American Idol 2012 Finale Elimination: Who Will Win?

American Idol 2012 Top 2

Tonight all the cards will be laid on the table and we’ll finally know who won American Idol 2012. Either Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez will take the crown and sing us out with a huge performance to end the night. Your votes in our poll have correctly identified the past four eliminations. Can you do it again? Let’s take a look at your votes and see who is your prediction for who will win American Idol 2012.

With over 18,000 votes in our poll at the time of publishing Jessica Sanchez leads with a whopping 62% of the vote. Now that’s a healthy majority. Despite a weak finish to the night with “Change Nothing” that simply did not go over well with the judges or critics it looks like her fan base was solid in their support. The real question is: will those global votes translate to a domestic win? Jessica obviously enjoys extremely vocal international support here on the site, but technically they’re not supposed to be voting. If enough external voters skirt the system to add their support on top of Jessica’s domestic support then that could easily put her over the top. With Nigel Lythgoe’s announcement that a “world record” of 132 million votes were received last night (that’s 10 million more than last season) I can’t help but think there may be more than just US votes in that total.

Phillip Phillips brought in just 37% of our poll’s votes. A full 25% less than Jessica here on the site. As far as the judges are concerned, the night was nearly split until that very last performance. We heard it poured on Phillip for his delivery of “Home” and rightfully so. From what we’ve heard from attendees, the Nokia Theatre crowd threw their support for the night to Phillip. Like him or not, Phillips brought it to a close with a big, big spectacle performance and having the final word is going to be important in the minds of voters. But will it be enough?

Looking back over the years of American Idol we’ve seen lots of close races. Last season it looked pretty clear that Scotty McCreery would take the cake, but things don’t feel that cut and dry to me this time around. We’ve seen four straight Idol seasons with a male winner which indicates a trend in the voting audience. The cynic in me expects that trend to continue. Sure, trends can change, and gee it’d be nice for ones like this to do so, but that’s what makes trends trends.

I don’t have a favorite between Phillips and Sanchez. Both are obviously talented performers or they wouldn’t have made it this far in the Idol competition if they weren’t. They’ve each earned their spot at the finale and a win by either would be justified. The majority of readers here believe Jessica Sanchez should win American Idol 2012. Maybe she will, but my jaded side says she won’t. Nothing at all against Phillip and, on the flipside, nothing for Jessica, but it’d be nice to see the chain broken for the sake of Idol and a little variety in what this aging show can offer rather than always seeming like a lock for the next guitarslinger that walks on stage.

Before the comment flames rain down, take a moment and ask yourself the bigger question: does it really matter who wins at this point? Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will have many opportunities to go out, make music, perform for fans, and release records to their heart’s content. So if your favorite doesn’t win tonight, it’ll be okay. I promise.




    • Absolutely agree! PP is an average wannabee star; not in same league as Jessica!

      • Jessica just stands there and shouts I personally feel. She’ll have a great career regardless I believe, but for the one of who’d I’d prefer to pay and see in concert is definitely Phillip.

      • Hes not an average little wannabe. Hes an amazing talented artist non like little cocky sixteen year old Jessica Sanchez. Another thing I would like to mention is all of the songs that she sings are way to matture  for her and all of her clothes that she wears are way too old for her. So the only explanation to you not liking Phillip must be that your isanely jealous of him.
        Once again Phillip Phillips all the way baby.

      • whatever, Jessica is a great singer however according to the votes Phillips is better, anyway!!!!! I have to agree my vote was for Phillips

      • yeah lets see where Jessica is. Where’s fantasia with her big ole voice….Bankrupt and dead on the charts

    • Congratulations–it’s okay–Jessica will still have a big future—as much as your Phillip. 

    • you need to ask phillip why he needs his guitar and background singers, band to hide his funny voice. 

      • He has an amazing voice stupid. And hmm do you not remember his audition.?

      •  without the marching band and whatever were there phillip’s nothing but a trying hard

      • well why dont you ask jessica why she cant harmonize with anybody and can ONLY sing BALLADS BY HER SELF! The real A.I won tonight and that is PP. He is himself no one is like him he is an artist, Jessica is a Beyonce impersonater and can only sing that style, Phillipsx2 proved he can harmonize and sing stuff that isnt just his style. Also Jessica is cocky way to much for her own good and needs to dress her age instead of trying to win with showing off her lil skinny immature body. 🙂

    • so sure of that huh? just like in politics, never say die until the last vote is counted!

  1. There is a major leap with the votes because aside from the phone lines, they also gave way to text messages and online voting with 50 votes each so that gives us 150 votes per person. I’m betting that Jessica will win this thing! I hope she does! .^_^

  2. If Jessica doesn’t win, I’m not watching anymore. It just proves that America only goes for looks rather than talent.

    • You know if that were the case then Reuben Studdard and Taylor Hicks would never have won!

      • Back then did they have texted votes? A lot of the votes for the guys come from the pre-teen girl votes who use their cell phones.

    •  People vote for who they wanna hear, and Phillips last song made me wanna buy his whole goddam album if he had one lool

    • Yeah, ’cause she’s like the ugliest girl ever…? She’s a cute young girl and I think that gives her alot of votes, maybe not as many as Phillip gets for being a cute boy but Jessica will get votes from young girls who find her inspirational. I think Jessica will win, I prefer Phillips kind of music, I would never listen to an album by Jessica but I would love to hear one from Phillips, still she really really deserves it and would be better suited as the winner.

