American Idol Results: Meet Your American Idol Top 4

The American Idol Top 4 are set to be announced during Thursday’s live show when the remaining singers take the stage and await your official decision as one contestant will be cut from the race.

Top 4 contestants on American Idol 2016
Top 4 contestants on American Idol 2016 – Source: FOX

Results are being revealed during the show but according to Scott Borchetta, unlike past weeks, there won’t be an opportunity for a performance by the eliminated singer. Not even a goodbye swan song? We’ll see about that.

There are only two weeks left in Season 15 as we head to the finale night where one of these singers will be crowned the last American Idol winner. Now it’s time to find out who won’t be around for the confetti to fall.

American Idol 2016 Final Four Contestants:

Sonika Vaid was eliminated during this week’s results show.

Who do you think will survive the next round of results from your votes and make the Top 3 of American Idol 2016? Vote now in our poll below and share your thoughts on why your favorite deserves to move on in the competition.




  1. I think all the singers have an amazing voice…some just have better vocals than the next in different kinds of ways. Some of the songs that have been chosen didn’t help them either…but no matter what they sing we all know they are all amazing talented individuals who will go far. I would love to see Dalton or Mackenzie win this last idol though cuz there’s not many winners who sing the way they do or the kind of music they sing. I absolutely love the both of them and my daughter thinks they are the cutest boys ever and the weird thing is that they are the total opposite of each other. Good luck to all the idol finalists and I wish all of you the very best! Please do right with your new found fame and stay true to yourself!

  2. I want Dalton. To win. The last. Final. Season. Not. Mackenzie. Sorry. He sucks. He is. Not. Talented. Please. Dalton. I am counting. On you please. Win. For. Me please. I am you’re. Heart. And soul. Die. Hard. Biggest fan you’re. Story. Brought. Me. To teers. On the last. Week. On a Thursday. Dalton. Please. Be. The last. Farewell. Season. Winner. Dalton: okay. Go Dalton. Go
    Go. Dalton. Go.
    Go. Dalton Go.
    Go. Dalton Go.
    Go. Dalton. Go.
    Please. Dalton. Please. Be the winner. Okay. You’re. Heart. And soul. Die. Hard. Fan.
    Victoria. Lynn. Conrad. From. New. Berlin, Wisconsin.

  3. Disgraceful that Sonika was eliminated. She was the best of all. What is the matter with everybody? All the
    others have good voices, but none compare to Sonika for sheer talent.
    And what is this hypnotic spell LaPorsha has cast. Am I the only one
    immune? Of course she has a good voice, but not exceptional and no performance skills, yet it
    seems that everyone is in the tank for her. WHY?

  4. I have relistening again again and again
    Now I will give my report card at top 4 performance before I go to my overall performance report card
    This is just my OPINION so no offense

    1. Dalton Rapattoni
    Last week after showing his greatest moment, I still can’t believe he goes to bottom 2. Okay and I am happy because he is safe. Now for this top 4 performance. I put him right at first rank again because first even his first round is very weak. I don’t know why maybe he sad of Sonika eliminated but at second round, he really put his soul, emotion at there through every lyrics. We all of course can feel it too.. I myself also cry hearing he sang that song, very beautiful and emotional for the roght singer. If the haters said that he won because of his look sorry at there he show it that he has the voice. I never love a guy in this american idol season. My idols from the past Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Haley Reinhart, Hollie Cavanagh, Jena Irene, Angie Miller, Joey Cook. First I love Olivia Rox, Sonika Vaid and La Porsha but at the almost grand finale, Dalton show his ability. Dalton is the first guy I really loved at american idol. His performance really show it emotion same like when Hollie Cavanagh sang The Climb. So if keep up like this, maybe he would probably face La Porsha at Top 2 I think so TeamDalton please vote vote vote for our prince to Top 2. If not became the winner, runner up is better rather than finished at fourth or third

    2. La Porsha
    I almost confused for this week by choosing and putting for the second place. Is it La Porsha or Trent Harmon. La Porsha is my idol, but she is doing a big mistake by forget the lyrics. But after I relistening then finally I put La Porsha still in second place. Her Elastic Heart really powerful and excellent. I really love her version. It was better than first one. After this performance. I a little worried about saying top 2. Because Sonika is eliminated and there was left 3 handsome guys that had a lot of voters but I trust La Porsha one of the person who will go to finale and with Dalton of course

    3. Trent Harmon
    Trent Trent Trent… This week hard to say something about him but the first thing I begin to love Trent you know but still can’t beat Dalton and La Porsha for me. I rather loving his first performance than second. His first round really great. I really love it. Doing something different after last week first round is awkward. Put the great job Trent. I will be waiting your next performance with upbeat song along with La Porsha and Dalton

    4. Mackenzie Bourg
    I don’t know why this guy is safe and over Sonika Vaid. Sonika is belong there with Dalton, La Porsha and Trent not him. He is very entertain but near the Finale, he is very boring. Titanium of his style really boring. I don’t like it and it lost to Jena’s. Hoping next week that he will go. Sonika deserved there rather than him and I don’t know why people don’t complain while he changed Titanium song? Tristan slower down Independence day and people complain while Tristan arrangement of independence day very beautiful. If Sonika eliminated two weeks ago. I prefer Tristan here at top 4 rather than Mackenzie. Sorry Mac

    So at the end. My top 3 picks :
    1. Dalton Rapattoni
    2. La Porsha
    3. Trent Harmon

    My top 2 picks (for now) :
    1. Dalton Rapattoni
    2. La Porsha

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