American Idol Results: Who Won American Idol 2012

American Idol 2012 winner results

We’re about to find out who won American Idol 2012. Will it be Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez? You’ve cast your votes in our poll and one of these singers has a big lead, but my prediction expects something different. The official votes are in and the tallies are complete so let’s get ready for a night of big performances before the lights are dimmed and the American Idol 2012 winner is revealed.

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American Idol season 11 performance list:

  • Top 12, minus Phillip & Jessica, perform “Runaway Baby” to get the night started
  • Phillip Phillips duets with John Fogerty: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” & “Bad Moon Rising”
  • Joshua Ledet duets with Fantasia Barrino: “Take Me to the Pilot”
  • Top 12’s girls perform “I’m Every Woman” with Chaka Kahn
  • Rihanna performs “Where Have You Been”
  • Skylar Laine duets with Reba McEntire on “Turn On the Radio”
  • Jessica Sanchez performs “I Will Always Love You”
  • Top 12’s guys perform “Sweet Caroline” with Neil Diamond
  • Jennifer Lopez performs “Going In” and “Follow the Leader”
  • Hollie Cavanagh performs “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with Jordin Sparks
  • Top 12’s guys perform a Bee Gees medley in honor of Robin Gibb
  • Jessica Sanchez duets with Jennifer Holliday: “And I’m Telling You”
  • Aerosmith performs “Legendary Child”
  • Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips duet “Up Where We Belong”

American Idol 2012 Winner:

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips

  • Phillip Phillips

Congratulations to Phillip Phillips on his win. I told you that’d happen, didn’t I?

What do you think? Did the right singer win American Idol 2012?

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  1. “Change Nothing” is very Jessica, its her OWN song… I don’t know why the judges want it to be Beyonce, Mariah, Whitney- type of music. She’s suppose to create music of her own… And Change Nothing is definitely HER.

    • Friends from Asia like this song, they will put a spin on it for the dance clubs in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok and Hongkong this weekend. Post-idol, J. Sanchez will soon have “Jess-Asian Invasion”.

    • agree…. i listened to the studio version over and over. its a beautiful song…. i cant believe the judges didnt think so.

      • That’s bc the arrangement they did did not justice to the song, it was so simple..

      • It’s just that they like PP that much…I don’t PP name will go that far from now, Just like past guy winners, where are they now? They were all release by their record label because of poor album sales….

      • Right, it isn’t like Scotty McCreery’s debut album went platinum or anything. He had really awful album sales, joke. Educate yourself.

      • If you go on utube jessicas songs were viewd 1.5 _3.5 million times philips songs didn’T hit 1 million it ‘t matter what your back ground is from they should have picked the best singer not the cutesed guy america you
        viewed jessicas songs 3 times more then philips songs so how can you pick him as your winner it must have been the leak about his kidney problem the night before like the judges said when jessica got elimanated to bring up fox falling ratings vote for the best singer not for who you feel sorry for or who is cute american idol I hope people stop watching the fixxed show and let the real winners win

    • agree…. i listened to the studio version over and over. its a beautiful song…. i cant believe the judges didnt think so.

      • Truly, Jessica is the wolrd music magnet, and oh yes, American Idol have a big point of Philip to win as it say  the show is in America, but over all with the talent itself is intact for Jessica.   Jessica Sanhez is a World Idol… 

      • well I think we have to remember all the different ages and types of people from all over the U. S. that watch AI.  I appreciated Jessica especially for her age how tremendous she sings, but I am an older person and grew up with hard rock, punk rock, and then singers like John Fogerty, Paul Simon, and I could go on and on ..this is why for me Phillip Phillips is not just cute. He is a song writer, he plays intruments, and has his ow n versatile style when singing.  I would be bored to watch Jessica sing for an hour concert, but probably bored with lots of signers that I appreciate.  They have to rock for me… even P.P is mild compared to some rockers, but he is talented.
        It really all depends on who is watching and what kind of music they like the best as to how they will vote, be cause obviously Jessica can sing, but for me Ijust don’t want to pay money to go hear those songs for hours and hours at a concert!

      • Im done watching american fixedidol. There is no possible way he won for his voice or song picks it was his bad attitude he had so people voted for poor phillip i have no respect for the judges this year just cuz jalo says america vot vote for phillip his votes came from her comment cuz they love her do us a favor take the show off the air

    • philip won.  no question, that is american idol.  jessica won many hearts around the world not only in america.  Philip is for USA exclusively.  Jessica is for the people around the GLOBE.  Both winners on their own way.  we, filipinos should be thankful to american people and the AI show for giving her the opportunity to showcase how best jessica was at AI.  Jessica is World’s Idol.

      • Phillip is not exclusively for America,I can assure you that Phillip has lots of fans outside of the US.   I believe the only difference between phillips fans and jessica’s are that we aren’t so obsessive.  It’s also interesting when you think that phillip won when there are so many of Jess fans claiming that they voted ridiculous amounts of times for her, and this is a quote,  750 times last night for one fan.  She commented her fingers were numb ………… Like I say Obsessive.  I wonder if she’s obsessive enough to buy 750 Albums so Jess goes platinum like Scotty …….. I doubt it.  Change the voting system Idol so we don’t have to worry about the wrong person winning     

      • No, she’s not even California’s idol,  sorry ’bout that. Phillip is a million times better.

    • I hope so, I will cheat and go online before show if she didn’t win i will not watch it!! I say ~~~JESSICA FOR THE WIN~~~

      • HOpe PP goona make in music industry, Jess has her label now, she is working with Tommy Mottola, producer of MAriah C., Jlo, and Shakira.  

        jess will sing The prayer and NAtional Anthem of US  in Washington DC on May 28, then shes probably go with JLo in her world tour, 

        thne PP will have his operation then i dont know whats next for him. 

  2. Jessica and Phillip are both really good. Good luck to the two of them. I’m rooting(and voted for hours last night) for Jessica though. She deserves this.

    • Yes i concur. But I have this gut wrenching feelng that P2 will win. AI is like this. Such a pity

    • she deserves this??? seriously…she’s only 16. she doesn’t “deserve” anything at this point in her life. 

      • then why was she allowed to join the competition if she doesn’t deserve anything? . . .  bitter!

      • everyone deserves to win… Jessica DESERVES to win,
        being young doesn’t mean, one dont deserve to achieve bigger things..

      • I don’t agree with what you posted about Jessica and what she deserved because of her age. If you had a gift like that you would think you deserved it. Her age shouldn’t be why she doesn’t, it should be why she deserved it, because I don’t know that many people that young that would get up every week and sing like in front of thousands of people. so before you say what and what not somebody deserves you get up there and do that.

  3. hi, any of you guys know the site for live viewing of american idol here in PC? 

  4. Phillip should won for sure!!!!!!!! He is so amazing! I love him so much!!! PHILLIP!

  5. If Phillip wins, he wins. Oh well. I just hope she comes back next season, performs, and blows everyone away. I still have a little hope that Jessica will win. It’s possible. 

    • No, she’s not allowed to. Once you’re in the top 24 and you’re eliminated . . . well, sorry.

  6. Listen to the studio version of change nothing by jessica sanchez you will blown away

  7. if world record votes came in, it is sure victory for Jessica….signs are all over that Jessica has a huge fan base here and abroad….they are persistent, aggressive and will do all their best to make her win. 

    • So True………  She is the most talked about, most hated, most loved, most debated over and most persistent of all the contestants (given the fact that she was saved).  Win or lose, she will always be the “Idol” of millions of people around the globe.  I can see a bright future in front of her…. 

    •  Phillip has just as many fans, and I think he’s going to take the win GO PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!

      •  Every time I hear Phillip Phillips, I need Phillips Milk of Magnesia for my upset stomach!

  8. what a great opening number….  i got to see the top 12 finalists again onstage….  jeremy, shannon, erika, heejun,deandre,  elise, colton, skylar, hollie, joshua….

  9. I’m rooting for Jessica but i have gut feeling that WGWG will win…. anyhow, they’re both great.  Win or lose, they will have a great career in the music industry…. 🙂 To God be the glory!

    • They are both winners already!  I am a P2 fan and I have a feeling it will be Jessica for top idol.  I am ok with that, they gave it their all!!

    • Yes, Phil will win but let’s be thankful that Jessica made it this far.  She will be great!!

    • i’m a Jessica fan but i want P2 to win because Jessica deserves more and last night i’m really disappointed on how the judges reacted to jessica’s last song then they gave P2 a SO on a song which i find really boring 

      • i know… i was for both of them until the final song…. jessica’s performance was just ok… kinda plain… for such a beautiful song. phillip’s performance was way over the top with all back-up (lights, drummer boys, singers, etc).  it’s theatrics at its best. i just wish they gave jessica the same attention to detail. unless what they wanted to portray is that jessica can indeed sing/perform well even without all the fuss. oh well… as I said before, its just a title and it’s what’s in store for them after that matters. i wish both of them the best.  to God be the glory. 

    • I got a headache from hearing all the SCREAMING like they was hurting!!!! i turned volume off and got a asprin. ugh!!! now skylar and reba i could understand words they were singing. i hate songs that all they do is shout, scream, holler, or make weird sounds..

  10.  I Think Jessica Sanchez will win this thing over 130M votes came in,

    Statistically there are 3.4M Filipino Americans and 31.684M Mexicans American in the US, if 50% of that vote for Jessica 5 times a total votes of 87M for Jessica this not include votes   pure americans, Asian Americans, Latinos  just my opinion

    GOODLUCK Jessica!!!!

    • It’s a done deal.  Phillip won–sorry but Jessica will go on to be a legend.  Mark my word!!