      • Phillip deserves it just as much, he’s worked hard too and he’s the one who alot of us watch the show to see. He’s been in pain with those kidney stones because he wants this win so much

      • Ugliest girl ever? Why are you pretty?  And how’s your voice sounds?
        a “FROG” maybe! You can buy all Philips records if you want to, nobody is asking you on not to.

      • ugliest girl ever?! I bet you haven’t looked at the mirror your whole life! This is a singing contest not a beauty pageant…

    • I say that every year!! 
      Its getting old!!
      I’ll check out Duets be that will be exciting since it’s hosted by the 1st America Idol Winner!!! Just saying….: )

      Enjoy the photo of the Vincent Thomas Bridge, Long Beach, CA 

    • no american vote for the one they like the best. we have that right and if more people like Phillips style of music then so be it. It’s all a matter of preferance and FANS buy records. The more fans the more sales.

  3. I just want Jessica to break the WGWG trend and become the  JS# 2 (Jordin Sparks). And no, I’am a white person.

    • What about the Dancing with the stars trend…BAM … figure that one out. More women watch these shows so that will change things. Jessica sings song that you can’t relate to coming from a young girl with no life experiences. She would have faired better singing songs I would want my 12 yr old granddaughter to listen to. Old Miley Cyrus songs or something in that range. You can relate to Phillip. He’s working for it.. really working for. Anybody ever had a kidney stone? Try having that am performing. Thats working HARD for a dream! He deserves more than an Idol win in my book.

      • He’s like having a baby (LABOR PAINS) on stage….. Any mothers out there ever sang while they were in hard labor?????

      •  American Idol is only religiously followed by teenage girls, who are attracted to handsome, atristic, emotional guys, i.e. the last 5 Idol winners and, unfortunately, probably Phillip Phillips.

        Dancing with the Stars is only religiously followed by middle-aged, housewife type women. Hence, the recent trend on that show.

        Let’s see…I see a trend forming on The Voice…there’s clearly musical favoritism on America’s Got Talent even thought that’s sooo not what that show’s about (nor was last season’s winner anything near the best act)…there are trends on every show where the audience chooses the winner because the same people are voting every season. It just depends on who your audience is.

      • you know the thing with the kidney stones ……
        maybe PP’s asking for more “awwww” effect don’t you think?

      • Amen……………….go ahead let your granddaughter listen to old Miley Cyrus songs, or even better……songs from from kindergarten class.Does anybody know what “teenage” songs Kessica should sing? 

  4. I like PP but I voted for Jessica. The finals was a set up for PP to shine. They gave Jessica a bad song and Jimmy Iovine let it pass. He was responsible also for giving Jessica a not so good song in the Top 3. He always overlook the songs for JS, I can’t help but really feel it’s a sabotage.

    • Wait a second, they are suppose to pick out the kind of song and style they want to sing on their cd. If she picked a bad song she has to blame herself, it’s part of growing up. 

      • If you are given two songs to choose from with limited time, you would choose the lesser bad song , given that Jessica is just a young talented gifted vocalist, I think judging the winner base only on the impact of a third song is whimsical and inconclusive. Everyone has an opinion and second guessing if the CD will make it or not and how far is inconclusive you wont know till you see it. 

        The facts are American Idol has a history of losers that are truly deserving who made a huge impact to the billboard charts, award music body,and a list of WGWG winners in the last four years that has faded in and faded out. Why? because the process of selecting the winner is whimsical and inconsistent. ITS the same thing over and over again, its time for Change….. if not the show may go down the tube and beaten by X Factor or the promising VOICE….
        So in the end the show that emphasizes the importance of singing and performance should take a hard look at how they can make the results credible and maybe they can produce LEGENDS in the MUSIC INDUSTRY , a real AMERICAN IDOL

      • Really was u there when they picked their songs. I really think jimmy did influence jessica on this song because she would like to put more soul to it but jimmy has said before he doesnt think she should be singing blusey soulful songs.

      • Jeffrecr3. Hopefully we will find out  Jimmy’s  thoughts tonight regarding that song choice and whether he supported it or not.

      • no. you guys. the last song was picked by Jimmy! philip’s last song was intended for a british singer but the wirter submitted it to idol for a possible winner’s song. An when Jimmy heard it. It was given to philip rightaway.

      • it was jimmy… weren’t you listening last year… Jimmy commented that he picked the songs because of there story

      • No I watched the studio version of Change Nothing & below wrote that the song was made for her to sing. No choice, it was her own & it it is a lot better than in the contest where they arranged it so badly making it so simple. Home wasnt originaly written for him  & thats unfair. 

    •  I am a huge fan of Jessica and in no way feel there is any type of sabotage…

      I believe Jessica will WIN…and my reasons are NOT just because I am a fan but have observed that she is doing the right things to win both on and off the stage…

      The selection of  “The Prayer” will likely grab the heart of Christian voters…a very large AI fan base…also aiding her to steal the majority of Joshua votes…

      Jessica had a stronger following than any other contestant coming into the AI competition…with her Youtube videos and other social networks…

      P2 won the coin toss to go last…so he focused his attention on the final number as he should…which should help him with voting momentum…but Jessica did clearly WIN the first 2 rounds

      No sabotage here…Jessica did well on and off the stage and at the end of the night will be best known as America’s Idol

      I am ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN !!!


