American Idol Runner-Up Jena Irene: Full Post-Finale Interview [VIDEO]

In her post-finale press conference, American Idol runner-up Jena Irene said the most rewarding part of being on the show is how much exposure she’s gotten. She’s so honored to have made it so far and amazed at how much she’s learned from the experience.

American Idol Jena Irene Ascuitto

“American Idol doesn’t just teach you how to be a good singer, they teach you how to be a good performer, and good with press, to dress you well, to know how to speak,” Jena Irene said. “It makes you a well-rounded person.”

Jena said after the American Idol Live Tour this summer, she’s “excited to write my own album.” She doesn’t know yet what it will sound like, but she says it is “going to be epic.”

As the wild card who went all the way to the end, Jena said she thinks she “kind of was the surprise. I kind of just came out of nowhere. I was like a ninja for the season.”

Watch the rest of Jena Irene’s post-finale press conference interview below… and count the number of times she has to laugh at herself for saying the word “balls.”



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  1. Glad she said something about the “STRESS”! Something that “wanabee’ celebrities don’t think about until they become one and start doing dope and die of overdoses or suicide. Also watch out for those elevator cameras! LOL

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