    • Now you are making the Phil2 fans upset again. Stop it–your breakdown is breaking down all non-Jessica fans. Phil is a sure winner alreade

      • sowee dude but that’s just my opinion if you want youcan say that a lot young girls,blah blah are rooting for Philips

        but i hope your idol can penetrate the world market

      • sowee dude but that’s just my opinion if you want youcan say that a lot young girls,blah blah are rooting for Philips

        but i hope your idol can penetrate the world market

  11. what a performance by joshua. hes really a great singer and performer. .

  12. OMG! Fantasia and Joshua! AMAZING! Now I agree that the finale should be Joshua and Jessica!

  13. omg i loved jess is version of the prayer. i honestly want p2 toin but i thinkk jess is.Someone tell me did colton sing yet

  14. last night sucks, not fair at all, how could the give  PP A STANDING OVATION with that song. Song choices for Jessica were not good at all but she did well.

    • Andy it’s okay.  We’ll just wait for Jess to shock the world–we will be waiting for her first album

    • Not fair! True, it only showed that they’re “bias.” Not only that, Philip’s background was nice and accompanied with a band when he sang. Jessica was alone……………  

      • not fair she was saved? what about last year’s save. why did u not say it was not fair

    • i watched the replay last night and i’m really disappointed when they gave P2 a SO on his last performance because for me the song is really boring and all i can remember about that song is “oh oh oh oh oh oh” 

  15. Phillip Phillips will win alllll the way. He has a much bigger fan base. He’s very genuine and actually appreciates that he made it this far. Jessica just seems like she programmed to think she’s “perfect” and that just doesn’t fly with me. U have to earn the title. Ya she can sing some high notes, but a lot of people can do that. Phillip Phillips is one of a kind and u won’t find anyone else like him. So my vote goes for Phillip. 🙂

    • it started at 8pm Eastern time then 8 pm West Coast time then 7 pm Hawaii time

    • Oh please…she didn’t even have a clue she’ll make it this far.  So you can have a Phillip win but you don’t have to say anything bad about Jessica.  Congratulations to you.  My idol and yours will be great so a title will not seperate them apart.  I give it to you wholeheartedly.

      • I never said anything bad about jessica. Just said she’s programmed to be “perfect” cuz of her upbringing. So u should kinda keep ur negativity out of here. I’m simply expressing that Phillip deserves it more.

  16. Looking forward to hearing that Phillip is the winner, been pulling for him since the beginning huge Phillip fan.

  17.  That was a crucial one moment in time and she chose  to sing a  song that was not appropriate  for her at her age. She was supposed to make all the guys thinks like she is still innocent and not used up.  The feeling of being hooked or  fixated on her was shattered  when the guys understood the message of her song.

  18. No JEREMY in the video???

    JESSICA was the last one in the video. Does it mean she won?

    • think we should not get our hopes up too high. I am a jessica fan but I think fm the looks of things P2 will take the crown.

      • it’s ok Vy and Jessica is the best singer no doubt about that and after AI she will work with Tommy Mottola ^_^ i’m excited for her first album

      • it’s ok Vy and Jessica is the best singer no doubt about that and after AI she will work with Tommy Mottola ^_^ i’m excited for her first album

  19. Wow everyone must be tone deaf Jessica????? No way she can only sing slow songs yawn… Phillip has to win he’s amazing and can sing anything.

    • Jessica couldnt keep up with Rhianna, ever. Jessica is not a good pop singer or performer. We have seen that time and again.

    • The first time we agree, Jeff.

      You should watch Jessica’s performances of Russian roulette, California king bed, Don’t stop the music, Only girl in the world  and Love the way you lie. Search them on youtube. They’re awesome.

  20. I’ve been a supporter of Joshua but surprised by the comments of his performance tonight. I thought it was god awful. Still doesn’t change my overall view but would rather have not had to hear that tonight.

  21. I got a feeling Skylar may sell more records then all of them. I’m not a huge fan but she is good.

  22. What the hell was Fantasia wearing? What does she think she is a size 2? Jesus!!! Talk about accentuating the negative. If she thinks she looks good in that, then I need her mirrors.

  23. I will always love you, JESSICA!! The best one! I love you so much. I wish you have sung that song yesterday.

  24. Jessica Will Be The American Idol Season 11 Winner!!for me and my family!

  25. Was it already announced that P2 won? I’ve just read it. I hope it’s not true.

    • No. Maybe next time those wannabes who will try for the next season of AI must be: PURE american
                                    Good looking
                                    Can really sing……….well? 
      OR: America should vote base on talent, voice and not on looks.  

  26. OMG………Hands down ..Jessica the next whitney houston….Believe me..she nailed it…clearly flawless…effortless…your Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!…whitney will be proud of you…from now on your a Legend!!!

  27. So the author of this article isn’t updating, and I’m all the way in California. Can somebody let me know who has performed so far? Thanks!

    • Don’t know what’s happened to Matt…a little slow tonight, which is too bad, since in about 1/2 hour the site will freeze/crash from too many hits by people checking in just to find out the result.  Would be nice to be able to follow along until then…

    • Don’t know what’s happened to Matt…a little slow tonight, which is too bad, since in about 1/2 hour the site will freeze/crash from too many hits by people checking in just to find out the result.  Would be nice to be able to follow along until then…

  28. Wow!! JENNIFER LOPEZ can really sing! I’ve always thought she couldn’t. She was great tonight!

  29. Wow!! JENNIFER LOPEZ can really sing! I’ve always thought she couldn’t. She was great tonight!

  30. Oh my god… what’s wrong with J.Lo’s pants during her songs… it’s a major disgrace.

  31. holly should have been in the finale with pp… she’s soooo much better than jessica… sorry, fans, that’s just my opinion, don’t shoot me:-)

    • Yes that’s your opinion… live in a free country. But Jessica is much, much far better than Holly. Need to say more? 

    • actually, i am wondering. Does it matter who wins? both are winners in his/her own right. And to think that at this point of them ppl fans of both P2 and Jess are still hurling hurtful remarks at one another, does not make any sense. Both will have recording contracts. So let’s all be happy for both of them. Irregardless of whoever takes the crown, both are winners. I am sure that when Jess or P2 reads all these comments, they would be deeply saddened……Sigh.

      • yup but the also said that he was born in…. and then said 1st=runner up in AI season 11.

  32. Hahaha you are giving Phil fans a heart attack.  Don’t believe him–Wikipedia is always wrong.  I aleady said my congratulations to Phil’s fan so don’t do that.

  33. Anyone can update Wikipedia, so some Jessica fan is having mean-spirited fun.  I don’t know who will win, but I know whoever updated Wikipedia does not know yet.

  34. Joshua has been my favorite all season, and I’ve defended and stood up for him from all the personal attacks and the constant ‘screaming’ analogy, BUT, that song with Fantasia was horrible. She was really bad, but the song was on note and nothing but the same, and I hate to say it, screaming line over and over. I’ve never been a big fan of Fantasia, I just think her tone is annoying, but I think she actually brought Josh down on that song. Without a doubt, the least I have like Josh in a performance.

    But I think the phonebook skit with him was hilarious. He took the phonebook to church! Ha. Can’t wait to buy his cd, cause he is still phenomenal, no matter the song he did with Fantasia.

  35. if jess whins p2 well have a bigger career. dose anyone no what happend to lee dewize

  36. amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing performance by Jennifre Holiday n Jessica Sanchez!! goosies all over !! ;p


  37. oh my GOD what kind of duet is that.. its so fantastic …what a prowess voice.. dont know what to say .. jessica and jeniffer holiday ure great great great……

  38. WOW!!!! Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!!!!!!! Standing ovation!!!!!!!!

  39. what did jessica sanchez and jennifer holiday just do? damn i almost run out of breath myself just watching them @@ so so so so good damn it :O

  40. WOW, i give it now to jessica sanchez and jennifer holliday.. wow just wow..

  41. jessica due with jennifer holiday!!, that was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. how can P2 level that???????????

  42. hands down to jessica and jennifer. but was it just me or jessica was eaten alive by jennifer? great performance though.

  43. que actuacion tan buena la que se acaba de ver wooo yessica eres la mejor mereces ganar ti amo mucho venezuela te apoya y todos los paises del mundo te amamos exitos para ti 

  44. I think Phillip will win. But I want Jessica to win. Maybe this is like Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen. Adam is so much better but the love-able one will win. But whoever wins, they deserve it. They’re both talented.

  45. whatever happened for this competitions….win or lost….. i still support AI every year…. thanks for letting Asian on the top of it……Jessica……..thank you for bringing Filipino international…… goodluck…….

  46. This show tonight sucked. All the yelling not singing and the singer for the coke song grabbing his privates last night was too much

  47. Hmmm, both Jessica and Phillip sang duets, but Jessica also had a solo…Is Phil going to sing a solo?

    • No because he will sing when he is proclaimed the winner.  congrats P2 fans!

  48. few minutes before the ‘big revelation’. my heart’s pumping super fast. 

  49. Life is not fair lol Phillip is going to win and to be honest the title belongs to Jessica.
    Just seconds to know the winner.  Wonderful season. Thank you Matt and Branden and all those who post for us.  Until next year.
    Good luck to both. They deserve amazing future!
    See you all next year guys

  50. Phillip Phillips wins AI….  but in many people’s hearts, JESSICA SANCHEZ is the true American Idol….

      • In many people’s hearts–and I can vouch for that.   Not in your heart–which is accepted.

      • Nope not all America voted for Philip………correction please. YES the AMERICA who voted for Philip are those who NEVER LIKE A MINORITY like JESSICA.

  51. ehh Phillip won. Not too pleased. But I am sure Jessica will come back next season, with a record and prove to everyone why she should have won.

    • We were hoping for the best but we knew and we were prepared for the inevitable.  Congrats to all P2 fans.