      • There was Daniel. They shud have sang the same song to give us comparison but that did not happen. They pick a song already written for P2 to sing while Jimmy composed a song & only Jess sang it.  Believe me the studio version is really good, they just didnt give her the same arrangement & back up singer like they did to P2 in the contest.

    • That’s correct but I disgree that the song is bad. I just watched the studio version of Jessica of Change Nothing & it was great w/ all the band & back up singers I dont understand her arrangement in the finale they limit her performance no back up singer they just make it so simple & let Jess sit ont he stage while P2 has marching band etc etc. And his finale song wasnt original it was composed & sang by Holden & P2 was just a copy cat of the original. They shud hav sang the same song like the previous seasons to give us comparison but sadly the AI did not do this to make sure P2 will have the edge over Jess making her arrangement in the contest so simple. Ai made a huge mistake about this one, they thought people & viewers are stupid..

  5. Phillip Phillps all the way , he has everything whole package. Jessica needs more time and experience to be able to bring her songs her style to the table.

  6. Jessica has a great voice, but she’s boring and unoriginal.  In my opinion however, Phillip has the most talent.  He’s a true artist who is different to what is out there today.  I would pay to see a Phillip Phillips concert.  He makes American Idol cooler.  

    • So, you are saying that Jessica is boring and Phillip, (the guy who sings ALWAYS the same, just play the guitar and when he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t know what to do) is not? Ok

    • Go ahead and pay for PP’s concert… Don’t blame if you’re by yourself.. Lol..

    • if you really think p2 is original. try listening to non mainstream music 🙂 then you’ll know p2 might be a little mediocre

    • i will never spent anything for Philip’s singing…so boring…a lot of ordinary people can sing the same song and the tune and style…not really original. AI made a lot of effort to promote P2 in his 3rd song…but still they can’t  cover up a mediocre talent and performance of P2….

  7. C’mon Phillip! Jessica Has An Amazing Voice, Especially For Her Age, But Phillip Is An Artist And He And Skylar Have Always Been My Favorites 😀

    • we need a singer.. 😐 an artist could never be a great vocalist. 😐 but a vocalist can be a great artist 😐

  8. Just a point to ponder. This site is, as everyone knows on the worldwide web. So, some of the votes in this sites poll do come from non voters in the contest. The point I would like to make is that while there are some vocal out of USA posters who strongly support Jessica, there are some posters out of the USA who support P2. The % of who outside of the USA likes P2 and who likes Jessica may be similar to the % in the USA as to who likes who. No one knows, nor can prove this. The polls on numerous sites around the web have shown Jessica as the leader by a wide margin from the beginning. These sites also have out of USA voters. Who can say which contestant is more popular outside the USA with any conviction. No one, because there are no facts to support which is more popular. Many people have the OPINION, that Jessica is more popular worldwide, but that is simply their opinion.

        As for the record number of votes, that just means that more power voters are voting this year. A lot of kids that didn’t vote last year, became teenagers this year, and got their new phone. The power voting apps are easier to find, and easier to use this year. Was there a record number of viewers last night? That is the number that really counts.

        Anyway, I love the silly show. The silly judges. and their silly comments. Silly Ryan, and most of all the contestants because although sometimes they act a little silly, they are some very talented individuals. Good luck to Jessica and good luck to P2, and thanks for an enjoyable season.

    • …it’s funny that the owner of this site is insinuating something about voters outside of america… the rise in votes should be attributed foremost to the uncontrolled number of Facebook accounts a fan can open just to cast 50/votes per account PLUS the access to magic jacks, skype which are accessible anywhere…. it’s as if, nobody used this kind of system to previous idol winners.. just because a contestant has a huge fan base, people would go bashing below the belt about the origin of votes..

    • With over 18,000 votes in our poll at the time of publishing Jessica Sanchez leads with a whopping 62% of the vote. Now that’s a healthy majority. Despite a weak finish to the night with “Change Nothing” that simply did not go over well with the judges or critics it looks like her fan base was solid in their support. The real question is: will those global votes translate to a domestic win? Jessica obviously enjoys extremely vocal international support here on the site, but technically they’re not supposed to be voting. If enough external voters skirt the system to add their support on top of Jessica’s domestic support then that could easily put her over the top. With Nigel Lythgoe’s announcement that a “world record” of 132 million votes were received last night (that’s 10 million more than last season) I can’t help but think there may be more than just US votes in that total.
      Phillip Phillips brought in just 37% of our poll’s votes. A full 25% less than Jessica here on the site. As far as the judges are concerned, the night was nearly split until that very last performance. We heard it poured on Phillip for his delivery of “Home” and rightfully so. From what we’ve heard from attendees, the Nokia Theatre crowd threw their support for the night to Phillip. Like him or night, Phillips brought it to a close with a big, big spectacle performance and having the final word is going to be important in the minds of voters. But will it be enough? I STILL LUV PHILLIP >>:)I HOPE HE WINS!!!

