American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson: Full Post-Finale Interview [VIDEO]

American Idol 2014 winner Caleb Johnson was grinning ear to ear in his post-finale interview after the final season 13 results were announced Wednesday night. As the first rocker to win since David Cook in season 7 (and according to Caleb, the first ‘real’ rocker to ever win), Caleb was understandably proud of his accomplishments.

American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson

“This is crazy. This is absolutely… this is nuts. I can’t even begin to describe what is running through my mind right now. This is crazy. This is nuts,” he said.

Caleb said it is entirely his own fault that he didn’t make it through to the finals in his previous two tries auditioning for American Idol. “That was my own doing. I actually messed up. I messed up on the past two… seasons I auditioned. Just lack of experience and letting nerves get to me. Just not being completely in tune with who I am as a person, as a singer, as an artist.”

Instead of giving up, Caleb channeled all his energy into working his music as hard as he could back in his hometown of Asheville, NC. That’s why, he said, he is now so comfortable on stage.

The biggest key, Caleb says, is not to “care whether someone likes you or not or somebody has to like you, and also embrace the people who love you. Because you’re making a difference in people’s lives and you’re making them feel something with your music, with your voice, with your singing. And that, I think, is the biggest key… to stay grounded, to stay focused, and to stay true to who you are as a person.

Watch the rest of Caleb Johnson’s full post-American Idol finale press conference interview below:




  1. He may give advice to just be yourself , but don’t use the “S” word or “F” word-at least until your over 40 and already made it and you are a judge on AI and they will “BEEP” it out-“if you know what I mean?”LOL

    • It’s Suzie with a “z” babe. And gosh I hope he isn’t losing sleep, he needs all the beauty sleep he can get, poor soul..

      • I can’t believe you just said that… by the looks of YOUR photo….he’s got it all over YOU, that’s for sure!!! Oh, and he’s a celebrity now; something you’ll NEVER be.

      • Did I ever claim I wanted to be a celebrity? And where is YOUR picture? Hmmmm??????? Get over it cos, I said it and I stand by it too!

      • You sure are showing your self righteous indignation…too bad it doesn’t count!!! And I don’t know why my pic isn’t showing up. It does on other pages.

      • Yeah right whatever you say doll. All I am saying is I have a very low opinion of Caleb and Jena willl be the bigger star. I dont expect you to agree though so why dont we end this crap cos I am done wasting my time on Caleb talk.

      • you know what you are not going to change Suzie’s mind because she thinks she is perfect and I think she likes all the attention she is getting with her comments, so let her say what she wants because we know she is wrong and is showing with those comments she is not a very nice person. This is the last bit of attention she will get from me!

      • I’ve been done since my last post….she’s nothing but a waste of space, and her opinion doesn’t matter. She’s got a low opinion of herself too; and that’s so obvious.

      • Suzie Babe. Doesn’t you mother love you? Why the “Z”? Look in the mirror lately? OMG, now I’m sounding off like you. My bad.

  2. he definitely said he was the first hard core rocker to win, not pop rock which is more what David Cook is and I love David Cook too!

    • I agree. David Cook was more of a pop rock singer, Where Caleb is more of a hard rock singer.

  3. People are forever saying Caleb is “arrogant”. A Rock and Roll singer should have a bit of swagger about him. But truth be told, Caleb was almost always the first to get up and congratulate a singer after a good performance. He was also the most friendly and outgoing in all the group interviews I saw. Caleb is not “Awe shucks” humble, like some people like to see on this show. But, he is a pretty outgoing and friendly guy if you ask me.

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