  52. Jessica you’re still the best ^_^ just want so say goodbye to @twitter-66776711:disqus and @super base i will really miss you guys

    • He is always there.  And He is good all the time.  He will also be good to the other contestants who know Him.  Watch Joshua, Jessica, Colton, Hollie and Skylar make their mark apart from A1.

    • Your reference to God in regards to a reality show and the outcome of it, is just ignorant and totally off based. The outcome is not because God is good, it’s because He has given us the gift of Free Will, in which we can decide the outcome of certain decisions, as such who wins a reality show. God is good, YES, but He didn’t decide the winner, America did, He allowed it to happen because we used our Free Will to decide it. So if Jessica would of won, would God be ‘so bad’? Cause that’s what your statement insinuates. Shame shame.

      • I don’t think Templar said anything about God deciding the outcome.  He/she made a blanket statement.   Maybe that’s just a way of being thankful about something.

  53. It is over, and it is Phillip Phillips that took first. It was an emotional moment as he started to sing “Home”, and was overcome by emotions that he could not finish the song, took off his guitar, walked over and into his family’s arms. It was a beautiful ending.

    • Not so beautiful… Americans are so discriminating.  You know that PP is so lame.  He didnt win.  Jessica is the real champ.

      •  Ren, Just man up. P2 had the votes. He’s a decent guy. His win takes absolutely nothing away from Jessica. She’ll have her career too.

  54. Hmm, my 2880 votes must have helped!

    In the end it doesn’t matter, their fans will buy from their favorites. Way to go Jess and Phil!!!!!!!

    • Thank you, Jess for giving it your all.  We will be following your career and you have so much to look forward to.  God bless you.

  55. “Phillip Phillips wins AI….  but in many people’s hearts, JESSICA SANCHEZ is the true American Idol….” 
    actually not only in america but all over the world is rooting for Jessica but sadly we can’t vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    •  america isnt fair ren.  when you have a bunch of girls voting for a guy cuz they think he is cute the girl with all the talent and the voice will never win. and before any of you p2 fans start jumping on me im not saying that he cant sing cuz he can. i just dont belive he even comes close to matching jessica or even skylar

      • yeah youre right.. WcuteGWG hahahah! all female should never audition for AI.   Many will not watch AI.  Go THE VOICE!!!!

      • Hmm…..  Fairness merits the analysis of both sides.  If you want to discuss it, then let’s talk about the unauthorized overseas voting via skype, magic jack, globe, hotspot shield.

  56. Jessica may not win American Idol but fear not BluJays, she will be a WORLD IDOL… just wait. that i’m sure of. 

    • I may be disappointed but HAPPY that Jessica has proven once & for all how great a singer she is after that duet/duel w/ Jeniffer Holiday..Bravo Jessica!!!

  57. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for Phillip! 🙂

  58. Congratulations Phillip Phillips!!!  2012 American Idol!! It was well deserved!!!  He will have an awesome future! Great to see someone win that is really a family person also! 

  59. It’s got to be rigged. All of a sudden, the judges were praising PP’s awful performances, as if  they were told to do so.

    They rigged the “save”, so what would one expect? Phillips is the worst singer to ever win AI, male anyway.  Fantasia is the worst female.

    • Let’s not get carried away. For a start they weren’t horrible performances, just not to your taste. It was always catch up for Jessica. P2 had the young vote support and was ahead probably the entire season. The bookies had P2 as a strong favourite to win. It was only polls where a lot of voters came from the Philippines that the numbers were skewed in Jessica’s favor. Anyway don’t worry she did fantastic and I’m sure she will have many albums.

    • Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!!!! Jessica just loss,that’s all.When the fans of Joshua said it was rigged you guys loss you minds. But Jessica loses and it’s rigged.LOL!!! America tried to send her home once,she should have went.No save this time…..maybe it’s what people are saying.She is boring and she has not developed her own style.She is talented,I think……..but was does she really sound like? We have heard her sing like many,now she just needs to be Jessica.

    • He received the most votes he won, he wanted to win big time all he’s been through with his kidney stones and all, he has not had and easy road. I’m grateful the Lord has blessed him and seen him through.

  60. CONGRADUATION phillip. the south was for you. hope you do good like scott and lauren have done this year..

  61. What a FINALE! And Jessica singing with Jennifer Holiday – that was a magnificent performance – PRICELESS! Well, my girl didn’t win the American Idol Title, but she’s got quite a FUTURE ahead of her.  So young, only 16 and to go through this experience – what a blessed young lady. 

  62. I can’t believe he won ….. America has made 2 mistakes on the winner In a row!! First it’s Scotty Micreary *lauren Alena should have wOn* now it’s Phillip! ANOTHER MISTAKE clearly America doesn’t know what a true good singer is….disappointed again.

    •  last year James Durban finished behind Alaina and Hailey which wasn’t right and this
      year Jessica was given the wrong songs to sing and above all giving a standing ovation
      to PP with an ordinary song. last year I was disappointed but gave AI another chance
      but I was disappinted again. I’ve had it with this show. Maybe Xfactor would b better but
      no more AI for me.!!!!

  63. Jessica you are better off anyway, now you can go sign that contract and start making  your millions. You don’t need to be in first place to be a star. Just ask Adam lambert and some others. Idol will own Phillip for a year, he’s got a long road ahead of him , and no contract until he is released from Idol. 
    You will always be a star ! We love you .  

  64. Is american idol for white guys only. then why do u have to audition for others. why not audition for white guys with guitars only and exclude everybody else.
    diversity is not for american idol contestant and audience. This should be the end of american idol rating and show. sponsors stay away for this kind of show. Your product will not sell.

    • Problem is that most of the audience is made up of teenage hormone raging little girls, no wonder dorks with guitars are always winning. To bad cause with all the talent this year I thought the best would win. Oh well last time I watch Idol.

  65. Oh yes~ P2 won.  But I think JS just won the world. 
    “World Idol” is trending in twitter.
    Congrats to the both. 🙂

  66. American idol is not about talent!!!!… You just lost millions of viewers, so better luck next year!

  67. is it just me?? i just feel this finale is so-so. nothing so spectacular performance… i just hope joshua ledet will sing with mary J or any gospel singers,,and ther is no all top 12 performance….a lot of bored… anyway congrats to Phillips

  68. once again a guy won on ai?! at least his one of my fav, congrats Phillip Pillips! it would be better if a girl wins, but its alright , maybe next year =) hopefully 😉

  69. I am s0 happy, Now for sure I am going to see the concert in Ontario or San Diego…YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I don’t plan on watching this popularity contest next year, and I definitely won’t participate in the voting process.  Miss Sanchez will have such a great music career, and she’ll be with us for many decades and outlast her contemporaries.  And look at it this way: Maybe it’s better that AI doesn’t run her blossoming career.  Well done and welcome, Jessica Sanchez!

  71. Out of the 2, I’m glad he won….it has nothing to do with male or female it is who connects with the VOTING audience and he did.  No matter what the following will have huge careers in the bus….Joshua, Jessica, Skylar, Hollie and even tho I don’t particularly like him, Colton…..Elise will have an ok one.  Looking forward to hearing Philip, Joshua and Skylar’s album…..

  72. At least we will have an idea who may win next season just right after the audition.

  73. As I have stated here previously I am not a big fan of Phillip. Josh or Sanchez were better entertainers and singers but America has voted so congrats to Phillips and I wish him the best. That being said, what the,,,,, was Fantasia thinking,,,,girl someone should have said NO!!!! But WOW Chaka Kahn LOOKED Fab!

  74. Good job, Philip philips!!! I really enjoyed Jessica more this singer and I’m really sad she didn’t win, but I wish her the best of luck in her career!!!! Jessica may have not won but I and many others all over the world will be her fans forever! She may have not of won American idol, but she has won many viewers hearts and I will enjoy her singing this summer at the tour!!!! Congratulations philip!! But outstanding job Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 see you next season:)

  75. Well what do you know? I picked Phillip when Ed backed me in a corner and lo and behold!

    I was right about 2 things this season…wooooohoooooo!!!

    You see how that reverse psychology works?!

    Yes!!! The right person won!!

    Now the plastic is ripped away and the real me speaks!!!

    No better person to win than Phillip Phillips!!!!! What Character…what poise!!! Just an all around great guy by anybody’s standards…Way to Go Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    How much money did you rake in Branden????


    Somebody (Google) said it was “lo” and not “low” so I had to change that. See what I mean about Google? Nobody can say, “I don’t know.” ever again. That phrase is the same as saying, “I’m too lazy to use a search engine.”

    Just sayin……

  76. American Idol suck they always rig the result why not show the total votes and that ends here nobody will watch. P2 doesnot have voice to win the American idol that is suck..He will never even sell an album never be popular I will bet that the same other idol that win before. Jessica should win that Idol. You now see the prejudice of this American Idol. This is only for the white guys playing guitar. Trust me there ratings will go down big time starting next year. We will campaign  not to watch to stupid American Idol..They always rig the result.

  77. Jessica won over the world!!!! I already know she will have a fantastic career!!!

  78. Why didn’t we see hometown finale parties tonight? I love watching the finale parties!! 

  79. Congratulations to the best of the Season, Phillip Phillips…I knew he would since since first time I saw him on tv…charisma is everything for an artist. Jessica has a nice future, but people will hear Phillip on radio and buy his cds. Well done boy, Brazil love you! 😀

  80. Way to go Philip!!! Everyone was convinced Jessica would win. Sorry. Judges;) so sick of those judges pushing for her. Love your humility.
    And most your unique style. Now take care of your health…first!!

    •  i just hope his operation won’t cause him a lot…becuase america is expecting alot from p2 go boy!!! to jessica, thank you and we love you…when is your first album to be released? i’m sooo excited..

