American Idol Recap: Top 3’s Judges’ Picks, Hometown Songs, & More

Four finalists and three songs await us tonight on American Idol 2016 when the season’s Top 3 contestants are announced with one more walking off the stage.

American Idol's finalists take the stage
American Idol’s finalists take the stage – Source: @AmericanIdol

All four singers will have a turn during our show this evening, but only three will finish out the night as the elimination results will be revealed after the first round is over. We’re waiting to see which songs handily the opening turn for each contestants as they’ll sing picks from the Judges, Borchetta, and a hometown tribute.

They won’t be alone either as Idol Judge Keith Urban will hit the stage and perform a song for the audience. That’ll leave just Jennifer Lopez to take a turn in the spotlight before the season is over. Looking forward to what Keith has for us tonight.

We’ll be right here through the Top 3’s performances and results so keep this page refreshed for the latest details on who sang what tonight and how to vote for your favorites. Who stays and who goes home tonight?

Round 1

MacKenzie Bourg, “Hallelujah.” Well, we’ve all heard this song performed here and every other singing show, and we’ve all heard it performed better. It wasn’t a bad performance, but it was also not anything to write home about. The judges weren’t crazy about it, either, but they were clearly being diplomatic.

Dalton Rapattoni, “Calling You.” This performance felt like such a, well, performance. It lacked anything natural and real. The vocals weren’t there, either. Jennifer says Dalton seems to have accepted who he is with this performance. Harry likes the way he thinks about the words and Keith things we’re seeing how unique they all are.

Trent Harmon, “Tennessee Whiskey.” Great song for him. It’s got that southern feel that he relates so well to. And of course the vocals were flawless as always. Harry rambled like Harry does but said it was fantastic. Keith, after a one-man standing ovation, called it a bullseye. Jennifer said Trent is hitting his stride at the right time. She believes Trent can be in the final two.

(Note: If Trent goes home tonight, he can blame his family for ignoring his superstition).

La’Porsha Renae, “Glory.” It doesn’t matter what song La’Porsha sings (unless it’s (“Halo”), it’s going to sound amazing. I wish I knew this song but I’ve only heard it one other time and that was at the Oscars last year. But the vocals were strong and powerful as always. Keith says her gift is strong and pure. Jennifer says La’Porsha has taken us to a better place with music and Harry says this was critique-proof.

And now it’s that nail-biting moment where we find out who goes home in fourth place. And as history has shown us, anything can happen. Here we go …

The first person making the final three is Trent Harmon! Also safe is Dalton Rapattoni! The final person safe is La’Porsha! That means MacKenzie heads home.

Round 2 

Dalton Rapattoni, “Dancing in the Dark.” That was better than I expected. It started off boring and depressed, but it picked up and turned into something pretty good. Jennifer says there was something about it that sounded fresh and new. Harry loved but still managed to imply that he’s not a great singer. Keith also implied that he’s not a good singer, but says he did great tonight. Oh, I miss Simon Cowell.

Vote for Dalton: 1-866-436-5705

La’Porsha Renae, “Stay With Me.” Now that’s a performance. That was so powerful and so emotional. That was even better than round one. Harry rambled. Keith said she killed it. Jennifer says she sang the mess out of it. But everyone agreed, she didn’t believe the lyrics. And we all understand.

Vote for La’Porsha: 1-866-436-5708

Trent Harmon, “Drink You Away.” Not feeling this song for Trent. Scott kind of sucks at this. Of course he did a great job with it vocally. He was pouring himself into it. That was impressive, especially considering I didn’t like the song choice. Keith thought it was great and Jennifer said that was singing to win. Harry rambled.

Vote for Trent: 1-866-436-5710

Round 3

Dalton Rapattoni, “Everybody Wants to Rule The World.” This is a good song choice for Dalton. It certainly allows him to pretend like he’s a British New Wave singer from the 80s, or whatever it is he’s going for. JLo realized that the song was too low. Harry eludes that his first two performances were strong, so it’s OK that this one wasn’t. Keith seems to agree. Not a good round for Dalton.

Vote for Dalton: 1-866-436-5705

La’Porsha Renae, “Hello.” Well this was a clever way to get La’Porsha into the finale. Not only is this a current and HUGELY popular song, but it’s the only time on Idol I can recall someone actually being worthy of an Adele song. Great performance, as always, There’s nothing else to say. Harry was distracted by La’Porsha’s baby, Keith though it was beautiful and JLo liked that the song made La’Porsha reach a bit.

Vote for La’Porsha: 1-866-436-5708

Trent Harmon, “Waiting Game.” What? What the hell is this song? Are they trying to sabotage Trent? Luckily, Trent was able to make this song his own and destroyed it. Still, would have liked to hear him sing a popular song. Keith thought it was tailor-made. Jennifer got the goosies and Harry says it’s a “nice job.”

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