American Idol 2013: Jimmy Iovine Talks Top 9 – Plus Intro Footage

Jimmy Iovine - American Idol

Jimmy Iovine has consistently been my favorite part of the show for awhile and that’s no different for American Idol 2013. He doesn’t hold back and he’s honest in his criticism because he wants to help these singers and help the show find a rising star.

Last night’s show was no different for Jimmy and he took both the judges to task for failing the singers when it came to helping them with actual judging. Here is Jimmy Iovine’s review of each of the Top 9 finalists and what they need to work on to keep going and get stronger in the Season 12 competition.

Jimmy Iovine Talks Top 8:

Awhile back I had hoped they would make Jimmy a judge, but now I’m so glad they didn’t. Keeping Iovine out and free from those restrictions gives him the ability to really get in there and do some work that’s helpful. Otherwise we might lose this Jimmy and instead be stuck with a soundbite-filled talking head who is just trying to out do the person to his left.

Oh it only got better from there though. Starting the show was a quick segment where Jimmy shook up a studio assistant for failing to get the audio playing in the booth while Janelle rehearsed. It was a little brutal, but what else would we expect from Jimmy? Exactly. Here’s that video clip again for your enjoyment.

Can’t wait to see what he delivers next week on American Idol 2013.




  1. Have always though only his comments were valid. The rest from the judges were merely for ratings.

    • Me too!! He is the only one who ever seems to know what he’s talking about and who is honest with the contestants. For example, from the moment I first saw her, I have said (repeatedly) that Angie is not all the judges are making her out to be and that she has to be the single most disingenuous and overinflated person to be on that stage in 12 seasons. And that whole beauty pageant thing Jimmy is talking about is part of that!

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