  81. My two cents worth…

    Idol has produced 2 International stars so far..with Adam Lambert making 3 and he didn’t even win first place….with the likes of P2 maybe he’d make his mark not as a singer but more of an actor because of his looks. Sorry, my thoughts because for singer with limited range and style can only fit a small market.  As for Jessica she  can be anywhere and anything she likes to be. record companies have already lined up to sign her as well as other celebrity icons. Philip, he may have been voted (or not) as number 1 but we’ll see how far he can go with his limited abilities.

    Like I said, AI is not really about talent anymore but popularity…and not in singing, because talentwise, where is P2’s?

  82. Show some sportsmanship people! Congratulations to both of you guys especially to Phillips! You have taken  many hearts of america to be crowned as AI champion. To jessica, thank you for being such a good competitor. Good luck to both of you in your careers!

  83. if a white guy with guitar reached top 12 next year then WE HAVE A WINNER!!

  84. Phillip Phillips definetly deserved the win he was an all around better performer and had so much more carisima . America got it right!!!

  85. Man that finale was spectacular….eat your heart out “The Voice”….take a few lessons “The X Factor”…..Can you all top that?

    But Leona was phenomenal on the X Factor finale…..I always have to watch that every couple of days on YouTube…but AI had a great finale!!!

    I think they kind of hinted that Randy and Steve are coming back next year. But it was plain to see they heard our complaints loud and clear. I just wish they would have taken them more seriously!! They made fun of us….:-(….LOL

    Turn about is fair play I guess…..I’m mad! 😉

  86. Congratulations Phillip Phillips you will go far with a voice like that love you…

  87.  Congratulations to Phillip Phillips on his win and to Jessica for runner-up!! Both really are huge winners!!

  88. Why didn’t we get to see the hometown finale parties? I love watching the finale parties with all the hometown support!!!! 

  89.  to P2, congratulations..and to jessica, thank you and we love love you for the talent you shared with us..can’t wait to have a copy of your first’re still the winner for us..i pray for your success..godbless you jessica..

  90. I will miss this site 🙁 Looks like the WGWG hasn’t waned down since D.Cook.

    Congrats P2 ^^v
    Jessica will have a wonderful career ahead of her. She’s only 16 and she’ll have a bright future ahead of her.

  91. Oh well, we all know the best singer did not win. How many times have we heard Randy and Simon, when he was there say “this is a singing competition.”  It is more of a popularity contest with young girls doing the voting, so of course a guy who is so inferior vocally wins.

    I am happy for him however because he does seem like a good guy. Can’t watch this show anymore, but what I will watch is the Jessica Sanchez’s career skyrocket.

  92. I was watching the show and blurted out “P2 is so delicious!” My husband, who is sitting next to me, just stared at me with the Look! hahahah!! 

  93. Man, even as a Canadian, I’m ticked at tonight’s result. If the producers want to avoid losing viewers, then change the ridiculous voting process that allows those with cell phones (most likely teen girls with nothing better to do with their time than obsessively vote on their phones for 2 hours straight) to send in a crazy amount of votes. Clearly, American Idol is fueled by the whims of teeny-boppers.It’s not because I’m a Philip hater, I acknowledge that he’s talented, but in my opinion, Joshua and Jessica far outshine him. Argue that he’s a musican, an artist, a unique talent…call it whatever you want to.  I just think that this season more than ever proves that this show hasn’t been about talent for a while now. 

    • I am 40. Always been a music fan of all kinds. I voted 400 times last night. The person with the most talent won. America tried to send Jessica home. I really thought it should have been Joshua and Phillip in finale. Then I wouldn’t have minded if Phillip didn’t win. He will have a great music career no matter what. She doesn’t have the entire package like Phillip does.

      • My point was geared towards teenagers who vote out of immature reasoning (unlike yours, you seem to have a basis to your opinion) that only has to do with how the guy looks, without considering his vocal or performance abilities. I mean, I think we can both agree it’s a lot more common to see these comments regarding Philip…”
        Phillip should won for sure!!!!!!!! He is so amazing! I love him so much!!! PHILLIP!”

  94. My recap for this year,

    Final performances:
    – PP duets: his voice was not heard, mostly
    – Joshua duets: screamer vs screamer
    – Rihanna: whatever
    – Skylar duets: great, it seems she could level Reba
    – Jessica IWALY: rush song
    – JenniferL: dance!
    – Hollie duets: shaky vs pitchy
    – Jessica duets: hands down
    – Aerosmith: rocks!
    – Jessica+PP duets: nice song

    Finally, another WGWG wins as predicted, eventhough I expect Skylar instead of Jessica, but she is great too. Look at her face during announcement, interesting…..
    Anyway, congratulations for PP and Jessica, wish you have best career in the future. See you again next year.

  95. Is it me or did Jennifer Holiday seem crazy? Lol.  I thought Jessica sounded way better.  That was definitely the best performance of the night. Jessica does “I Will Always Love You” and “And I Am Telling You” amazingly well.

  96. I would love to see Phillip Phillips in Nashville,TN. He has such a unique voice and style. I am so happy for him to have won! He seems so unassuming yet charming at the same time. What a sweetheart!

  97. Judges looking at  the song for Jessica : ‘Changes Nothing” is biased, The “Home” sung by Phillip is NOT ORIGINAL ang only good for the kindies’  performance with drums.

  98. philip won.  no question, that is american idol.  jessica won many hearts around the world not only in america.  Philip is for USA exclusively.  Jessica is for the people around the GLOBE.  Both winners on their own way.  we, filipinos should be thankful to american people and the AI show for giving her the opportunity to showcase how best jessica was at AI.  Jessica is World’s Idol.

  99. I’m so happy for Phillip for winning AI.  He deserves it. He’s a great artist. Congratulations to him and to all his fans.  🙂  But I still cant get over Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday’s duet! My world literally stopped while watching it…. WOW!  i mean, who would’ve dared sing duet with Jennifer Holiday on the song that made her a legend???  this just proves one thing… Jessica Sanchez has the talent and the voice. She can compete with all the singers in their genre.  I believe she will go a long way.   

    • That’s what I said in my earlier post, you got to be “THAT GOOD” to be w/ Jeniffer on stage singing her monster song otherwise she will just EAT you ALIVE….and Jessica once & for all proved what a singer she is…

  100. Phillip is just for limited Americans. But Jessica is for the entire world singing with her hearts. Mark my word. Next year’s AI will have a low rating because of the result.

    • No need to start insulting Americans. I’m not american and while I think she has a great voice she was not my favourite by a long shot. Considering that the majority voted for P2 I would think more people would stop watching if he did not win so don’t really see your logic. More a case of sour grapes. I’m sure she will do just fine. In fact with her voice, if she gets the right songs written for her I’m sure she will do more than just fine, so chill out and enjoy the ride you got watching the series.

      • Idol this year had a drop in viewers by 25%. With the record votes last night that must have meant the teenie boppers and cougars voted numerous times for P2. If they don’t limit the votes per method, I will no longer watch AI. I don’t want to invest 3 hours a week to have the same result. WGWG winning. Just saying

      • Whatever… America will still vote a WGWG.  I’m pretty sure, if there’s another WGWG next year, he will win.  I’ll try the Voice next year and let’s see… 
        Thank you Matthew and Branden.  This is a great site.  Is there a site like this for the Voice?  

    • How audacious of you to speak for everyone!  On what authority do you make such declarations?  Why not try to get past tonight’s results and just look forward to the incredible future Jessica has ahead of her?

      Your petty, inane attitude is a glaring example of why so many might have voted the other way.  Jessica’s shining moments should have been equally shining moments for many Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, but such doltish outbursts like yours have marred their luster and caused many to have a blanket distaste for us.  If not for the Americans you have so nonchalantly labeled “limited,” Jessica would not have had a platform to showcase her talents.  You should be grateful; but since that seems impossible for you, at least try a little modicum of respect – it goes a long way.

    • Hey Marc , what word did y0u not understand in “AMERICAN IDOL”???

      Maybe you can convince the producers to change the show’s name to
      “World Idol” heh?

  101. What a great finale! Fantasia was a bit muc but it was a total 2 hours of some great entertainment! Congratulations to Phillip! I’ve been rooting for you all season. Kudos to Jessica. She took this like a champ! When Phillip couldn’t go on and started to cry, I was like..awwww!

    • Pally, we had a fight in this site, but im gonna miss you. Congrats your idol won. Take Care. 🙂

  102. Thanks so much for another fantastic season Matt and Branden! 

    You guys are really great but you got some toughening up to do…LOL

    We tried to throw some stuff at you just to prepare you for “life in the business”. You know, toughen your hide a little?

    You’ll get there. Like water off a ducks back is what I always say!

    Great job on the site. Great job keeping us apprised of every little detail and great reviews Branden. 

    I wish I knew how to be that on point and concise. I always have to write a book just to get my point across.

    I am really glad to have stumbled across this site a few years ago and even more glad that Matt chose the Disqus format this year….I love the text editing aspect of this application.

    Everyone give it up for Matthew Boyer and Branden Whatsisname!!!!! Don’t change a thing guys. You’re doing a great job. It’s official now ’cause I said it!…LOL

  103. Real quick from my phone…All in the same night, I experienced the most embarrassing moment of my life…and enjoyed some of the best live music of my life

    I still wasn’t fully recovered from last night, but feeling ok.  Show was going great, then after a while…they appear…ManFantasia. I don’t know if it was the screams…and god it was awful people..I mean really awful,…or the sight of Fantasia dressed like she was….I tried to hard to fight it…but I couldn’t….I puked on live national TV….not much, but enough people knew it…had to get out for a while…the only consolation….I wasn’t the only one…saw 2 others at the same time. I’m telling you…the screaming of those two was the worst musical experience I have ever had in my life….and I love gospel/R&B it’s not like I’m against good screaming in music…but these two did give me my life’s most embarrassing moment.

