American Idol 2012 Top 12 Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 12

Did I say American Idol 2012 Top 12 performances in the headline? Err. I meant Top 11. At least I think I do. We’re still waiting on the official word from FOX as they approach tonight’s worst kept secret regarding the disqualification of one of the season’s Top 12 Idol Hopefuls. The dismissed singer allegedly went back home and will not appear on stage tonight which should only leave us with 11 singers. Maybe FOX will surprise us with something, but considering tonight’s song list spoilers contained only 11 titles I think we’re safe to assume there will be no other big surprises. Well, aside from the “shocking” disqualification, of course.

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Ryan Seacrest immediately confirmed that “with the help of law enforcement” one of the singers was disqualified and sent home. Oh but they’ll wait to play that footage later in the show (Update: watch the clip here). Of course they will. Eventually Idol gets to this part of the show and sure enough, Jermaine Jones is gone and done. Nigel said they can’t have singers with outstanding warrants, so even if he had told the truth upfront it wouldn’t have mattered.

Ryan confirms there will still be an elimination on Thursday’s results show. Well, kinda. Seacrest said the singer with the lowest votes will “be at risk of elimination.” That means either no elimination because of Jermaine’s departure or the Judges Save could emerge again. Or maybe I’m reading too much in to it.

American Idol 2012 Top 12 Performances:

  • Phillip Phillips – Hard to Handle – 1-866-436-5701
  • Jessica Sanchez – Turn the Beat Around – 1-866-436-5702
  • Heejun Han – Right Here Waiting – 1-866-436-5703
  • Elise Testone – Let’s Stay Together – 1-866-436-5704
  • DeAndre Brackensick – Endless Love – 1-866-436-5705
  • Shannon Magrane – One Sweet Day – 1-866-436-5706
  • Colton Dixon – Broken Heart – 1-866-436-5707
  • Erika Van Pelt – Heaven – 1-866-436-5708
  • Skylar Laine – Love Sneakin’ Up On You – 1-866-436-5709
  • Joshua Ledet – When A Man Loves A Woman – 1-866-436-5710
  • Hollie Cavanagh – The Power of Love – 1-866-436-5711

We’ve got a poll below for your favorite American Idol singer of the night. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!




  1. Jessica sounds good. What else is new? I just can’t connect with her for some reason.

      • it comes from youth i think.  Phil knows who he wants to be, and has been singing professionally for some time.  She is so young and  her performances seem to follow the original artists’ arrangements.. she has the pipes, but i am not sure she knows what she really wants to sing. 

      • Average is equivalent to underrated. She’s great. But i believe she could be excellent and that’s what the judges want from her that is why they gave her constructive criticisms :>

    • Just OK? I dont think so… she’s great last night. Even though the judges gave some constructive criticisms on her singing, she’s still far better than the other contestants who was given positive reviews by the judges. so can you imagine how Jessica could beat all the other contestants if she will upgrade her great performance to an excellent one? :>

      • Well I dont think she is better than all the contestins she was sent,home but remember the judges saved her. Joshia, phillip, skylar, holly, and elise are all better than,her I mean ya dhes good but shes not ready yet and I think peopl like her because shes young and she shows of her body way to much for a 16 year old.

  2. Do you think Jessica was only OK on purpose? You know just to show people she is human?

    • Sorry, not able to watch yet.  What did the judges say about Jessica? Phil? Thanks!

      • The vibrato of jessica kinda out of place for the song, as jlo said, sometimes vibrato doesnt apply to fast songs.

    • nahhh…she wanted to show people that she could sing something other than a ballad, and it just didn’t work…but great for trying and stepping out of her zone.

    • No, that would just be completely unnecessary. She went for it again, and this time it just didn’t pay off. She still did good, though. Just not GREAT.

    • He sounded alright. He went high, and hit it. And his voice is soothing to listen to. He has a place in the competition still. But his fans are gonna want more from him soon, and I hope he can deliver.

      • I don’t think he’s going home just yet. He has a solid fan base. Not solid enough to get him the win, but he’ll go a little bit farther still. But once the real talent starts to shine, he may begin to wane. I say enjoy it for what it is, and look for more from him post-Idol.

