American Idol Recap: Classic Rock & Sia Takeover Top 4 Performances

American Idol returned tonight to deliver solid American Classic Rock on one side and a more modern run of Sia hits as the Top 4 contestants are revealed and the series moves along with just two weeks left of its run.

American Idol 2016 Top 4 performances tonight on FOX
American Idol 2016 Top 4 performances tonight on FOX – Source: @AmericanIdol

Only four of the remaining five contestants have a chance to perform tonight as one of them will be sent home before they have a chance to perform their past week’s work. Mentors Stevie Van Zandt and Sia came in to guide and coach these American Idol hopefuls to perform in another critical round. Time to find out who is up to the challenge.

We’ll be right here through the Top 4’s performances and results so keep this page refreshed for the latest details on who sang what tonight and how to vote for your favorites. Who stays and who goes home tonight? It’s time to find out. And the first person safe is …

La’Porsha Renae, “Wanted Dead or Alive.” OK. Is this really a classic rock song? I feel old. I would have liked hearing her sing something else, but we all know she can sing anything she wants and sing it well. This one was no different. Well, except for that part where she forgot the lyrics. Keith loved that she brought out some blues undertones. Jennifer says she can sing the phonebook and Harry thinks she transcends every genre. And there was no mention of her dropping the lyrics.

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MacKenzie Bourg, “I Want You To Want Me.” This version of this song was too slow, but that’s MacKenzie’s go-to style, even though it can come off as boring. And this time it did come off as boring. MacKenzie is talented and fun to watch, but this was just kind of there. Jennifer doesn’t know if she loved how he “MacKenzie’d It.” Harry thought it was “alright” and thinks it needed energy. Keith “hated” the arrangement.

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Trent Harmon, “Sharp Dressed Man.” This guy is so cool. I can’t help it, you guys. This was a freaking fantastic version of this song. I have never liked this song until now. Trent is so so good. Harry thought that was so smart. Keith said it was “so freaking good” and said it was a 10 out of 10. JLo says she’s been waiting for him to have this kind of moment.

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So this means that Sonika Vaid and Dalton Rapattoni are the bottom two. Ryan even said they are the bottom two, so that’s been confirmed that they didn’t just throw someone in there next to the person with the least amount of votes.

And the final person safe and rounding out the Top 4 is … Dalton! That means Sonika heads home.

Dalton Rapattoni, “God Only Knows.” I don’t think this was a good idea for him. He had so many songs to choose from and he picked this. And then he did this fake, emo version. Not a good way to follow up being in the bottom two. Keith thought it was a good song choice (hmm). Jennifer thought it was beautiful (OK). Harry thought it was a good time to show his vulnerabilities.

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La’Porsha Renae, “Elastic Heart.” This was a better song for La’Porsha. And of course she nailed it. It was just more her than the first round. Sia’s songs are always arranged all strange, but this one worked pretty well for her. Jennifer says she’s so good she doesn’t even judge her anymore; she just watches her and enjoys her. Harry rambled and Keith said she has become a total performer.

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MacKenzie Bourg, “Titanium.” This is an awfully big song for MacKenzie. And he even admits he can’t hit a high but he decides to try it. The song got off to a good start but then it got weird and boring. Harry rambled. Keith liked that MacKenzie rode through that moment (not sure what that means). Jennifer rambled. So who knows what the judges really thought of MacKenzie. Ha.

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Trent Harmon, “Chandelier.” I wouldn’t have picked this song for Trent, but I guess someone had to. And it is her most well-known song, so it was probably a smart decision. OK this was a good decision. Trent really poured himself into this. It was emotional and powerful. Trent had a good night. Keith said it was exquisite. Jennifer says he can sing anything. Harry thinks it was phenomenal and gives it a 100 out of 100.

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Dalton Rapattoni, “Bird Set Free.” I’ve never heard of this Sia song. I’m guessing some of you have? Anyway, the producers are clearly trying to boost Dalton this week. They let us know he was in the bottom two this week and they put him in the pimp spot. And I don’t understand why. Everything always so emotional with him. Can’t we ever see him happy? I’m not knocking his bipolar disorder, but I don’t watch this show to feel bad and that’s how he makes me feel. Anyway, onto the judges. JLo said it was beautiful to watch (but not hear?). Harry rambled some more and Keith implied that Dalton isn’t the best singer but masked it with praise.

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