    I’ll write more later…the rest of the show was fabulous! Areosmith was probably one of the top highlights for me…incredible…all rest was great…finally I feeling better…but damn did I ever have a red face tonight.

    •  well get used to 3 more screamers the next season…hehe…it seemed to me that their performance reached your listening threshold…they should really do something about it…hehe

    •  Not that your entire post is about ManTasia … but her outfit was absolutely horrendous. Who let her out from her dressing room looking that way? And I’m for sure a fan of her short hair, though not really much of a fan at all.

  104. I found the show kind of dull tonight (with fewer great moments) and not up to the recent final shows standards.  I’m very happy with the winner though.

  105. My goodness “WORLD IDOL” is trending worldwide …..

    Jessica Sanchez has surely won the hearts of billions outside US … 

    Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on American Idol’s Official YouTube Channel
    (As of 1:00 a.m. of May 24, 2012)

    1. Jessica Sanchez: “I Will Always Love You’ – 5,170,038 hits
    2. Jessica Sanchez: “Sweet Dreams” – 3,237,417 hits
    3. Jessica Sanchez: “Stuttering” – 2,580,562 hits
    4. Elise and Phillip: “Somebody That I Used to Know” – 2,045,972 hits
    5. Jessica Sanchez: “Dance with My Father” – 1,832,589 hits
    6. Jessica Sanchez: “How Will I Know” – 1,527,398 hits
    7. Jessica Sanchez: Fallin – 1,498,097 hits
    8. Phillip Phillips: “U Got It Bad” – 1,284,525 hits
    9. Jessica Sanchez: “Bohemian Rhapsody” – 1,229,530 hits
    10. Jessica and Joshua: “I Knew You Were Waiting” – 1,121,920 hits

  106. I’m bummed jessica didn’t win, but life goes on… or does it??? I will always be a Sanchezer! Phillip is ok, but Jessica’s 16!!! Where else can you hear that sound out of a 16 year old or any teenager at all???!!! I don’t get why Philip won, but I guess America is more of a Phillipser than a Sanchezer, but, still, Jessica, you’re still awesome!

  107. Again, America got it wrong!!! All you have are teeny-boppers voting for the cute guy. Joshua and Jessica should had been the last two standing. I know that both, Jessica and Joshua are going to go far in their careers as singers. I wish them both the best of luck. I  will be buying their CD’s!!!!

  108. Congrats to Phillip.  Very deserving.  And I certainly admire his humility.  Best moment for me was after he performed his winning song he walked off stage right past the judges and directly over to his family.  Boy has his priorities straight.  Good on you Phillip!

  109. Congrats to Jessica and Phillip!  PP seems like a nice guy but Jessica was definitely the better singer. World-class, in fact.  It’s not her loss… it’s the show’s loss…  Her winning could have proven that the show is not only a popularity contest but a singing competition. Feel sad for the show.

    • Oh drop it already. It is what it is….They should embrace it and roll with it. It’s still the most popular show on TV. They need to cast it with the fact that it’s about the total package every year instead of screaming about voting for the best!

      That’s what makes the show unique!

      • Well the folks that voted for P2 did vote for the best.  All a matter of taste.  I will purchase P2’s music (and Hollie’s), I will also go to their concerts but would not purchase Jessica’s.  That does not mean I think she is not talented, just not my taste in  music.

  110. I’m Indonesian and I’m a big fans of American Idol. In here, there are so many fans of Jessica but we can’t vote. So we just pray for her. She’s so inspiring for teenager like us who must never stop dreaming and set our dream high.

  111. Lol at the butthurt going on in here.  Certain obsessive fans (on both sides, mind you) always ruin it for, so I’m laughing my head off at the butthurt and defensiveness in these comments.

    As for the contestants themselves, I think that they both could have careers ahead of them, but they need to be in the right situations to succeed. 

    Jessica needs to learn when to not oversing a song.  She has a tendency to do so when the song doesn’t need it.  Equally culpable are the arrangements she has to deal with though.  No choir/orchestra please!!!  Just Jess and one or two instruments is enough. 

    As for Phillip, well… if he can manage to not get ruined by the AI contract, then I could see things working out for him provided he gets some A+ musicians (with charisma) around him.  Think dave matthews quality ensemble.  If he gets set up in an “all PP, all the time” gig, I think he’ll suffer.

    • Thank you America and the American Idol.  More power.  There can only be one winner in America, we should accept and live with it.  PP is AI and Jessica is Idol of the World.  Both winners so cool down.  

  112. Jessica is meant for a stage much much bigger than AI. As for the show, am saying goodbye. It has to rethink its title and mechanics, make it specifically for  guitar-playing white guys perhaps. 

    P2 won but people will remember the real highlight of the show — Jessica’s duet with Jennifer Halliday. 

  113. I am pleased with postings that Jessica is the “World’s Idol”.  Phillip is a true “American Idol”.  That is something to be celebrated in the good old USA!

  114. I think JS got the better of it. Much better recording contract on the way. Humbling experince at 16 and Lesser hater. 🙂

    Hopefully, P2 would be there in tour. 🙁 Surgery waiting.
    Congrats P2~ <3

    • Tommy Mottola through his wife Thalia confirmed he’s working with Jessica. That would be great. 🙂

  115. season 1-white girl (pop)season 2-black guy (r&b)season 3-black girl (r&b)season 4-white girl (country)season 5-white guy(soul)season 6-black girl (pop/r&b)

    (2008- Idol allows contestants to play instruments)

    season 7-white guy (alt rock)season 8-white guy (alt rock)season 9-white guy (alt rock)season 10-white guy (country)season 11-white guy (alt rock)
    season 12 – probably white guy (country)
    season 13 – probably white guy (alt rock)
    season 14 – probably white guy (alt rock)
    season 15 – the show is cancelled

    • anyway this is American Idol, and an american should really win, this is not International Idol, this should serve as a lesson learned from non american race not to aspire to become an American Idol…If both american finalist fought in the finale, the result will really be on who got the better talent, but what we had were an american race and a non american race, who do you think should win?, this is not about talent anymore, we all knew that JS talent is miles ahead of PP, so much disappointing watching this kind of show, if it was Joshua & Jessica in the finals and Joshua WON, this is pretty mush acceptable, but a clash of someone with enormous talent and someone with a very ordinary talent, it’s despicable, this show is racist discriminated, i already doubting the intention of this show, but now i can easily say, my thought are just right, when joshua was voted off, that was the end of my doubt, i knew it will turn out this way.


  117. Congratulations to Phillip Phillips.  In fairness, he is very talented as well.  But this will be my last year watching AI.  I’m just tired of WGWGs.  I’m sure same story will be repeated next year.  Will be moving to The Voice for a sure variety.  Hope there’ll be a site as updated as this for the Voice.   

    God bless from Kansas!

  118. he will just like be the other guy winners.. will be famous in a short period of time.. so sad. the question is how long he can be famous? so many artist like him. he will never be remembered when i get old. but JS is a legend right as this moment, as she grows up she will get better and better. MARK my word!!

  119. Congratulations to PP but my winner is Jessica. I am sure that she is going to have a bright future . Jessica I love you.

  120. booo to A.I. for not even mentioning Donna Summer once.  The tribute to Robin Gibb was great but they shoulda mentioned Donna.  Very disappointed about thins.  

  121. i’m so happy that for the first time in AI history, it’s not a cliche (country, diva, ballad, church choir, etc.) that won it all!…this one is a true musician!

  122. Congratulations to Phillip especially and also to Jessica…both have brilliant careers ahead of them.

    To all these people criticising the result…get a life….AI is only a competition. Both artists are great and everyone has their own favourite.

  123. I am so pleased with this final result. Phillip worked hard, did an outstanding job maintaining his originality, and he deserved the win. Jessica will be just fine without it. His raw emotion after finding out he won was moving – at least for me, but I’m pregnant. 😉

    I thought the performances were good. I’d have liked to see Elise sing. They let Casey sing last year, and he finished 6th. I feel like they made so much time for the judges (J.Lo and Steven Tyler + Aerosmith) to promote themselves that some of the usual contestant material was left out. The skit about the phone book was funny. And although it was filler, I was also amused by the “Jennifer/Jessica” slip-ups by Jimmy Iovine.

  124. I personally think Jessica Sanchez had a much better singing voice with more versatility & broader range than Philip Phillips. I found Philip
    Phillips quite boring & mediocre singing voice than the other male contestants like Joshua Ledet. I think Jessica should have won because she has an amazing voice! Evie Villa 5/23rd.

    • Phillip – great all round artist, can sing, write music and play an instumentJessica – Best voice in the competition
      Joshua – Sorry but he is just a screamer. He made an absolute train reck out of John Lennon’s “Imagine” last week…a song that should not be tampered with

  125. Congratulation to Philip Philips , Jessica you are our winner! My best wishes to you both…

  126. congratz pp, from JESSICA’S  fans . cnt wait for bebechez album, goodday every1;o)

  127. Good advice in P’s song Home “don’t pay no mind to the demons that fill you with fear”  They both will have a great career. Phillip was the better all around artist / performer.  Two totally different styles – both very talented – Hope that Joshua will have a big fan base as I am sure there will be a deal for him out there also.  And Colton and the country gal, and my favorite Elise.  Each was talented and unique.

    • So true…both are champions and both have great futures ahead of them. They are both lucky to be so talented

  128. On the Weest Coast watching all of the”White Guys With Guitars”P2 w/ John Fogerty, amazing.  P2 is so good!!!

  129. it’s because of MR. Philip Philips is a pure american blood? thats why he  won of this competition? its bias,,,,, jessica saches lossed this american idol competiton, because shes not a pure american blood? its bias,,,,,, jessica is the best performer of this competition,, she’s a true winner, she’s a true americal idol.