  3. i am still trying to figure out the phil surgery thing.  he had the surgery last thursday before the results show, so does that mean he met with jimmy about this weeks song before the results show?  and he also said tonight he had the surgery they prep for the next show even before they know they will be on it? 

    • that’s a good catch…may be it was after the results but mmm they practice right after they know they are staying?..kinda weird.

      • but the surgery was reported before thursdays show…i wonder what kind of surgery..i hope it was just sound blasting…and not really surgery…i am worried about my Phil.

      • Phil had kidney stones! A little morphine for pain til the stone passes! Or maybe the stone was lazered. Either way a nice relief from the pain!

  4.  I like how Deandre’s mom said someone said Deandre would be on Idol after a performance when he was 4, aka 1998.

    Didn’t Idol premiere 2002? Fortune tellers apparently.

    • wow i didn’t notice that! i think what she meant was after a performance a lady said that…

    • Haha, good catch. Perhaps she meant someone saw a video of a performance that he did when he was four and than said that. Just grasping, cause I’m such a fan.

  5. Deandre did sing a boring song, but he sounded great because he didnt sing it all in a high pitch. And elise did very good this time around!

      • They said he sounded good for having to sing a song he wasn’t really feeling. It was a bad song choice. I agreed. But keep voting for him everyone, we have to get him through to next week!

    • I agree with you on both accounts. 

      I do agree with the judges on Deandre’s song choice, it just wasn’t a good pick. But he still rolled with it and sounded good. I’m a big fan of his, but I am honestly scared for him tomorrow.

      As for Elise, I thought she sounded amazing! That is a sexy tone, and she sang beautifully. The one thing I think is she’s letting the whole being in the bottom blues get into her head, it’s showing in the way she carries herself. I hope she can pull out of this funk and stay longer!

    • You’re so right on! I think she wants to be on par with Jessica and Hollie’s style of singing. She has to find her own genre, and make it her own, and than I think she will really shine. It may have been just a little too early to let her make Top 24. But hopefully she can make the most out of what advice and experience she can get out of this and come out stronger and more talented. 

  6. Hmmmmmm Shannon did pretty Good!! SO far Shannon and Elise are the only two who were impressive!

  7. Gosh…why are they lying to shannon? that was horrible….I guess they just don’t want to throw her under the bus again, because after all she’s just 16.

  8. I have nothing against Colton, but his voice is just too whiney for me. Just kind of a cliche punk band singer if you ask me. But he did decent tonight

    • Ok.  So Colton is supposed to be the rocker cool dude tonight.  I just cannot compare him to James Durbin or Adam Lambert.  No offense but he’s just not in their league.  Kind of  a lounge singer rock wanna be.  Just don’t get what the judges nor voters see in him.  Mediocre at best but seems like a nice guy???

      • Yeah he just can’t live up to past rockers like Adam, Chris, James. I still think his sister sang FAR better than he ever will

      • I never looked at him as a “rocker”, especially not on the same level as Adam and James! Tonight, he opened his song beautifully, but as soon as the rock band kicked in, his voice was just too sweet and melodic to mesh with the hard edginess. I’ve said it before, and tonight’s performance reaffirms it, to me he has always just translated as an emo/alt dude, NOT a hard rocker. If he sticks to his style, I think he can do good. But of course, he’ll still get the little girls (and some guys) votes!

  9. I have never liked this kind of rock…i do like colton, but i think this song missed…but maybe its the style i don’t like.

  10. I’m loving these updates.  Keep them coming!  I’ll probably shunt AI to the DVR at this rate, and watch it later.  It’s still 2 hours until showtime on the Left Coast.  Sigh.  None of them have chosen the type of songs I’d hoped they would, so far…

  11. ok please don’t take this wrong…this is not hating on colton…but the fake tough black leather, metal, stuff…it kind of came out of london in the 70’s then to the USA.  but i think the drugs made it sound ok..durbin, to some extent lambert…it is a costume…its not what they are..its what they want to project.  there is something really distracting about this facade…i think i could take colton and i am an old lady.  

      • they are nice guys…they are not gang bangers or toughs…what’s wrong with being who you are?  we fell for it in the 80’s but now it looks funny to me.  colton is a nice looking kid..he can do all kinds of music…but his attempt to seem punk or alternative is whats holding him back.