  9. Regardless who wins, I just can’t wait for all the opportunities they will get. Expect Jes making lots of records, concerts, Grammys and epic performances not only nationally, but globally! As with P2, he’ll rock the music industry with his artistry and uniquely owned songs ala Jason Mrazy meets Dave Matthews and Mumford & Sons. Time to shake up the Billboards and music scene! Definitely both are strong contenders, and singers who are really needed right now in our music’s generation. God bless them both. Their voices are gifts from God needed to be shared, sang, and heard. Kudos to Season 11!! I really loved this season! Thy will be done!:)

    • Thank you. Why can’t people just agree they are both good in their own differant way instead of bashing. Its americas each individual preferance. Everybody loves Steven tyler and theirs alot of POWER singers better than him. Its his style. People loved Whitney and she was a power singer. It was their preferance. I love/loved them both but I only bought Areo smith records..because his music was my preferance……Just saying

  10. Great article Matt, it was logical, kind, fair, straightforward and yes, humorous.   I too have a favorite but agree, either can win and it really will not make much difference because they both have success awaiting them.  I thank you sir for providing this platform, it has been facinating to read and respond to the different posts, also amusing at times.  You and Branden do great work, thanks again.

  11. i thought their last song is supposed to be original? how come p2’s song HOME, has been sang by Greg Holden??? can anyone clarify this?

    • No one ever said it had to be original.  The contestants are offered a list and they chose which song they want to sing.  It is the first song they recored if they win, but nothing has ever been said about  original.  Jessica stated last night after she sang her 3rd  song that she chose that particular song because she wanted to go more urban.

      • ok so just to be fair, why isn’t she given good songs to choose from? if she CHOSE changing nothing, i bet it’s the best from the choices.. still unfair

  12. thank you for the fans who have basically had good manners on this blog.   And to those who put down all the contestants in one way or another, I hope you know that all of them respected and loved one another–you can learn from them.   This should have been just a friendly competition support group but when one starts bashing and the second person retaliate, it becomes so sick that you wonder how they can respect their own selves with such hateful characters.  America we  need to grow up and try to love and enjoy things that we are given–the kids all worked hard and they all made us proud.

  13. I can’t wait for tonight’ s duet by Jessica and Kristin. I heard they’ll sing ‘enough is enough’ to pay tribute to Donna summer , the disco queen! Love that song! Go Jessica. Even if you don’t get the title you are still the best for me. Goodluck!

  14. We’ll miss u Matthew and Branden! It was an amazing season,incomparable!All very talented.Iam a JESSICA fan.Peace!

  15. I have a feeling it’s JS…because she is going to sing  i am telling you I’m not going and no more tears while Phillip best song was home..

  16. Jessica no doubt has a good voice, but she is unoriginal and boring. She trys to hard to be like everyone else, I suppose this is what you would expect from a 16yr old. Phillip Phillips is unique and is a true artist, yes his voice may not appeal to the majority. But, he is the better artist, what are we judging on? A god given sound, or their ability to utilize it? America tends to vote for their favorites, not who is the best.

    • True artist with no quality of voice trying hard to sing… Without the backgrounds and orchestra that make his song alive PP is more boring…

  17. Jessica Sanchez for the Crown!!Sorry Phillip you’re not that good.

  18. Jessica is phenomenal & she deserve to win the Crown for A.I.2012!!

  19. I genuinely hope it’s PP for the win. Jessica’s an amazing talent, but he brings something so different to the plate. I feel like his talent is real, identified and that he has ownership over who he is and who he wants to be. I feel like Jessica’s talent is beyond words – I mean, listen to her sing. However, I feel like she’s still figuring out who she is. She can sing anything (yes, even the phone book) but that doesn’t mean that she’s identified what kind of artist she wants to be/how she’ll be marketed/etc. PP is ready for this. And his talent should make him to winner.

    Regardless, as many others have said, it doesn’t matter who wins at this point in time. It’s been said also that NOT winning is better for the performer or artist. Whatever the case may be, I wish them both success. However, my fingers and toes are crossed for Phillip.

  20. i’m a JS fan all the way!! If she doesn’t win, i’ll still be happy.. because there will be lots of producer lining up just to get her..

    i like david cook and lee dewyze but where are they now?

  21. Jessica Sanchez is the best singer in the whole competition & she deserve to win!!

  22. I hope PP2 sings Still Raining tonight.  That performance really blew me away.

  23. Yes yes it is 1000% milllion percent JESSICA IS THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL
    She’s the best among the rest.

  24. Jessica,you’re the best & the great singer I ever heard.You deserve the title or the crown!!

  25.  A record-breaking 132.3 million votes were cast following last night’s American Idol performance show – the highest number of votes in the show’s history and a new World Record! maybe these includes..USA of course, Asia, South America, NorthAmerica, Middle East, Euope, Wow!!! the best american idol ever!!!!!!

  26. YES, it will be more than ok if Jessica WINS, otherwise, will never watch AMERICAN IDOL ever. Haven’t watch it for 5 years, so no loss for me.

  27. For me,It’s not fair if Jessica isn’t going to win ‘coz she sing & sound better than Phillip.i want Jessica to win the Title or the Crown!!I’m stiill hoping Jessica will win ‘coz I vote & support for her all the way!!

  28. I have to disagree with you. If Matt or Branden were biased, they would delete any and all comments that disagreed with their opinion. As you can easily see, by reading the numerous posts with opposing opinions, there is no bias, simply opinions that differ with someone else’s opinions.

    Thanks Matt and Branden, keep up the good work, it is appreciated by most even if we don’t say it often enough.