    • It has nothing to do with race.  Yes, Jessica is more talented and has a lovely voice, but she makes poor song choices that people can’t relate to and that don’t show her talent as a singer and the range she has.  I think today her choice of a singer to sing with and their song says it all about her- all they did was scream- not pretty at all.

  130. Out of the two phillip is the only true musician, and he has a great original sound, im glad he won, and i can’t wait to buy his first album.

  131. Jessica lacks emotion.  She is such an awesome singer, so well skilled, but does not have the connection to the auidence.  She has mastered her craft to the fullest.  She needs some life experience to aide her socially which will come with age. 

  132. Jlo sure is hung up about Joshua…see her swoon when he sang…JLo getting divorces soon maybe??? LOL

  133. I want jess to win but we knew that phill would win just another adam lambert moment and ai sucks. They just lost another ai fanatic.

  134. destinykohl. he doesn’t sound original.he sounds like dave matthews.but anyway congratulations to phillip…..and to Jessica as well ….

    • He has a style similar to daves but he works songs his own way which is something i appreciate.

    •  And Jessica sounds like any one of a half a dozen diva types- Whitney, etc. Ultimately, Phillip will sound much more original.

  135. Once again, America has made the wrong choice, just like in the past season when they had chosen Chris Allen over Adam Lambert. I can’t believe America reject  Joshua Ledet and now we’re ending up with Phillip Phillips.
    SMART CHOICE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable

  136. Girls should no longer join AI.  Wake up, girls! AI is now an impossible dream!

  137. I like Phillip’s artistry and charm and talent in his genre….but in vocal versatility and in musicality Jessica Sanchez is far superior. Their talents are so very different  from each other’s so it all comes down who who prefer whose style and ‘PERSONALITY’  the best.  

    So America has spoken…but even before the results show, in my personal assessment,  just the 
    selection of the “winner” song  already indicated a Phillip win. Phillip’s song was way better and resonated more with the audience and even at home with my family than Jessica’s. Since this after all a numbers  & voting demographics game there was no need to see the writing on the wall …and all of us know who makes the winners win.!  
    Good luck to both Phillip ang Jessica their careers ahead!!!

  138. unbelievable. don’t understand why teens/girls heels over the head for Philips. Good looking yes, when he’s not singing, smiling and flirting gesture. but when he’s singing, he looks like in pain, grimacing .. but just wait n see. who sell more in the future..

    • It’s not just teen girls who like Phillip Phillips. Everyone has a style of music that appeals to them. Jessica is a beautiful girl & singer, with a huge career ahead of her. My husband & I however, prefer Phillip Phillips style of music & the way he connects with the audience.

      Every year, people who like a certain singer, who doesn’t win, state AI is fixed. It is not fixed there are just millions & millions of people, who vote for their style of music. It just may not be the same as yours…

      Be happy for both of them because they will both have a record deal.

      Congratulations to Phillip & Jessica!!

      • On another note; Phillip gave input on his song & he decided, how it would be performed. He is a true musician & will not let anyone decide for him.

        Jessica is young & doesn’t really have the maturity to guide her own style yet. She was allowed to give input on her song. She just chose not to change anything, like Phillip did.

        She will learn this & JLO gave her that same advice last night. It was her song & her choice to sing it how she wanted. Don’t try to claim Phillip was set up to win. He took control of his song, just as Jessica had the opportunity to do.

  139. I’m moving on to x factor , tired of the same old thing on idol every year. Simon we need you back in the house! Idol will always have a cute boy that wins no matter what . Come on guys lets be done with Idol! Sign your name to leave idol. 

  140. all this talk about the results being bias because he is American is funny, especially since “American” really is no specific race. They are both talented in their own way but it came down to relate-ability and most people don’t relate to a 16 yo pagent kid. Contracts to them all though. I liked this season. Hope to hear more from colton and skyler as well.

  141. Ok so it’s true, women inherit the earth and they proved it last night by crowning P2 2012’s the winner of AI  over Jessica Sanchez. I thought that i would be angry and upset but i was kind of happy for p2 he showed class and a humility that is worthy of a champ, so good for for him, Jessica will make her CD and it will be huge on the charts. And P2 will make his CD and we shall see how well it does, I wish him luck.

  142. He did not win caz he has talent he won caz people fell srry for him!

  143. I can’t believe he won, i think Jessica should have won, she was the best out of some people. Her harmony was perfect & beautiful. SMH.  

  144. It’s okay that Jessica was just runner-up, that’s still a good finish considering she was about to be eliminated in the middle of the competition.  People will continue to patronize songs she’d make because she sounds more contemporary and her range is much wider.  I also like PP but let’s face it, he will just be another flash in the pan – a monotone can only do so much.

  145. Congratulations to Phillip and Jessica!

    I hope next year will be different. It can be WGWG again (White Girl With A Guitar) since a white singer-songwriter girl, a white country girl, and an asian-latina-american soul diva cannot break the trend, let’s just hope a White Girl With A Guitar (Alt Rock) can.

    • Lets listen to what Celine DIon, Destinys child, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Gloria Estefa, Barbara Streissand, Billy Joel, Jennifer Lopez has to say togetther with Tommy Mottola when they Produce Jessicas Album “CONFIRMED”

  146. PP won because his american. JS lost because she’s asian. For me, I think it’s scripted that PP will win. RACISM

    •  The victim mentality begins. Blame anything for your failures except yourself.

    • You forgot is the fault of the tennie boppers and stupidity of Americans everywhere

    • Give me a break! I am so tired of the racism card, being thrown around. Guess what? America is made up of millions & millions of people; all colors, all races & all with the ability to vote. America chose Phillip, not one specific color or race.

    • Jessica Sanchez was born in the USA and so was her father. That, in any terms, makes her an American and she has as much Latina blood in her as she does Filipino.

      They will both have good careers in different genres so be happy for both and for a great night of entertainment.

  147. I didn’t see the judge’s jumping up that quick when Phillip won. They didn’t seem that happy. 

  148. could americans be racists? hahaha (just putting some humor into it, dont take it seriously) 
    PP is a good artistic singer, jessica just had a lot more potential and her vocal talent is really good. 
    it would’ve been great to break the male winning streak of AI.
    i agree as well on some opinions, that the last few male AI winners didnt ever take off with their careers.

  149. regardless swin or not in AI record label exec Tomyy MOtolla has expressed interest in working with Jessica’s debut album

    Tony is widely well known for signing developing and nurturing the career of Celine DIon, Destinys child, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Gloria Estefa, Barbara Streissand, Billy Joel, Jennifer Lopez among others

    GREAT NEWS there is an offer for Jessica to play “KIM” in the mvie version of  MIss Siagon  

  150. how does the choice of the coronation song work? how come PP’s overall presentation and production number was so much better than Jessica’s?

    • No, not sabotage. Phillip is a true musician & takes control of what he does on stage. Jessica just doesn’t have the maturity yet to do that. She had complete control to perform her song, however she wanted. She chose the wrong arrangement & stage set up. Her song is beautiful & she sings it beautiful. She just made bad choices last night.

  151. he will just like be the other guy winners.. will be famous in a short period of time.. so sad. the question is how long he can be famous? so many artist like him. he will never be remembered when i get old. but JS is a legend right as this moment, as she grows up she will get better and better. MARK my word!!

    •  I can only wish Jessica fans can be as gracious as she is in accepting a loss. Which is not a loss anyway since both are winners. Both will get a record deal and will have careers ahead of them. Now it’s up to them.

  152. Predictable. Why bother going thru weeks of competition if you can pick out the guy with the guitar day one. PP is good, but there were so many talented people especially Jessica and Joshua. It would have been refreshing to see a change. Jessica was AMAZING with Jennifer Holliday!

  153. Told ya, she CANNOT BE American Idol 2012! She is over rated, by the judges and mostly by Asian since she is half mexican and…….. Anyway, very very happy that Phillip won!

  154. Phillip winning is as shocking as Kelly Clarkson beating Justin Guarini. But as you know this competition is not about the biggest voice or who can hit the highest note to get the applause. Even Charice did not win Philippines Idol, I think she finished third. Jessica has a great vocal skill and will have a great career ahead of her too.

    • its not philippine idol…it was little big star from ABS CBN2…no philippine idol yet from ABC5 or pinoy idol GMA7…

      yes, you don’t have to win the title to make it big…you need exposure and real talent for that…

      although winning is an icing on a cake

  155. Hmmm…I think X factor is more interesting than the Voice.  I’m anxious to see how Britney Spears does the judging thing.  Bye American Idol/WGWG idol.  

  156. That awkward moment when Phillip Phillips won but the world is still talking about the duet of Jessica & Jennifer

  157. Sad but joyful for Jessica… She just won the world!! She did an amazing, flawless and EPIC rendition of And Im telling you with Ms Holliday… At least America will not blame outside the US voters anymore.. The VOICE spoke for itself – and that’s what AMerica will remember!

  158. These comments here (you know who you are) are the ones that make Philippino fans got a bad rap. Not only here but in youtube as well. Look in the mirror please.

  159. It is okay with me that Philip won.  Jessica and he are the best of the crops.
    But most of us here,  where most  friends and relatives lives in America have concluded that the American Idol attitude and standards had not change, when it comes to choosing a pure American and Mix blood American. They still favor Pure American no matter how good the other.  They will no longer watch the American Idol next year.  As for me, i really stopped  watching AI after the Judge Simon left AI.  But my excitement was aroused again due to Jessica’s performance.  May we know the % of the votes cast for Jessica and Philip. Thank you.  And Congrats to both.

  160. America is not ready for a filipino-american-latina idol, but the world is!

  161. Jessica has the best vocal than Phillips. The song choices the judge picked favored Phillips. His songs were easy compared to the songs they made Jessica sing. What a washed up show. No wonder the ratings are down.

