American Idol Season 14 Hollywood Week Recap: Standouts Take The Stage

Hollywood Week kicked off last night on American Idol 2015 and we saw something a little new this season when the judges dropped a surprise on the contestants.


The starts with the group all together for an announcement from the judges. The judges tell them that they want to hear a select few perform right there and right now. Ryan Seacrest lets us know that they’re calling up some of the most memorable auditions from the road.

And they get right to it.

Jax, from the Brooklyn auditions, is up first. She pulls out an inventive version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” And she basically blows it away, especially compared to her original audition. She prepared for Hollywood Week, that’s for sure. Great rendition of the song, great poise on the spot.

Mark Andrew, Emily Brooke and Sal Valetenetti were pulled up next and we didn’t get to hear much from them since they were all lumped together in a montage, but let’s just say they weren’t as good as Jax.

Adam Ezegelian got his own airtime with his version of “Demons” and I must say, wasn’t as impressed with him this time as I was during his Brooklyn audition. It was all over the place and pitchy and just not great.

San Francisco’s Tyanna Jones was next up. And she’s of course the standout we all just saw last week. And she handles it well under pressure. For someone who didn’t know they’d be pulled up on stage and asked to perform, she displayed a lot of poise and confidence. And her voice is so strong for a 16-year-old. I’m really liking her.

Savion Wright got a quick bit from his surprise audition and from what we heard, it was decent. Not as good as before, but still sold.

Hollywood Anderson was one of my favorites from Brooklyn, but his version of “Someone Like You” during his impromptu audition was a little weird. And not good weird. I just didn’t understand it. And comparing that to his original audition, it confuses me as to what kind of artist he is.

Shannon Berthiaume was the next surprised and brought to the stage and she got off to a great start, but then choked and dropped the lyrics. But she’s clearly talented.

Adam Lasher and his version of “Wicked Game” was the exact opposite of Hollywood’s reinterpretation, as in it was actually good. HIs voice is there. His look is there. His passion is there. It was a great audition.

Garrett Miles took to the stage with “To Make You Feel My Love.” I think everyone was expecting a lot more out of this guy based on his audition, but I think everyone was a little let down. It was a great effort, but it seemed a little less special than before. But the judges seemed to like it.

Trevor Douglas has no problems being as strong as his original audition. Actually, I think he was stronger than before (because to be honest, I don’t even remember his Nashville audition). This was a lot of fun and showed a great range and just how much a performer he can be.

Joey Cook’s surprise audition didn’t keep her from being weird and quirky, so if the judges liked her gimmick the first time, they’re going to fall for the gimmick again this time. So she should be good.

After the final surprise audition, they were all called to the stage. All 38 of them. And the judges tell them that even though not everyone was great, they’re giving them the benefit of the doubt and sending them on to the next round. As for the rest of them, they all make it to the next day. And they’re all super excited even though they didn’t do anything to make it to day two.

Oh look, it’s day two! And 175 hopefuls are ready to perform. They’ll be lining the stage in 10s. and The judges will split them down the middle – those who go through and those who are cut and going home. And by the end of the day, half of the 175 will be toast.

The first 10 are up and Reno Anoa’i delivers a smooth, but not completely tight audition after an emotional shoutout to his mom. Priscilla Barker gives us a sweet and girlish audition, but doesn’t show us much as far as range goes. Jaq Mackenzie, the crazy girl from San Francisco, took the stage and out-shined the others. She should totally be in the five that move on.

It’s judgement time. Jaq and Reno move on. The others are heading home.

And then we get a montage of those being sent home. I have no idea who actually made it through with these cuts (I hate when Idol does this).

Michael Simeon is up and he gives a boring but solid version of “I’m a Warrior.” That’s followed by a powerful and emotional performance by Big Ron. And they both move on to the next round.

And the episode ends on a cliffhanger. That is if you consider a cliffhanger an American Idol contestant spazzing out and dropping lyrics during her big Hollywood audition.

What did you think of the first night of American Idol Season 14 Hollywood Week?

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