  29. if u want to produce and sell records.. u want to market it only in the US or around the world?  Global is better than a single country ….did u get that Matthew? peace !! :))

  30. Matthew and branden – this will probably be my last post for the season. Before everything and everyone get out of control (as an offshoot of the finale), i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing us your thoughts and for bearing with us. Despite all the accusations thrown at you (whether true or not), i still want to believe that you remained very objective with your asessment and articles. I will surely miss this blog site and the people i have came across with. It had been a wonderful experience having interacted with people from all walks of life. Like the idol journey, this is also a ride of a lifetime. If we have offended you in anyway (with our outbust of emotion), we didn’t mean to, and i apologize on their behalf. As american idol comes to a close, i would like to extend my hand for a truce. I AM A JESSICA SANCHEZ FAN – ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND WILL REMAIN LONG AFTER THE SEASON HAS COME TO A CLOSE. Have a good life everyone and never stop believing!!! 🙂

    • I always say, when it comes to blogs, the characteristic of a good article is one that is followed by tons of heated posts debating the topic. Given that, I’d agree that they do a good job with their posts. Even though I typically bash Branden for his grading and comments, I come back every week to read what he has to say. 🙂

  31. You could see the slot selection of the video clips they showed us, the angles in the recap for each and they did a much more artful, produced job of PPs than Jessica’s It has felt to me for a long while that the show wanted him to succeed as they also wanted Joshua to succeed to offset the huge talent in someone so young with Jessica

  32. As much as I love PP I would love for Jessica Sanchez to win!! Co’z that’s just where my heart leads me to… Sorry PP fans! Still love Philip Phillip and would definitely buy both their albums.. Just two different but awesome artist and both are already winners for me… Now let’s just all enjoy tonight’s show!!! 🙂

  33. JEssica is the Winner thats it she’s an amazing singer lots of Fans around the World. can’t wait her first Album

  34. I want Phil to win..But have been disappointed in the past when Rubin won instead of Clay.  It happens.

  35. I just recall season 8 during this time. Top 4 of that season were great too.. Allison, Danny, Adam, & Kris. I want Danny to win that time coz for me he got the best vocals on that season. It could be just like that, all the best couldn’t just win it all 🙂 I just hope this time, it would change the trend. But whatever happens, I’m still proud of both of them. And I’ll support them both all throughout starting tomorrow on their career. Congrats to both of them. They are all winners to me 🙂

  36. Did you know that majority of the AI winners came from Southern US except for Jordin Sparks, David Cook and Lee Dewyze, according to a study? 

  37. Philips will just fade in the background like the previous american idols.. If jessica wins shell sell more records.. Given the international support shes been getting.. Theyre both talented but jessica as what the judges have said has an incredible gift.. Its a singing competition and a popularity contest.. If philips does win i just hope he stays on the limelight longer and more visible than previous idol winners

  38. I think Jessica clearly had more Wow moments this season…I think P2 pushed is desire to be original over the top at times…what he did to that Billy Joel song, on the biggest night of his life, not good

    Yes, P2 had the best performance at the finale…but Jessica was the better performer on 2 of 3 rounds last night…

    I am ALL IN 4 JESSICA 2 WIN !!! (Because she has earned it on and off the stage)

    ( click like if you agree )

  39. and the winner is ……………………………………………………………………….
    …………………………………………………………AT&T !

  40. I hope Phillip takes the title and I am so looking forward to hearing the songs he does in the future.  Fingers crossed for him to win!

  41. Philip is the most artistic and has always known the kind of artist he wanted to be. I voted for him and I really hope he wins!!!!

  42. An hour of Phillip’s music I could enjoy.
    An hour of Jessica…….. ee gads……

  43. Philip Philips all the way love him he is amazing, Jessica’s voice always sounds the same

    • So you were that Philip sounds dif’rently everytime he sings? Nuff said…

  44. First of all I Love AI always have but this year was exceptionally full of very talented singers from all walks of life. I remeber quotes from Simon and he was hard on contestants but HONEST in his comments and advice. One of the things he would say, That was good but “FORGETABLE” and its so true! The first time I heard this young girl sing Jessica S. I was hooked and I havent “FORGOTTON” her. I looked forward to every weeks A.I. time just so I could hear her sing and wondered what song or songs she would sing. I like Phillip but had my own band in my time and still am involved with music life and I see Phillips all the time in casinos and some concerts that are local and music festivals,  so I hope that this little lady is taken under a big promoter and do her justice and give her the chance to be a big maga star all over the world. Age shouldnt be an issue if handled in her best interest always. My vote is for Jessica. Never to be forgotten! What a gift…

  45. If I were to sit at a concert, I would easily choose P2 because his sound and presentation are more in line with my musical preference. If I had to say who should win the competition, I would easily say it should be Jessica because she is the better singer. If I were to guess who will win, I’d say Jessica. I think both of them already had their fans and corresponding votes waiting for them regardless of last night’s show. Since they are so close to each other in popularity, I would have to give it to whoever picked up Joshua’s votes last week. And since Joshua’s sound is closer to Jessica’s, I have to believe she picked up the majority of his votes.

  46. Spoiler: Ladies and gentlemen the new American Idol for Season 11 is Jessica Sanchez!

  47. “world record” means among all Idol franchise worldwide. and yes, Jessica is getting much international support including internationally known singers/artists/celebrities Jason derulo, Jennifer Holliday, Billy Joel, Thalia, Akon, Apl de ap… heck, Kim Kardashian even. LOL.. with AT&T presumably has the technology to sort out votes coming elsewhere, Jessica will win fair and square, without a doubt.