      • Mary,

        You sound old school. 
        Alternative Rock is the new Hair band kick.  My tattoos speak for themselves.  🙂

      • alternative rock is old school..thats my point…sid vicious looked like that, but he was stoned all the time…there was a true angry alternative culture…dressing like sid don’t make you sid.  whats wrong with being colton in the year 2012…its nastalgia for a time he never lived.  what i thought was cool in 1977 i would not be caught dead in.

  12. ooooh i love Jessica!!! She stepped up TWO notches for me and proved she is not just a ballad singer! FTW girl!!! Vote Vote Vote!!! Though the just had some criticisms, i am pretty sure she’s safe tomorrow :>

      • Maybe because her last two performances were exceptional. her performance tonight was not exceptional but compared to the other singers in the current and past seasons, she’s still very good

  13. I think with Jessica’s medicore preformance tonight, Hollie has a chance to capitalize.  Hollie HAS to knock it out of the park tonight to become a front runner. 

    • wait till jessica sing in the last spot… i know she will soon.. hollie is on the pimping zone wait……wait and see. but dnt get me wrong hollie’s ood

  14. She sounds really uncomfortable with the higer notes. And at parts she sounded a bit nasaly.

  15. Guess the gentle Giant isn’t so gentle lol. I saw it on yahoo before the show hahaha. Jermaine’s speech also sounds strange.

  16. sorry that Jermaine james gone .He really got a great voice.People make mistakes but the truth is always right.Best of luck to you Jermaine in the future.Don’t give up . 

  17. hollie’s gonna sing when a man love a woman woah! Jessica sure pick the wrong song but i wish she wouldn’t be eliminated tomorrow 

    • agreed.   When a man loves a woman is a tough song to do.  I have Audiophile ready and waiting to spit out Hollie’s results.  I might spoil it.  I usually dont post the results until the next night. 

      • Can’t wait for your results, Salv! I saw you said in an earlier post that PP did pretty good tonight.

    • Jessica will not be eliminated for sure :> she maybe picked the wrong song choice but her performance was still very good

  18. Did anyone hear the rehersal clip of Jermaine.  OMG he was slaying that song.  Very unimpressed with everyone so far – I think Jermaine woukd have slayed the song.  So bummed.

  19. I have a conspiracy theory for you.  American Idol knew about Jermaine’s criminal past all along, and thats why they brought him back, to give him a dramatic exit and subsuqently a ratings boost.

    • i have read that on the web…some people are saying that.  i actually posted that question earlier today on another thread here…you can never underestimate fox…or is it over estimate?

    • Interesting take and certainly possible.  Still don’t understand what he did to get the warrants??

    • I’m sure that’s it. They’re ratings are hurting big time. I agree with your theory. Either that or the person who does the vetting of their contestants is the same one who vetted Sarah Palin for John McCain.

    • I just watched the exit interview and I was thinking the exact same thing. They made it such a dramatic, big deal and drew it out like it was all for the ratings. I don’t know. But, another part has to admit that if it was for ratings, they would have came out with this news last week after the results show so that all of America could have time to hear about the leak, and be FORCED to watch. Not sure what really went down, but I hope the best for him!

    • if i said i enjoyed it, not sure that would mean much to you…lol.  but she did well..very strong voice.

      • 🙂  Yes it means alot Mary.  Audiophile spoiler.  9.3 for Hollie!   I know how much you like Audiophile so I had to let you know first. 

  20. Hollie looks beautiful!! She sounds AMAZING. She has perfect stage presence. She KILLED it!!!!! I’m so proud to be a Holliepop!

    • Me too!  I am a Hollie Pop as well!  Dont tell my girlfriend.  And as a grown man, I cant believe i just said I was a Hollie Pop.  LOL

      • I know what you mean, it’s also kind of weird being a teenage boy saying I’m a Holliepop

  21. 1. Hollie
    2. Joshua
    3. Elise
    4. Shannon
    5. Erika
    6. Skylar
    7. Colton
    8. Jessica
    9. Phillip
    10. Deandre
    11. Heejun 🙁

    • Oh my. You included Shannon in your top four? :< she's pitchy. awful performance again! oh no. she might be heading home tomorrow or next week

  22. Ok time to vote for Phil. 

    I think elise and deandre will definitely be in the bottom three with one of them going home….erika might be the third…but not sure…

  23. Hollie was good also! But i was just wondering… can she sing uptempo songs? or is it more appropriate to say that she’s the one, and not Jessica, who is like Pia Toscano? that she can only sing ballad songs?