    • They picked their own #2 and #3 songs for the final and also chose the arrangements. 

      So, Jessica chose The Prayer and Change Nothing as her favorite song and her coronation song. The judges had nothing to do with the song choices.The first song both sung was chosen – I believe – by Simon Fuller.


    LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I actually turned the mute button on the TV about half way through the song, not because of JS though.

  163. Lets listen to what Celine DIon, Destinys child, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Gloria Estefa, Barbara Streissand, Billy Joel, Jennifer Lopez has to say togetther with Tommy Mottola when they Produce Jessicas Album “CONFIRMED”

  164. Dat jus mest up jessica should ave 1!!!!!!!america need to tel,de through

    • Huh?! Don’t know if you are just trying to be cute  but it’s not, really …you can’t even spell and make an intelligible sentence correctly. Maybe you are  too used to texting in short cuts, you got stuck there…

      Go back to your grammar class Lil_chicktt_toya rather than posting or trolling here…

  165. I like Phillip but I don’t think he should win. Jessica should be the American Idol since they let Josh go. I knew this would have happen when they let Joshua leave last week. I think it’s all a fix. They let Joshua go because they didn’t want Phillip to go against Joshua because they know for sure Phillip cannot beat Joshua because he is too good, but poor Jessica, she had to be the one to go against Phillip eventhough she’s a lot better than Phillip. What a waste throughout the whole show if they can’t have the right person to win. We all know that either Joshua or Jessica should have won, not Phillip…fix, fix, fix…it shows racism…!

  166. American idol only got it right twice Kelly clarkson and Jordan sparks…. I like Philips. But it’s a waste to see good talented people like Jessica to not win..

    • JS got more exposure than she could ever dream of. She will be guaranteed a recording contract, and she will be promoted very heavily. You call that a waste. AI is nothing but an outlet to get the exposure to assist one to obtain greater success. She’s not going to be flushed down a toilet simply because she came second. Her life is now changed, and it is up to her to take advantage of the opportunity given her. If you call that a waste then you are beyond help.

    •  Zashiv obviously dont follow American Idol much. How about Carrie Underwood.

  167. season
    1-white girl (pop)season 2-black guy (r&b)season 3-black girl
    (r&b)season 4-white girl (country)season 5-white guy(soul)season
    6-black girl (pop/r&b)

    (2008- Idol allows contestants to play instruments)

    season 7-white guy (alt rock)season 8-white guy (alt rock)season
    9-white guy (alt rock)season 10-white guy (country)season 11-white guy
    (alt rock)
    season 12 – probably another white guy (country)
    season 13 – probably another white guy (alt rock)
    season 14 – probably another white guy (alt rock)
    season 15 – the show is cancelled


  168. Philip may be original BUT i bet he’s just gonna be a small time artist just like the previous male winners and will not shine outside USA. As for Jessica, i believe she’ll be an international singer and will be succesfull. I really wish all the best for her..

  169. I have been objectively
    judging the music talents of these teenagers. Jessica Sanchez has demonstrated
    beyond doubt superb singing talent by taking on very challenging and wide range
    of songs. The manner the voting has gone on not just this season raises me lot
    of concerns as it’s very evident Philip who has been singing very safe songs
    and has no real talent (but appealing looks catering for teenage girls) has won
    the contest. I am saddened to see America cannot even exercise a simple test of
    selecting a talented “singer” purely based on “Talent”. Some of the rescue and
    shocks indicate voting based on contestant’s physical appearance,
    beauty/handsome, skin color, race and so on. FYI, I am neither of white, black
    or Spanish or East Asian. I am deeply saddened to witness the dreams of a talented
    American teen singer comparable to Whitney Houston has been robbed during the
    glittering ceremony. Philip has also lost a very golden opportunity to be Olympian
    to gracefully crown more talented person and demonstrate good virtues still
    alive in the land of the brave.

    I have to console
    myself; when the society that doesn’t agitate over much more sensitive and
    humanity issues, on a very innocent man wrongly convicted and put to death/executed;
    not a single occurrence but 50-60 cases a year; robbing Jessica’s glory is
    nothing. Jessica is very young, talented and more distinctly “very determined”;
    I am very confident she will be on the top of her dreams and inspire the underdogs
    how to overcome prejudice in the land of the brave!! My best wishes to Jessica Sanchez.

    Note to judges: You are
    partly to blame for the debacle. You have failed in your duties to promote
    objectivity among teens in voting for “Talent” in this show “Singing Talent”. Your
    comments on physical appurtenance; gender bias; praising one individual less
    objectively etc contributed to teens thinking of selecting what “Appeal” to
    them most. If teens or significant segment are voting public can’t be objective
    is game that has less stakes, how they will elect their representative on
    complex issues? Next season I will watch some other show. God Save America!!

    •  Why don’t people like you understand….we all have different taste in music. After having diva power ballads shoved down our throats for the last 5+ years…we are tired of them. Just because someone can hit high notes doesn’t make them a great singer to all of us and certainly not a great entertainer as so much more than voice goes into that. I’m sorry to speak ill of the dead and I’m not, just speaking truth her…if Whitney was so damn great why hasn’t she been selling albums the last 10 years. You people and your divas…you are so closed minded to think that is what great music is and you can’t see past that.

      Apparently you people never go out to bars or other places where people hang out. If you did, you would find out they aren’t playing diva power ballads to drink by or to dance to. And why do you people has your *sses in such an uproar one of your darling one the X Factor….whats her name…you know the one who’s name has disappeared from anyone caring. Much of this lies at the feet of Simon Cowell, the worshiper of divas. He’s going to keep pushing this crap on us for several watch and see…but it won’t work.

  170. Yes, the right singer won. Congratulations! You are so awesome! I can’t wait to buy your music.

  171. Well, she lost the competition. But she definitely got the last word. That Jessica Sanchez duet of “And I’m Telling You”was probably the best musical performance I have ever seen on TV (and I’m not that young!). I don’t understand why she wasn’t given a song like that for round 3 of the finale. Oh well, she’ll have a monster career anyway. And, if Jessica couldn’t win it, I’m glad P2 did.

    • Jessica was thrown under the bus.. first during semi-finals and then at the finals.  I could tell– judges were not as excited as they used to.  They setup JS and JL .  It was obvious that P2..

  172. I do not agree with the result Philip can not even sing!!!!! Boooooo!!!!! Whoever vote him does not know what a good voice is.

    • Think you are mistaking AI with The Voice. JS had the best voice of the two finalists but for entertainment value people related more with P2. Pretty simply really. JS I’m sure will do fine. WIth a bit of life experience and a broader knowledge of music and she might do fantastic.

  173. This was really a great finale except for the fact that I was afraid Neil Diamond was gonna fall and break a hip coming down those stairs. I am surprised that he didn’t have anybody escort him down them.

    It was obvious that the screamfest that Josh and Fantasia delivered was in the face of all the criticism he received throughout the season.

    All the antics about Randy and the phone book and getting new material for next year was also in response to criticism.

    I thought it was all great. At least we know we are being heard! 

    We’ll just have to wait and see what they do about it. 

    Until next season. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • agree LOL! but sorry no more next season for me.. i will shift channels hahaha…

  174. Judging from last night performance, America got it right. P2 stuck to his original self wheras Jess tried too hard with her powerful vocals. On another day she could have won it hands down.  

    Would have been a controversial win for Jess anyways as she was clearly voted out previously and only saved back by the judges.

    Sorry for Jess and her fans, congrats to Philips P.

    • why are you saying sorry to the fans of Jessica? we’re all happy for Jessica because no doubt that she will have a better career than P2 ^_^ 

    • Jessica has more choices;  Checkout Simon Cowel’s tweet:  he still can’t believe that Jessica did not win. And if she were in X Factor she would have won!  Check out Fox Lation News; it’s confirmed Tommy Mottola will work with her on her first album.  That’s huge!!

  175. congrats Phillips…as expected…to Jessica, you have a bright future ahead of you!!

  176. Congratulations to Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, can’t wait for their tour…

    Jessica is still trending worldwide …

    What Makes Jessica Beautiful
    That Should Be Jessica

  177. Congrats Philip! Congrats Jessica!  This is just the beginning for Jessica. We love you and we’ll support you JS!
    The American Idol was not yours JS. What you will be is International Idol!

  178. they are catering to the young girls who are their market…the young girls swoon over the cute guys and use their phones and text plans so A T & T benefits big time   wait til next month and the cell bills arrive   OH MY

  179. While I congratulate both competitors, I cant do the same for AI management, mentors and judges. Just admit this is more a popularity contest than a singing contest.
    Conduct auditions like you would interview job applicants next time, less of singing. Dont masquerade as searching for musical excelllence. Just be HONEST please.

  180. I still really cant get over Jennifer Holiday and Jessica’s duet!! AAAH! It was just sooo impeccable, wow, Legendary, mind-blowing, its just… ALL IN THERE! you name it, no one and i mean NO ONE will ever top this performance EVERRRR. bravo… just just GRRRRR bravo!!

    • epic reaction also of JLo…hahahahaa…i bet she’s so envious, she could not sing like that.

      • the performance is exhausting…but in a good way…where did they get those

  181. The winning moment for me in the finale result was the incomparable amazing duet of Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday singing “And I Am Telling You”……..Their number is enough to show to the world who should be called the most deserving contestant to win A1. I remember Brandy’s comment to Jessica during American Got Talent before ” YOU GONNA BE HUGE” and that finale number with the original Dream girl is another crystal clear justification of Jessica’s coming “stardom” in the music industry worldwide!

    What a performance!!!!!!The BEST in American Idol history!!!!!!!!