  48. The loser this season is American Idol itself.  Judges running on stage to hug and console a contestant and “save” her compromised what integrity there was of the competition, giving it a flavor more like a high school talent show with mummy and daddy running on-stage to protect their poor little daughter.  Giving more time for a performance to JLo for her “I’ll show Marc Anthony” sex video and to the penis grabbing singer on the final night of the competition than to the competitors themselves also didn’t help.  Judges imploring the audience to vote for their (the judge’s) personal favorite was ridiculous as was overt campaigning for their favorite contestant.  Their condescension was nauseating.  I’ve gone from being a fan of the show to tuning it in as background while I do chores, giving a listen now and then to see if an act is worth sitting down to watch.

  49. Polls are showing Phillip Phillips with 30 plus% lead over Jessica. TV Guide poll, People TV poll, and many more. I believe that Phillip Phillips has it hands down, and well deserved. He is a VERY talented young man. Screamers like Jessica are a dime a dozen.

  50. With that many votes, there is no doubt plenty of proof that foreign votes (mainly PINOYS) fired up their mafia like voting machine network to steal AI for Jess.

    Unfortunately for Jess, they have taken away her chances for getting a legit victory. She will never be AI in the eyes of the American public and I predict when the investigations are completed and released, the public will turn against Jess because of it. How sad for her that because of her annoying cheating fans, they will ruin her career. Americans do not forgive cheaters.

    AI will be forced to make changes in voting or the FCC will hit them with fines. They may change voting systems or stop misrepresenting that the votes are the deciding factor in selecting AI. They will have to do one or the other.

    So in the end, I think a better AI will come out of the cheating scandal, but unfortunately probably at the costs of Jessica’s career.

    • Whatever i saw post where people from other countries were voting for phillip so if he wins i guess it is unfair too

  51. With over 18,000 votes in our poll at the time of publishing Jessica Sanchez leads with a whopping 62% of the vote. Now that’s a healthy majority. Despite a weak finish to the night with “Change Nothing” that simply did not go over well with the judges or critics it looks like her fan base was solid in their support. The real question is: will those global votes translate to a domestic win? Jessica obviously enjoys extremely vocal international support here on the site, but technically they’re not supposed to be voting. If enough external voters skirt the system to add their support on top of Jessica’s domestic support then that could easily put her over the top. With Nigel Lythgoe’s announcement that a “world record” of 132 million votes were received last night (that’s 10 million more than last season) I can’t help but think there may be more than just US votes in that total.
    Phillip Phillips brought in just 37% of our poll’s votes. A full 25% less than Jessica here on the site. As far as the judges are concerned, the night was nearly split until that very last performance. We heard it poured on Phillip for his delivery of “Home” and rightfully so. From what we’ve heard from attendees, the Nokia Theatre crowd threw their support for the night to Phillip. Like him or night, Phillips brought it to a close with a big, big spectacle performance and having the final word is going to be important in the minds of voters. But will it be enough?    STILL A PP FAN >HOPE HE WINS 🙂

    • You are right..Jessica is a very good singer. PP is just for music lounges and not a material for recoding artist!!!

    • PP voice is so ordinary..Jessica Sanchez is the better singer. We couldn’t put a good singer down. Jessica gives justice to ANY song. She will emerge the winner tonight!

  52. Jessica is it!!! It just happen that Philips was handed a silver spoon on his third song.

    • Yeah. It was a setup.  It’s like an AI dinner and they fed PP with a steak and all the trimmings and fed Jessica on the floor with scraps.  What the fck the band has to do with it?  I heard the judges praising the props and the band which in fact contributed to hide the shortcomings of PP.  Hmmmmm, it’s just unacceptable to them that a non-white can also be better. JS was set up and disadvantaged on the 3rd round.  They really screwd her presentation bigtime.

  53. Phillips! voted 3 hundred times.. he does sound alot like Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons… but he did exceptionally too Jessica’s boring renditions. phillip ALL the way!!

  54. Jessica by far!!!! we dont want another WGWG winner!!!

  55. you guys wish it was philip philip who always stand with his guitar and not particiapating to any of the commercial.. Jessica for the win

    • when you have ababy and feel labor pains please think about what you just said about phillip. Kidneys stones is compared to the same pain intensity as labor pains. Lets see you do a commercial while in labor.. You’ll be singing alright. It will be called “Please somebody shoot me before I die from this pain and let me go do a commercial  full of sunshine not rain”……” twirp!

  56. pangit naman talaga performance ni jessica e.. just admit it.. proud kau masyado. di pa nga yan alam magtagalog e

    • Hey only the last song right! … and are you sure she doesn’t know how to speak tagalog?

  57. Did I read this correctly? Is the voting system allowing global voting this year? Down here in Brazil we will have live broadcast of AI later today, but I did not know global votes were allowed – after all, it is American Idol, only America should be allowed to vote. I came in late in this season and saw the reruns last week of previous shows. Compared to the last two seasons, the quality of the contestants improved considerably. My theory is that the producers tweaked the audition process a bit and went head hunting for talents around America and squeezed them in the auditions shows. Hey – it worked as – really – if you already sing professionally with a band, would  you be up for hoursor days in those stadiums and awefull screening lines? Whatever works to improve the quality of the show is fine with me. I only hope that some of the kids that were truly going through the real deal audition-wise – for example, there were 4 kids from Savannah with beautiful voices and soooo cute as a group – can get a fair chance one day, as they were eliminated a while ago (no camera appeal I guess). Regarding the two finalists, either one will be fine with me – Jessica is only a singer, which these days is not enought to make it in the industry. Phillip is more creative, but it looks like he has health issues – hummm.. I hope everything turns out OK for him.  Happy show everybody!

