American Idol 2012 Results: Top 24 Part 2

American Idol 2012 Green Mile

The full Top 24 American Idol 2012 singers have been confirmed as of tonight’s results show. Last night we left off with the cliffhanger surrounding Adam Brock’s fate. Did he make the cut or was he sent pack? Read on for the spoilers along with the rest of who will be performing live next week on American Idol.

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American Idol Results: 2012 Top 24 – Final Judgment Part 2

  • Adam Brock – “You Don’t Know Me” – Top 24 performer
  • Jeremy Rosado – “I Know You Won’t” – Top 24 performer
  • Shannon Magrane – “The Trouble with Love Is” – Top 24 performer
  • Skylar Laine – “Fancy” – Top 24 performer
  • Hallie Day – no performance – Top 24 performer
  • Chase Likens – no performance – Top 24 performer
  • Aaron Marcellus – no performance – Top 24 performer
  • Deandre Brackensick – “This Woman’s Work” – Top 24 performer
  • Hollie Cavanagh – “Change” – Top 24 performer
  • Eben Franckewitz – “You Are So Beautiful” – Top 24 performer
  • Scott Dangerfield – “Folsom Prison Blues” – Cut by the judges
  • Jermaine Jones – “I Believe In You and Me” – Cut by the judges
  • Ariel Sprague – no performance – Cut by the judges
  • Shelby Tweten – no performance – Cut by the judges
  • David Leathers Jr. – “I Want You Back” – Cut by the judges

In a move out of the X Factor playbook, the judges have decided to bring back one of the following male singers: Jermaine Jones, Richie Law, Johnny Keyser, or David Leathers Jr. One of these singers will get a second chance at the American Idol 2012 crown. We’ll find out on Tuesday night during the first live show. Who do you think it should be?

Get ready for the American Idol live performance shows starting next Tuesday!




  1. If they continue to send through a lot of country western singers., I will quit watching. It’s called American Idol not Country Western Idol.

    • As far as I see it, it is divided up like this-
      Country(4)- Chase, Baylie, Chelsea, and Skylar (please don’t whine because a few country singers were put through. Believe it or not, American Idol was not invented to please only fans of a certain Genre)
      Soul(4)- Elise, Adam, Reed, and Erika
      Rock(3)- Phil, Colton, and Haley
      Gospel(1)- Joshua Lusk (oops I mean Ledet) hahahaha
      R&B/soul(7)- Jessica, Jen, Hollie, Hallie, Heejun, Aaron, Deandre
      Pop(5)- Shannon, Brielle, Creighton, Eben, and Jeremy
      The following have absolutely n0 chance of making it:
      Brielle Von Hugel- She made people hate her in hollywood.
      Skylar Laine- I like her, but she is just too country to make it after scotty’s win last year. America won’t let a country singer win this year.
      Adam Brock- UGH. It makes me ill thinking about this guy going home, being my 3rd favorite guy next to Heejun and Reed. But unless he has a stinkin amazing SF performance, he’d better pack his bags.
      Creighton Fraker- I say this out of optimism. If america puts this guy through, they are beyond the point of no return.
      Chase Likens- Country singers are not going to win this season, ecspecially a guy.

      I like the diversity of the top 24 this season. In order of how much I like them, this is who I think will make the top 13, and a star by them means they are a lock-
      1. GO TEAM HEEJUN!!!!*
      2. Reed Grimm*
      3. Hollie Cavanaugh 
      4. Haley Johnsen
      5. Baylie Brown*
      6. Eben Frankewitz
      7. Aaron Sanders
      8. Erika Van Pelt*
      9. Hallie Day*
      10. Jessica Sanchez*
      11. Phillip2*
      12. Elise Testone
      13. Joshua Ledet
      Of course, if Johnny Keyser comes back, he is a lock as well. Probably will kick Eben out of the t13. And Jen Hirsh of course… Idk it will be up in the air this season, ecspessially for the girls.

      •  Hollie C! Let’s see if she can come back from no face time until the last 5 minutes of the last show!

      • Haha true, Tomtillapaugh. Well, Pia had barely any face time. As long as hollie has a good SF performance I sure hope she goes through. My ideal top 5 girls is Haley, Hollie, Baylie, Jessica, and probably Elise.

  2. i am through watching american idol. unbelievable only blue eyed-blonde females not one sista or asian female only non-singing white girls and  1 black male. no diversity at all. i hate to say it but i honestly did not see anyone that could really sing (sand) all country singers pretty much sounds alike to me. they need some young  judges like kelly rowland, justin timberlake..

    • Jessica Sanchez is not a blue-eyed blond.  And she sings very well.  Joshua is black and I’m pretty sure Deandre is too.  None of these are country singers.  What’s your problem?