    • I bet Hollie sings a more upbeat song soon.  She will have to.  They will make her.  But yes, I would say that Hollie must prove she can hold it together with upbeat songs as well.  Pia’s rendition of “river deep, mountain high” was an upbeat song and it was the best I had ever heard.

      • I’m not surprised about Hollie’s score. Have you ever done a ranking on the two singers whose voices were once said to be two greatest instruments the world has ever known; Frank Sinatra and the one and only Ella Fitzgerald?

      • I want to hear Hollie sing an upbeat song too. I also like her. Im actually rooting for her and Jessica, of course

      • Frank Sinatra — 9.6.  Ella Fitzgerald — Hmm…I have not done this one.  She is kinda jazzy so Im curious.  Ill have hers for you next week.

      • Also, your not going to believe this but someone is closing in on Aretha Franklin’s 9.9 record.  After adding 95% of Christina Agularia’s stuff both live and studio to audiophile, she stands at 9.8234.  Aretha is 9.912.

    • I think jessica just demonstrated that she can’t sing uptempo songs..we will see about hollie when she does.

      • I think she tried to show versatility, it just didn’t work out..she should stick to what she does best, and that’s singing ballads, but I do give her points for trying something different..she will definitely still be there next week.

  24. i don’t think joshua will have as much support as they think…i don’t think Heejun did that well, but he seems to have a following. 

  25. Voting for hollie, joshua,phillip, elise, and I can’t believe I’m saying this for deandre..he’s turning me into a fan..going home probably shannon or heejun, I love heejun but his song was boring as all get out and his voice it’s just not that good.

  26. This season bores the hell out of me. Last year’s season is far better. and i miss the Haley Reinhart vibe! :((

    • Oh, yeah Haley was always a good for a show and sings great..I was always waiting to see what she does next.. 

  27. Well here goes my bottom 3 predictions. These are just predictions and mostly not because of bad song choices but because of boring song choices.

    Heejun- Pains me to say it as I really like Heejun, but he made a predictable song choice and had pitch problems, but to wager a guess he’ll make the tour but I don’t see him sticking around much longer.

    Deandre- I like him and when he’s on form he’s good, but he was just boring tonight and his performance was pretty forgetable.

     Shannon- Yes she sang better than what she did last week, but the performance was just boring.

    Those are just my predictions. I can be wrong come tomorrow night.

  28. Who I like and who had the best performances, not the same. Best performances tonight: Joshua, Jessica, Hollie, Phillip. Who I like: Heejun, Phillip, Hollie, Jessica, Joshua.

  29. my ranking tonight

    Joshua – A
    Philip – B+
    Hollie – B
    Elise – B
    Jessica – B-
    Colton – B-
    Skylar – C-
    Erika – C-
    Shannon – D
    Heejun – D
    Deandre – D

    Bottom (based on perfrmance)

    Bottom (based on fanbase)

    Who will go home?
    -Shannon. 🙂

  30. Maybe not anywhere near the performance of who I thought best (Joshua, Holly, Jessica) but Coltron sure made an unknown song into a real enjoyable listening experience.  I voted for him to keep him on stage again.  

    • But she might try some uptempo next time. so she’ll not be compared to Pia “the ballad singer”. just saying

  31. Really enjoyed Joshua tonight; it was amazing how those Crawfish made him sing his heart out

  32. Josh was the best of all,and he sung that song real good!                            

    • She’ll stay. Dont worry too much about our girl :> she did great! Dont always mind the judges. they also have their biases

  33. they should let heejun be part of top 10 and join the tour…fans would be crazy to see him..

  34. Jessica had to pull back a bit and let others shine. Joshua was great tonight and unfortunately outshadowed shannon and hollie. He reminds me of jacob lusk from last season but way likeable. I wish they had at least complimented jessica for her stage presence, that turn around in the middle of the song saying “Are you ready?” She’s a star. I disagree with steven tyler, she should mix it up and stay away from too much ballad.