  58. All these people that have been saying jessica has all this experience with singing competitons all her life.  I just saw an interview on acces hollywood where they were talking about jessica on america gots talent and phillip said he auditioned for that show as well but was turned down!!!!

  59. i like PhillipPhillips performance thanJessica last night! sorry Jessica 🙁

  60. Phillip Phillips is a great guy. 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez can sing anything. they both deserve to win.

  61. If PP wins, next season viewers will abandon AI in droves.  5 WGWG in a row… the past 4, losers in the real music market.  It should have been Joshua and Jessica.  Heck, even Hollie and Skyler were better than the boring guy with the guitar. Kinda like the NY Yankees in baseball… MLB fans are bored of the game as its always the Yankees, Yankees, Yankees all he time (look at ESPN)

    the WGWG don’t sell music.   Now rockers with guitars WILL sell, but unfortunately  PP is definitely not a rocker.  The Paul Simon/ Billy Joel folksy crap doesn’t sell in this era – maybe in 20 years ago…

  62. I am rooting for jessica, but maybe it will be better for her in the long run not to win.  After seeing the songs Jimmy seems to want jessica to sing she would probably be more successful going with someone else to produce her music.

  63. You must be right…
    because everyone from any other countries can vote for their bet using skype.. just like what i did
    ikel here from philippines.


  65. close your eyes and hear them sing..who will you pick? jessica right? its the voice not the looks!

  66. What time is it there in the USA? It’s 8:57 p.m. here in Argentina. I want to know when it’s gonna finish. I can’t wait for knowing who the winner is.

  67. I love Philip singing and Jessica is a berry BEUTIFULL young teen but yet she has a whole life ahead of her she still needs more to make ppl feel SOMTHING when she sings and at this point I think Philip will win I love you Philip your going to win I promise you are awsome no one can compare tO you no one do go out their and win

  68. You know wgwg dont do so well on sales
    The only one who did was scotty and thats because he is a GREAT country singer but phillips has the lee dwyze, kris allen kind of thing going on and btw on his song home the backup singers did half of the song most of the song he was humming i really dont get the standing O

    On the other hand all of the female winners have put americas name on top just saying

  69. if a world record votes came in…its a sure sign that Jessica is the winner…she brought in huge percentage of those votes…the signs are all around that she has a tremendous fan base here and abroad..

  70. Jessica, you go girl you deserve to be the next American idol. You have the talent and the voice. We love your music and lyrics that you select the songs last night. You did a terrific job on three songs.

  71. PP is a good performer, Jesssica is a good singer. Though the last song yesterday do no justice to Jes, all every songs she has delivered before proved she is the winner of a singing competition.
    JESSICA, thank you for making AI worth watching. God bless you.

  72. I believe it’s okay to both of them whoever wins the competition, but in the history of any competition “TITLE or CROWN” is very important, history remembers the winner most than the rest.

  73. Jessica needs only one thing. Take the cotton out of her mouth!!!!

    Can understand only 15% of her words.

  74.  Let’s get real. Everyone is babying Jessica because she is a sixteen year old girl. She sounds like every other pop teen we have. We need someone like Phillip Phillips. He is original and amazing. Jessica may be good but she is in no league with Phillip Phillips. If she wins tonight I’m sure it is a set up. Even if she does though someone will pick up Phillip and you will hear more from him.

    • Oh and by the way let us not forget that Jessica has already been kicked off. As where Phillip has never even been in the bottom three. 

      • C’mon ,Jessica is better than PP , PP is obviously boring, 
        And oh, I think Jessica is still the best,and with that young girl’s age, it is so difficult to sing more alike WHITNEY HOUSTON,I can see that PP has the originality , but Jessica finds it more awesome than he is -_-

      • Jessica is another Selena Gomez wanna be. Yeah sure she can sound like other people but she isn’t her own. Phillip Phillips won either way. He deserved it. 

  75. if only because of the voting system.. id rather Jessica lose the crown and make it here in the US on her own.. to once again prove that past winners of AI had all been just a joke to what d show should be.. an American Idol singer… not just a cute guy trying to sing to win the ladies hearts.. for the last 4 years.. what had happen to those winners??? ………….. every year a contestant of Asian/ Filipino blood gets into the Top10 of AI but never had it been this crazy for the Filipinos to comment and vote…why is that?? because Jessica has the talent and all!!!  u guys might wana find what percentage of the US population makes up for Filipinos and their families there so ull know why there’s a lot of votes for Jessica.. plus d fact that we give or all to the person we support!!

  76. Fantasia and Joshua’s performance…I really love you guys and try to support. But, all I can say is, “Fantasia, why?”. That’s all I’m going to say about that. 

  77. Chaka Chan, Chaka Chan……awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! The girls will never forget this night!!!

  78. Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez?If, Phillip Phillips win, for sure his concerts tickets will sold out for hes cuteness, not for his voice!…

  79. Jessica Sanchez  is better than  Phillip Phillips….;P 

    Jessica Sanchez  have the coolest voice !!

