American Idol Season 12 Judge Nicki Minaj Snaps Back At Jimmy Iovine

Nicki Minaj

Beware the wrath of Nicki Minaj. The American Idol season 12 judge is none too pleased with in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine after his tough words this week about the lack of judging coming from the judges.

This wasn’t the first time Minaj became vocal over displeasure with critiques coming from outside forces as we saw when Steven Tyler slammed her methods prior to the season launch. But this time Minaj refrained from playing the “that’s racist!” card and just told Jimmy to ‘shut it!’

“I wish he would just zip his lips and let America make their own decisions,” says Nicki Minaj, who argues that Iovine’s negativity may be impacting the results.

“Because he comes down very hard on Lazaro [Arbos], America keeps voting for him. You don’t want to force a decision down [viewers’] throats because they’re going to feel compelled to rebel.”

So Nicki seems to feel the judges should gently pat the Hopefuls behinds and let the audience do the judging? I think I’m going to have to side with Jimmy one this one as I prefer to get a little judging out of the judges on American Idol.

What do you think? Is either one of them right or should viewers be approaching their decision making for votes in a whole different way?

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  1. and since when is nicki the be all and end all of judging talent?? maybe she would have a valid point if she had any talent herself.

  2. All good tv I guess. To be honest, Nicki has been the harshest judge on the panel so not sure about your “pat the hopefuls behinds” comment. Randy is the next harshest judge. Jimmie was definitely hitting back at Nicki for the silly ignore Jimmie comment she made the night before, but I think if Jimmie is truly frustrated with the judging it is more with Keith, who does critique but then tries to be too nice, and Mariah who just makes meaningless nonsensical comments. Jimmie when slamming the judges made a direct reference to one of Mariahs so called critiques. By the way Nicki’s comment on people voting for Lazaro was spot on. I also think jimmie wanted to bring to light the fact Lazaro lied to America about having the change the song the night before the competition or something like that, when in reality he’d be working on the song for at least 5 days. Lazaro probably did it to get more sympathy and jimmie wanted to make people more aware when voting next week. Nicki needs to take things a little less personal though. It wasn’t like Jimmie was very tough on her, in fact she got more positive comments than any of the other judges so take the good with the bad and learn something.

    • I agree – Nickie is a way better judge than I thought she would be and in my opinion the best on the panel except for her colorful illustrations, maybe. But I have to agree with the coddling – even Nickie seems to play favorites and she seems a little more inclined NOT to rake them over the coals. Whatever – it’s in the voters’ hands now. 🙂

      • Yes, you are right on! Nikki best judge, our family was skeptical, wish she would tone down her off color comments, Keith, nice-too nice, Randy is just becoming lame and Mariah??? seriously, I know the producers have her 4th for a reason…we fast forward through Randy and Mariah…

    • I agree with you for the most part. I fell for it when Lazaro said he had only one day to learn his song and defended his reaction to the judges criticisms. I was quite pissed when I heard Jimmy say they had been rehearsing the song 5 days ago. At that point, Lazaro dropped further in my already low opinion of his vocal ability. I get why Jimmy felt like he had to drive the point home that Lazaro’s backstory is boosting him in the voting results. Jimmy also isn’t going to stay quiet while Lazaro makes him seem like the bad guy.

      I totally agree that Nikki is the most critical judge. If she would lose the nonsense she mixes in with her comments I would have more respect for what she says. There are times when she makes a really good comment.

      Randy occasionally blurts out “that was your worst performance ever”, but doesn’t seem to back up the comment with any real critique. What is he even still doing there?

      I don’t get Mariah at all. She is a rare talent, but has nothing of substance to say. Maybe someone of her caliber only needs to concern herself with singing and can leave the thinking and speaking to someone else. Although, after seeing her portrayal of the social worker in “Precious”, I don’t really believe that. Maybe she just isn’t comfortable criticizing anyone.

      Keith comes out with a decent critique once in a while but he could be saying a whole lot more. It seems like he wants to say more but something is holding him back. He makes a real effort to be polite, especially to the ladies.

  3. There have been no real valid critiques since Simon left. Randy tries but……this year is a joke and Nikki is past ridiculous. Get rid of everybody but Keith and maybe he should even go. Nikki is a tempermental little diva that doesn’t have the maturity to be a real judge and understand the rules for American Idol.

  4. I think the judges owe it to the contestants to be honest and critical. But at the same time, they should choose their words carefully, Iovine included, because they carry a lot of influence and can set a ball rolling in one direction or another with a little comment. I am especially tired of judges griping. It’s a sweet gig. Shut up and do the job.