    • I believe that is also a tactic of the show. down Jessica a little bit to let others shine. anyways, i am not worried about her for i know she’ll be safe

  35. I thought Jessica did great tonight I don’t agree with the judges. They were saying she should stick to ballads when last year they were telling Pia to quit doing ballads. Really? I’m glad Jessica changed things up before the judges started whining about her doing nothing but ballads. In fact I think there’s a good number of contestants that they need to tell that to.

  36. Jessica didn’t disappoint me. People may say that its a good performance but for me I so love it. She really entertained me a while ago! Indeed, her versatility in singing is way beyond her years! Nevertheless, she’ll be safe tomorrow.

    •  Yep I agree Jay. I’m glad Jessica didn’t do another ballad. I think a good number of the contestants need to change things up and do more uptempo stuff I was pretty bored for most of the show.

      • I agree she is a good singer and that she will definately be safe.  But just the mere fact that you have to bring up that she will be safe leads me to believe you are conceding this preformance was not as good as the others. 

  37. I have to agree with Randy, Heejun was def the worst tonight.. I don’t understand the craze people have for this guy. He has a pretty average voice if you ask me. The best tonight def goes to Joshua, he goes on that stage, sings his heart out like he wants to win. I appreciate that.

    My Bottom Two:
    1. Heejun: Like I said, his voice isn’t anything amazing, he’s an average singer with an annoying sense of humor.
    2. Deandre: I didn’t connect with his performance at all tonight, boring song choice, and a bad song choice.

    My Pick to go home:
    1.Heejun: He hasn’t amazed me yet, and his performances are all the same and he tries to be funny. This isn’t American Jokes, it’s American Idol.

    America’s Bottom Two:
    1.Deandre: He’s a wild card pick, and he didn’t stand out.
    2.Erika: She’s a wild card pick, and although I absolutely love her, she may be in danger. I really want her to stay, and if she does she needs to WOW everyone or else she’ll be next to go. 

    Who will go home:
    I say it will be a close toss up between Erika and Deandre.

    •  I like Heejun but I’ve got to agree that he needs to step it up. I don’t think he’s going to be eliminated tomorrow and that he will make the tour(I think he has the fan base to survive), but I won’t be surprised to see him in the bottom 3 tomorrow night and if I’m wrong and he does go home I won’t be that disappointed. He made a very predictable song choice and it was pretty boring. He’ll make the tour but his days are numbered. He could end up being like how Stefano was last season and end up in the bottom 3 every week until he finally goes home.

    • what is so neat about his voice is that it is coming from a guy like him.  That is why he has made it this far.  I like Heejun, but unless he steps it up he wont last much longer. 

  38. Who are the ones here who’ll be relieved if Shannon will be out of the show tomorrow night?! Comment! or hit like!

    • Shannon should stay are you kidding me.
      She was the best tonight by far.
      once again she amde it far and square to go touring.
      she should not be cheated i might be changing websites here soon.
      where one is far and says who did the best not choosing favs.
      erika elise heejun jessica “Worst Attitude ever Horible song” worst of the night.

      • Ooooh you’re just bitter because shannon has limited singing capacity. she’s always having a hard time hitting the big notes. she’s nothing but tall and yes, pretty. period.

  39. Jessica was good maybe not the best song for her but she’s an awesome singer.  I still LOVE her.  And Josuha OMG he just blew me away I just LOVE his voice too!

    • i thought she did great..she handle it very very well..she’s a risk taker and total performer..:-)

  40. Sure safe from elimination : jessica,phil,hollie, and joshua
    average: colton, skylar
    in trouble : heejun, deandre
    sure part of bottom : erika, elise, shannon

    Shannon should leave! 

  41. Sad to see Jermaine go …come on what pop star doesn’t have dubious activities.  As far as best tonight I loved Phillip and Colton.  Going hope any girl but Jessica can leave and the show won’t be hurting.