  182. Come What May.. But The Best Will Take Away.. Love Phillip Phillips Anyway,, He Was Born For This Day.. 

  183. I’ve noticed america always vote ” Boy”  as an american Idol… since Carrie win…. no one come’s next …so girls no reason to join the american idol.. next year it will be a boy again am sure…..

  184. I was going for Colton <//3 Then I stopped watching. Completely. 😀 I guess congrats… Phillip…

  185. You should know that Jess spoiled one of her songs that night. Although I think in term of vocal abilities Jess is more professional, judging by what I saw and heard last night Phil deserves it. 

  186. Opinion : Jessica Sanchez has a lot of singers who you can compare with… My fave this season is honestly Elise Testone.. I think she’s the most versatile singer and has the most unique voice! I liked jessica more than elise before but after some time i got bored to her… dont get me wrong but i guess AI is all about who the people love and it’s a popularity show that’s why Jen Hirsh didn’t make it to the top 13 but jeremy and other artists who were not that much good than the top 24 who didn’t make it

  187. It’s such a shame that in a competition like this where there is Elise,Skylar & Jessica,Phillip’s not even worth watching.

  188. America picked the right idol to win.  Philip was different than the rest, all others seemed like someone else I heard before.   Philip, could sing write and play music

    •  I agree PP was the best all around, he won even though he was sick the whole time. He will be much greater when he’s well. There is much more to winning than standing there singing with a mike…

    • yah! philip is different from the rest…he got the worst singing vocals among the twelve…

  189. PP is the 5th WGWG in a row now.  and obviously the worst of the 5.  Congratulations “VoteForTheWorst”………… guys really know how to screw up a singing contest.   There is no way that PP should have made it this far.  HE CAN”T SING !!!!!!!!!!!!     It was obvious last night the guy cannot sing out of his measely one octave range.  If you look up the word  “pitchy” in the dictionary and you’ll see his face.   Nice job everyone., another Lee Dewyze in the making (only Dewyze could sing well, unlike PP)   The dumbing down of American has now hit the music industry.  Season 12 should be a real winner.    Maybe the #6 WGWG winner will also play the harmonica.

    • c’mon! the ability to play instruments hones the vocal ability of the artists. it allows them to make their own sound and arrangement to create or take a song and own it. besides, pitch was never really phillip’s problem because he works the song according to his style and thus sometimes mess with the melody but nonetheless great because it is unique and it worked for him. as for his performance on the result’s night, yes it was not his greatest but give him some slack, the guy is sick but was too professional not to show up.

    • Season 10: Scotty McCreery did not play a guitar.
      Season 9: Lee DeWyze did on every song as did the runner up, who was a female – Crystal Bowersox. 

      Season 8: Kris Allen did not play his guitar on every song but he does now with his band and he is being very successful with his sophomore album in the top 10 in its debut week.

      Season 7: David Cook did not use his guitar on every song but does now as leader of his band. His debut album went Platinum and he is also being very successful on tour.

      So Phillip is only the 2nd to have used a guitar on the majority of his songs (he did not play it on all of them) and that is 2 male contestants out of 11 winners who have been guitar vocalists on the show.

      Until Season 9, there was a restriction on the number of songs contestants could do using an instrument. Frankly, with Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox using their guitars on every song, it ruined the season and no-one has really been successful from that season.


  190. Many people don’t enjoy big voice diva as much as they enjoy a much more simple song
    and singer. Big voice is for big applause, maybe good for stage? It
    loses its soul when the goal is to get applause.

    It sucks that your taste and your contestant is not part of the majority, I understand that, but that’s the name of the game.

  191. A question I forgot to ask erlier: What’s the use of having High Priced Judges on the show when they can’t decide on who should win? Why call them Judges when all the do is comment on how good the contestants look or good they sound?  Judges or comentators? 

    • they decide who should be in to win america’s heart… that is what they are paid for and while these talents try to win the nation’s vote, they help them along the way to be just that 🙂

  192. A question I forgot to ask erlier: What’s the use of having High Priced Judges on the show when they can’t decide on who should win? Why call them Judges when all the do is comment on how good the contestants look or good they sound?  Judges or commentators? 

  193. What do you think? Did the right singer win American Idol 2012? — yes. i may not be his fan and i didn’t vote for him but by all means he deserves to win. we jessica fans and supporters were outvoted — that plain and simple.

  194. This is Jessica, the real Jessica. I met a very nice person who told me about this site and now that the contest is over, I’m allow to visit and participate on such sites. Today, I decided to take a few moments to visit the sites to directly thank my fans for their support.

    But after I come hear and start reading these postings, I am horrified. I don’t understand what is wrong with you people. Phillip fairly won because he is the best at entertaining and the people voted him AI based on that. I deeply love Phillip like a brother and would do anything for him that I would for my own brothers. I am ashamed that anyone who claims to be my fan is acting in any way other than sincerely congratulating Phillip for his win. You have no idea how hard and how much pain he as endured for this.

    I think so highly of him and you are tearing him down and that is tearing me down…please stop I’m begging you. You are destroying my dreams and I’ll quit if this is what I cause people to do and say. Please stop it …I don’t know what else to say, you have hurt me so much..

    • Well said! Jessica Sanchez is beautiful, incredibly talented and obviously mature beyond her years. Don’t worry about the negative people Jessica. The positive ones outnumber them by far. It’s just that the negative ones make a lot more noise.

    •  The show is over and were done. Period. If you are really Jessica Sanchez, I tell you. What do we get in pushing this? What? We already accept for the outcome of the show and it has nothing to do with our daily lives. So this is really over. What is written in this blog is nothing but a crap so don’t be affected coz’ as it over. I hope you read this blog.

    • at first i was angered that you dint win but when i saw this  i say that the american idol results were fair and square

  195. I believe that Phillip Phillips should not have won. As a singer myself, I believe that one should have variety meaning he/she must be able to sing any genre of songs, utilise the stage as well as dress the part for the era in which the song you are singing is from. As for Joshua, he topped each category, Jessica could have sang any song and she sometimes utilised the stage but she seemed to have had a problem with he dress code. Phillip on the other hand, while I love him dearly and his unique voice, I believe and he did not always dress the part and he could not have sang any genre of songs. With that being said, I  believe that the winner should have been Joshua Ledet followed by Jessica in second place and Phillip in third place.

  196. I just hope everyone will give credit where credit is due…. America got it right. I am a fan of the runner-up. But I think Philip Philips, as well as the rest, worked hard to win the title. … and I congratulate him. (No sore losers, PLEASE. I can understand if you are a feeble-minded creature to be a sore one. AM SO TIRED of your alibis, explanations, bashes, rants, etc. Enough already. You all sound crazy) In the end, the  contestant with the greatest number of votes win. Nobody should question or reject the decision made because it is a popularity contest. For all the 12 finalists, it is just a start of a very gruelling path to their dreams which this show has given them more than enough exposure….They will now have to prove their worth and mettle after this. Just be happy for all of them and wish them the best. You, including me, should get back to reality. It is their dream and their working on it. SHOULDN’T YOU BE WORKING ON YOURS? We all have to stop being a fan sometimes.

    • Phillip is just the AMERICAN. But Jessica is the one and only IDOL.

      Congratulations to Phillip though…

    • Jessica was supposed to have a duet with Kristin Chenoweth e.g. Donna Summer tribute? Did it push through? It wasn’t aired, right? But I heard they performed it… Hope somebody can upload it

    • You want to know why your Philipp won.  Simple.  All it takes are 300,000
      teen girls to vote 300 times and PP gets 90 million votes.  I voted 300 times
      for JS in 3 hours but my granddaughter and her Mom voted for PP 600
      times each in 4 hours. How can you beat that?  They are fast, determined
      and has nothing to do but vote continous for 4 hours.  

  197. Why did Branden deleted his praise comment on Jessica and Jennifer Holiday duet?  Just wondering….

  198. Not sure if American Idol missed it or downplayed it, Jessica Sanchez gave a stellar performance at the famed Apollo Theater at age 10. She brought the house down with her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s R-e-s-p-e-c-t. The View showed a clip of this in yesterday’s telecast. Whoopi Goldberg was the host of the show at the time and she remembered the young girl with the great voice six years ago. Jessica, we voted for you throughout the season and you won the hearts and admiration of many who recognize a real talent. God guide and protect you as you embrace worldwide fame and success. Stay as sweet and humble as you are. God bless.

  199. That was the worst decision I have ever seen! Come on, he couldn’t hold a candle to the other two finalist! You had two perfect voices and then him! I guarantee the other two will make more hits and more money than America’s winner! Come on! Get it right!

  200. HaHa…America got it right and the show got it right!!

    iTunes – Top Singles Chart
    P2-#1 single – Home
    P2-10 Songs, 6 in top 100, his lowest #151
    Joshua-1 song, #177
    JS-1 Song, #194

    iTunes – Top Albums Chart
    P2-Journey -#2, soon to be #1
    JS-Journey -#8, maybe she can ride P2’s coat tails and move up to #7


    Where is all the support for the great and wonderful Jess now???

    P2 is topping them all:
    Blake Shelton
    Maroon 5
    Who won the voice? He’s not on the charts


    Phillip is KING OF SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    TIME TO GET IN LINE JESS FANS….step up and get your nice warm crow to eat!!!!

      •  you are wrong because it’s not a big deal for me. I only flush the toilet with my popoo, pride no, because jessica is no. 2 among all thousands of americans got audition and even if in top 10, it is still a big achievement. Do you get it? I think you yourself has a constipation or something.

    • Lets wait and see a year from now when they all have their albims released tbat will be the true tell. I have a felling he wont be ranked as high as jessica when that happens

    •  agree! but I don’t care cause i don’t get money out of it, you, do you make money out of this? We already step-up and eat nice chicken barbeque and salad not a crow coz its only for you, its endangered specie here in our country. american idol is for usa only so what’s the big deal, cmon  hahaha!

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