remain. So it’s time for that unnecessarily cruel duel judgement they do every season. It’s between Jordan Sasser and Kacye Haynes and La’Porsha Renae and Lindita Halimi. I would definitely have picked Kacye and La’Porsha. But the judges only half agreed with me. They went with Jordan and La’Porsha. And that’s because Kayce could win and they don’t want a hot guy winning again this season despite how talented he is. It’s so transparent.

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