      • oops ! i guess with all the blonde headed people i must of missed jessica. wow hooray to joshua they gave us one black, deandre is of mixed race. it is not about race it’s about the singing. there was no one for me that i would want to watch for. there has been a lot of white singers that could sing, Kelly Clarkson had my vote and i still love her music. i think i will stick with the Voice they have a variety and  much better singers of all nationalities.

      • Wow this racist show caters to white America blacks can sing but they didn’t get picked look at Whitney and Michael .This show is a let down to young black children they will never think they could do anything looking at this white racist show

    • there actually is an asian female and male, along with a few hispanic people so I don’t quite get what your saying

      • i’m saying..i don’t wanna see a stage full of blonde headed-country singing young girls or boys. give us some diversity like soul singers, jazz singers punk rockers. anyway at this piont it don’t matter i have already gotten into the VOICE..

      • Ikr? First of all, there are only 4 country singers this season, only 2 of which have a shot at the top 13. And second, has it really come down to discriminating people because of their hair color? 

    • you’re dumb. There are three black males going through and there is an asian female. Regardless, it’s not about race, just about the singing.

      • let’s not result to name calling you don’t know me ok, we can voice our opinions. i guess i was not of been watching as closely as you, to be honest i lost interest there was no-one that held my attention at the end all i saw was a stage full of blonde-headed females. 

      • You probably should get your facts straight before you post something wrong. It will make people call you dumb….you could have prevented that by watching the video above….

    • Wow, you’ve got a lot of racist comments for someone who later claims ”
      it is not about race it’s about the singing.” So what if it’s a “a stage full of blonde-headed females” and “not one sista”?  We’re here for the singing and the talent regardless of their skin or hair color.  Leave your racism at the door if you want to join us here this season.

      • Some of you white folks are either really clueless or just full of it.. If the show had 21 black or latino contestants and 3 white kids, they wouldn’t let it be called AMERICAN Idol nor would it be on FOX (It would air on BET) AND the majority of you wouldn’t even watch it anymore, especially you die hard country fans… What I find interesting is the fact that the majority of the ”singers” that were chosen mimic the vocal styling of gospel, soul & blues singers, in other words Black people.

      • @d749e25000a003b3556002e100874776:disqus : Your accusations of assuming everyone is racist doesn’t do a lot to mask yours.  So if the last singers left this season were Aaron, 
        Deandre, Jeremy, Joshua, and Heejun you’re saying that the “white” America would stop watching and ratings would bottom out, huh? You’re completely wrong.

      • Matthew, I see you’re really comfortable calling folks racists when they make comments that obviously make you feel uncomfortable. You know what they say, right??? The things that bother you most about someone else is actually something you hate about yourself…
        You seem to be projecting sweetie, get over yourself. Further, you clearly have selective reading to go along with your selective hearing. I don’t assume anything about anyone. The fact is, A MAJORITY OF CAUCASIAN AMERICANS (especially in the Midwest and the South) DO NOT WISH TO VIEW PROGRAMMING ABOUT ANYBODY BUT THEMSELVES ON A REGULAR BASIS. Unless of course, there is a ball involved…
        So, call me whatever you like, it doesn’t change the fact that the % of white people, who watch programming that is comprised of mostly blacks/latins/asians or is geared toward an ”ethnic” audience is very low.
        Meanwhile, people of color have proven to be way more open to support a show that does not reflect or represent them at all.
        BTW, I’ll watch the show AND I have my favorites. A few of them are even white too. GASP!!
        I can’t however, in my right mind, overlook the fact that they choose a bunch of girls who imitate black singers and ain’t none of them black themselves. It’s crazy…

      • @d749e25000a003b3556002e100874776:disqus Oh, my bad. I didn’t realize you were a psychologist with a specialty focus on sociological perspectives of southern and midwestern Caucasians.  Unless you have some actual real world data and associated studies to back up your claims, then yes, you are assuming.

        What a sad world you live in.

      • Hot_lananyc, I’m sorry you view people that way. I would watch it. I  honestly don’t care what color people are. We are all humans. Just because people look different is no reason to discriminate! Matt, good job calling her out.

  3. Please bring back Johnny Keyser 😉 love him!!!!!!! I knew something was up when he wasn’t put through!!!!!!!

  4. This will be the first season of American Idol that I will not watch. The judges did not give us the best twenty four contestants, that they could and should have. Now the show will just be mediocre.

    • Have they ever given us the best 24 singers?

