The American Idol 2016 season is now in full swing with Hollywood Week spoilers alread out and the Top 51 names revealed. Of course, we won’t be seeing anything until season 15 premieres on January 7th, but we’re hearing there is going to be some seriously amazing talent!

American Idol 2015 Judges on Season 14 - Source: FOX
American Idol 2016 Judges – Source: FOX

The two-night American Idol premiere kicks off on Wednesday, January 7th, 2016 at 8PM ET/PT and will run for two hours. The second night, on Thursday, January 7th, will also run for two hours from 8PM to 10PM ET/PT. After that, the 2016 American Idol schedule will follow along the same lines as last time around, with the show being reduced to just one episode a week mid-season.

After Hollywood Week for season 15, the Showcase Round will return this season to determine which contestants move on from the reported Top 51 hopefuls. The two night schedule will continue through until March 2nd, when the American Idol schedule will reduce to just Thursday night combo performance/results shows.

American Idol 2016 Schedule:
– Wednesday, February 10th: 8-9 PM ET/PT – Top 24 Part 1 Semi-Finals, 12 Perform
– Thursday, February 11th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Top 24 Part 2 Semi-Finals, Judges Vote
– Wednesday, February 17th: 8-9 PM ET/PT – Top 24 Part 3 Semi-Finals, 12 Perform
– Thursday, February 18th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Top 24 Part 4 Semi-Finals, Top 14 Revealed
– Wednesday, February 24th: 8-9 PM ET/PT – Top 14 Eliminations & Wild Card performances
– Thursday, February 25th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Wild Card Results & Top 10 Performances
– Thursday, March 3rd: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Double Elimination & Top 8 Performances
– Thursday, March 10th: 8-10 PM ET/PT – Double Elimination & Top 6 Performances

Full Season 15 schedule here for the rest of the season including when is the American Idol finale this year.

We’ll bring you more details on the official American Idol season 15 schedule as soon as we have them. Stay tuned with us all season long for updates as it isn’t unusual for oddball quirks to happen to the American Idol schedule during the season.