  5. Honestly Nicki has a point. Heck, even making Charlie Askew cry ultimately gave him a shot at the wildcard.

  6. I think Jimmy is out of touch and doesn’t know what he is talking about any more. Paul shouldn’t have made it when it was down to him and the 2 other guys in Vegas but the judges were deadlocked and he broke the tie the wrong way.

  7. I think AI needs to take a strong look at the judges…I can’t make it through an entire episode this season because I get so fed up Nicki …I agree she is very inappropriate. Never thought I would miss Simon.

  8. I think they should get rid of Nicki. She thinks she’s better than she is. And it pissed me off that she puts down Mariah…Nicki will never ever fit into Mariah’s shoes… Like PR63 said…Nicki has no talent….

    • I disagree. Nikki does have a talent. Maybe not for singing but definitely for performing and keeping her flock of fans entertained and interested in everything she does.

  9. This Freak Show needs to go and stop threatening to leave , leave already ! How many people need to say you suck before it sinks in . Send her to America’s Top Model so she can criticize clothing , shoes , and hairstyles , which seems to be her specialty on this show (Hello , it’s a singing competition) . Tired of all the snickering and Mariah rolling her eyes with every Minaj critic .

  10. if theres one thing I know after watching Idols all those years, Jimmy Iovine is the most sane person there is. The judge worsens and worsens but Jimmie the man is always the saving grace with his words

  11. Sadly, this is the first season we have not watched Idol. Just as many of our friends have decided that Nikki was a HUGE mistake for the show. Hopefully, she will be gone next season and we will begin watching again. Jimmy is a great asset to the show, btw.

  12. Our little marshmallow needs to stfu. She says things that make the show inappropriate for kids constantly, she isn’t funny, she isn’t that talented, she is arrogant. Simon would have backhanded her off of her chair, sending her botox butt flying.

  13. Everybody was critiqued in school. Example:A,B,C,D,&F. Why not give a grade and explan why it was given. The only one I would have given an F to this week was lazaro! D goes to Paul. C to Devin. B to Burnell. The rest A’s. A+ to Candice, Angela and Janelle. Randy’s judging B+, and the rest a C.

  14. I personally love Jimmy Lovine and really wished Nicki would of keep her word and stepped down hen the 10th contestant was voted off .. Jimmy is honest and Nicki is just a loud mouth who thinks she’s all that and everyone loves her and I think the smartass Nicki needs to leave the show and Jimmy you are right on…as far as the judging goes I think 3 of the judges are totally bias and that you can tell by their comments… did I think that Larzaro was bad last week sure but nothing is as bad as listening to Nicki every week.

  15. Nicki is a good judge and fun to watch. In fact, all the judges including Moriah give advice in their own way. They have personalities and aren’t robots. Jimmy gives his critiques also. The contestants need to listen to all of them to become better and better. The viewers are giving Lazaro a good loving chance to improve and get over the hump of facing the world with a noticeable disability that makes it difficult for him to be understood. Maybe he wasn’t saying that he didn’t get the song until last night. Maybe he was going to add something else to that statement or about it, but it’s too painful. He’s getting a good chance. Let it go.

  16. I agree with Daniel McKay above – the Ninja Turtle needs to go – I am totally not interested in what she has to say – the voice just turns me right off and sorry Idol, have not been watching it this year much due to the Ninja. Bad choice of judge.

  17. I like her n far more then Mariah.She brings different into a fairly boring judging panel.

  18. He has more years of knowledge and experience than she will even last in the music industry. Every week she proves herself to be more foolish and unprofessional. She must have some really airtight contract, because she should have been booted at week two!

  19. I love Jimmy’s comments. He tells it like it is. The judges, even if they are going to give negative feedback, sugar coat it first. I have watched JImmy’s comments twice. They are real.

  20. I completely agree with Nicki. I don’t care what Jimmy thinks. The point of the show is to let the viewers decide, not have some showbiz industry person tell people how they should vote!

  21. i quit watching myself i dont like nicki at all or mariah they both cat fight and really im not even intrested anymore a shame for the contestants more would watch if nicki was gone

  22. Between Nikki’s mouth and Mariah’s rambling on and on make sure they get the boob shot on T.V. the show is bad. I just fast forward through all of them.

  23. Nicki, I appreciated all the positive things you said about my daughter in her performance, I feel she was cheated out of moving forward because of a song selection and arrangement she had nothing to do with, her vocals speak for themself..Thanks

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