  42. I would have liked to vote at least one more time, this way I could have voted for a guy singer also. You should allow us american voters to vote for the male and female singer of our choice. Thanks for a wonderful show.
    diane B

  43. As with many past seasons, some of the actual best talent did not make the cuts, so of the ones who did (the AI producers have covered the demographics quotas), there might be 2 or 3 worth listening to long term.  I wish Simon was still a judge – apparently he’s the only judge who wouldn’t continually praise singers who virtually scream their songs from start to finish (hard on the ears).  Just my opinion but… here’s how they could sort out talent wise (if you listen to versatility, and ability to sing all genres not just one favourite type of song):
    Category 1 (Most talented, greatest range, voice control, listening appeal, would go to a concert and possibly buy their records):- Joshua L., – DeAndre B., –  Joshua and DeAndre are ultra-talented – could come down to the two of them in the final- Erika V. P. (needs to be careful not to cut off her notes as she performs – has an original sultry voice – give her good songs and she’s a contender), – Elise T. (deserves better comments – she’s better than she’s being credited for if you listen carefully)Category 2 (on the right track but need more training):-  Jessica S. (cute but a bit over rated – good but not great renditions of better artists- let’s see if she really can sing any type of song – test her range and make her sing other genres besides lady diva songs)Category 3 (the screamers):- Holly  C (cute little girl, but just screams – average singer – reminiscent of Lauren Alaina being the “chosen one,” to advance further than deserving) – Phillip Phillips (hard on the ears – grating voice – sounds the same every song)-  Skylar L (really nice girl/Reba clone – but has weak spots in her range too)Category 4 (shouldn’t have made the top cuts):-  Heejun H (nice guy but really weak voice with breaking points)-  Colton D (nice smile, cute teeny bopper appeal in tight jeans- but sounds the same in every song – weak bravado – he’s no Adam Lambert – not even close)-  Shannon Migraine (gives one a headache – girl can’t sing – stick to volleyball)-  None of the girls hold a candle to Melanie Amaro (XFactor), inspite of their fancy outfits and overdone lipgloss-  As for the boys, Joshua and DeAndre rival some of past male winners.I think XFactor does it right – divide the talent into age categories – give older singers a better shake (notice on American Idol, how young the “chosen ones,” are?…  whatever gives the show ratings…  

  44. I thought Jessica still did good, she just couldn’t show off as much with that song.  Still better than pretty much everybody.

  45. Shannon was great.
    It gets to me if she dont do good everybody lets her have it when she does the best. everybody cant just say she had the best come on.

  46. Erika got a f for me her worst i ever heard.
    deandre did bad i give him a dm
    heejun was very horrible i give him a  fmmmmmm

  47. Guys, lets give Jessica a chance because even other American Idol winners are not consistent in their performance for the duration of their own respective seasons. I think her performance for tonight is just to show that she can also sing other types of songs and its OK at least it is not AWFUL! Vote for Jessica so we can prevent another Pia Toscano incident!!!!!

  48. Suggestion for the Judges.
    Giving constructive criticism may help the performer improve but it also influence how many people vote.
    I for one would love to see how America Votes without your influence.
    Try making your comments in private and let America decide just once.

  49. Joshua and Hollie were by far the best of the night. The rest got killed by song choices and kidney stones…

  50. Watch Jessica next week… She will nail all the contestants with the song she will sing…

  51. hollie cant do what jessica did..wait till hollie sing an upbeat song..i dont know what will it sound like..

  52. jessica dont deserve what d judges critics.. she nailed it..and josh  ican say is d one screaming out there it ends soo ugly

  53. I almost hate watching this show anymore because the one that should win, always get kicked off…. What the h*** is that all about!!

  54. I’m sure that the top 2 won’t have Jessica nor Hollie in it. Jessica seems overconfident and Hollie’s a little pitchy.. It’ll be a PhillipColton showdown!

    • I can’t agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phillip and Colton FTW!!!!!

  55. jessica is amazing…her voice is so strong and she can sing anything..oh my god.with her age 16……….so amazing and impressive…coz others are trying hard in singing,,,and jessica just eat their butts..omg,,,,my vote for you jessica all the way…keep humble and you will win

  56. they do a very very very very great job but jessica do more than the others go go go go go jessica. Jessica for the win.

  57. joshua is better than amy one on the show I thinl he should have won it b I t philip waz awsome but I think jessica was a little pitchy at some parts in the song but so was

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