    Go,Go,Go Jessica !! ;]

  80. Was it already announced that P2 won? I’ve just read it. I hope it’s not true.

  81. I am a Jessica fan. But I think P2 is a nice guy and very talented too in a different way. Both have their own way of singing/entertaining us folks….SO LET’S JUST CHILL OUT WATCH THE SHOW AND BE TOGETHER .

  82. Whatever you all think (as long as you want Philip to win) your WRONG!! But he probably will win because he needs more help cuz’ poeple already want Jessica so they will sign her right away. BUT, Jessica should WIN!!!!!!

  83. Over 132 million votes! Record breaking. Why is that? I have this funny feeling that a huge fan base votes coming from loyal Filipinos did flood in. Having said that , I think Jessica might win this hotly contested season. I like both  Jess and Phil but  gut feeling tells me the votes are favoring toward  JSanchez.

    As they say , it’s not over til it’s over. Let us wait and see. Goodluck to both of them!

    May the best FANS win , too!

  84. I’d be sad if Jessica loses tonight. Who cares about the finale and how PP did, she has been very consistent throughout the entire competition. SHE DESERVES THIS MORE.

  85. versatility!!!?? well. i’ll go for JESSICA.. she deserves to win.. for she proved herself as the best ever in the season!!!!

  86. JESSICA SANCHEZ will outlast Phillip. With that kind of voice, she will be here to stay. She deserves to be the American Idol…

  87. The voting system is pretty crazy for Idol.  Last night I redialed from one phone around 30 times.  I lost count after 25.  I believe dialing in should be kept at no more than 5 calls per phone number.  More than that the count just isn’t fair.

  88. problem is people are forgetting it was based on last nites performance…  not the season..  try to separate people

  89. Phillip just doesn’t have as pleasing as a voice. At least, that’s what I think.

    • Jessica is amazing,but the different and unique sound comes from Phillip.   No matter what….they both have an awesome future!!!!   Congrats to a GREAT IDOL season.

  90. Look, Jessica is a cocky little wannabe she doesnt deserve to win. I understand that shes been singing since god knows when but shes only 16 and before you know it if she wins she will turn into the next Linsey Lohan. Most people in Phillp’s condition would just quit. Lets see Jessica get up there and sing in hundreds of millions of people in serious pain. Like for real!! I went to Phillips homecoming and it was truly an amazing preformance. He is a true artist reguardless of what America thinks. So I would avise you guys to cut Phillip some slack considering he is in serious pain and still going on with the show. Also Phillip is such a down to earth guy and incredibly humble and then top that off with being insanely talented right there we have a winner.

    Phillip Phillips all the way baby!!!

  91. Jessica and Jennifer Holiday!!! Wow! Powerhouse but Jessica brought me to tears being able sing that great with a great music legend!!! Jessica you are already one of the greats!!! So proud of you, win or lose you are our ametican idol!

  92. That was the worst finale ever! What is up with all the screeming!!!! And the judges standing for that last number with Jessica was a joke. Poor effort Fox

  93. Congrats to all the phillip fans I know you are happy and of course us jessica fans maybe a little dissapointed but I am very proud how far she made it and it wont be the last we will hear from her

  94. The title should be given to Jessica Sanchez.  She was cheated because of her age, but God is good and she will be blessed for the glory of God.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

  95. Love Phillip! Been watching him close from the get-go. He always delivered. Always original. I hope he gets healthy. When Phillip is ready to make a CD, I will be ready to BUY.

  96. For the last 2 years we wait all season to see who the winner for American idol is and the program goes overtime and we miss the last few very important moments. This is so wrong, cut out some of the program if necessary but don’t leave us missing the finish.  This especially applies to those of us who have to record it!

  97. I am verry upset with the final results in American Idol.  Jessica Sanches always do perfectly’ she is a good good singer more than Phillips Phillips.  

  98. Phillip Phillips is as boring as his name. Jessica Sanchez has TALENT! But then, that’s not the name of this show … it’s popularity, not talent, that counts here. But isn’t it interesting that the second-place winners seem to become more successful? You go, Jessica!

  99.  You need to know that ” Vote for the worst” is claiming a victory, and making fun of the contestants once again. They said to vote for the WGWG
    White guy with guitar every year. This is number 5 they say.
    I am done with American Idol. next year I will go take a long walk when it’s on. Because no matter how talentless you are, you will win because if you’re cute or the worst, you will win.

  100. in my opinion,,AMERICAN IDOL,next time go get all the white auditionee, not the talented people with diff. race, whos going to auditions coz in the end no matter how talented they are,,,still nothings happen

  101. Let’s accept the fact that last night’s show, Jessica came out to be the better singer in terms of voice quality.  Their talents are different but hands down to both for being the top 2.  It takes talent to be on that spot.  As what the judges were saying, at the end of the day it’s about the song choice.  Philips sang a good song and he is good in making it his own in such a way that it fits his voice too.  Congratz to the winner… 

  102. I am just so happy Phillip won!  He is original and love his style of music.  Just a natural.  Jessica was amazing as well, she will go far in the business.

    Congrats Phillip!

  103. I am happy that Phillip won. He is not as spectacular a singer as Jessica, who is fantastic, but he is original and stayed true to himself! I know both of them will have great careers.

  104. I would like to see Joshua because in my eyes he was the best with Jessica second and I would like to see them in Arizona please and thanks

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