      It’s about the total package. It’s about versatility. It’s about star appeal. It’s not about the voice. That’s another show

  5. I hope the 13th guy is Jermaine Jones.  I don’t believe idol has had a baratone such as his.  It is beautiful!  

  6. I love elise, erika, aaron, jessica. I don’t like shannon or skylar…..Once again, where is the diversity . Oh, and bring back Johnny

  7. i think they will bring  Johnny back.. it was crazy when he left. and i hope Eben makes it far.. he is soooo talented for a 15 year old and deserves it.

  8. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t bring back that hateful, annoying, cocky, evil, and (in heejun’s words) crazy cowboy. Any of the other 3, go for it. I would prefer Jermaine or Johnny over David though.

  9. I feel Johnny Keyser should come back. He had an amazing voice and out of the four he should deserve to come back and shouldnt have been cut. Plus he is cute to look at 🙂

    • This is why we should hope Johnny doesn’t come back…..

      A Back Street Boy with an average voice will make it far because of the tweenie and cougar vote

  10. The people that have locked my votes for the season unless they screw up terribly are Heejun, Reed, Hollie, and Haley. I’m keeping an open mind for the others. Well, Except Creighton of course.

    • Creighton is like claws on a chalk board to my ears. Not a fan. I would have put Nico Starr in….

  11. Well here is the way it is peeps. The biggest audience for AI is in the southeast region of the USA. There are a lot of areas in the southeast that are heavily populated but still relaxed enough to wind down in the evening and sit and watch a two hour reality singing contest. More than a few of those areas are in North Carolina and Georgia. How do you think the final two made it so far on last year’s show? Because that is where the viewers live and vote. Now couple that with all of the country music fans you find in Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas and the American Heartland and you will get a whole lot of votes every time. (California is just not in the game if you ask me because they can go on the internet and get the results before the show even airs in their region. It’s not their fault, they are just a victim of their location.) Just look at how many Idol finalists have come from the south and went far on the show. More than our share in the 11 seasons so far I would say. Let’s see if we can name a few from the south….

    -Ejay Day–Lawrenceville, GA
    -R.J. Helton–Cumming, GA
    – Nikki McKibbin–Grand Prairie, TX
    -Kelly Clarkson–Burleson, TX (Winner)
    -Venessa Olivarez–Atlanta, GA
    -Corey Clark–Nashville, TN
    -Ricky Smith–Keene, TX
    -Kimberly Caldwell–Katy, TX
    -Trenyce Cobbins–Memphis, TN
    -Kimberly Locke–Nashville, TN
    -Clay Aiken–Raleigh, NC (Runner Up)
    -Ruben Studdard–Birmingham, AL (Winner)
    -George Huff–New Orleans, LA
    -Diana DeGarmo–Snellville, GA (Runner Up)
    -Fantasia Burrino–High Point, NC (Winner)
    -Lindsay Cardinale–Ponchatoula, LA
    -Jessica Sierra–Tampa Bay, FL
    -Nadia Turner–Miami, FL
    -Vonzell Solomon–Fort Mayers, FL
    -Bo Bice–Helena, AL (Runner Up)
    -Carey Underwood–Chacotah, OK(Winner)(Heartland/South)
    -Melissa McGhee–Tampa, FL
    -Mandissa–Antioch, TN
    -Bucky Covington–Rockingham, NC
    -Kellie Pickler–Albemarle, NC
    -Paris Benett–Fayetteville, GA
    -Chris Daughtry–McLeansville, GA
    -Elliott Yamin–Richmond, VA
    -Taylor Hicks–Birmingham, AL(Winner)
    -Stephanie Edwards–Savannah, GA
    -Chris Sligh–Greenville, SC
    -Haley Scarnato–San Antonio, TX
    -Phil Stacey–Jacksonville, FL
    -Jason Castro–Rockwall, TX
    -Anoop Desai–Chapel Hill, NC
    -Kris Allen–Conway, AR (Winner)
    -Lauren Alaina–Rossville, GA (Runner Up)
    -Scotty McCreery–Garner, NC (Winner)
    -Paul McDonald–Nashville, TN
    -Jordan Sparks–Glendale, AZ (Winner)

    This is not a complete list. I got tired of writing but you get the picture. I agree it has a lot to do with where they hold the auditions but this list of 40 is a large enough sampling out of the thousands upon thousands that auditioned over the past 10 seasons wouldn’t you say? It’s just about life styles and the life style in the south and in the southeast just lends itself toward a more leisurely existence and we are rooted in music down here. You just got to take time to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. It is no wonder that country music, jazz, blue grass, blues, and so many other genres of music originated in the south. 

    So…..I think that maybe they will bring back Jermain but it could very well be the Cowboy based on the list above and AI producers understanding where their audience in this country is. We will just have to wait and see. BTW I think it was really lame to copy The X Factor. It will not have the same impact as it did on that show. I guarantee that.

  12. If I’m not mistaken, Scotty jumped to 4th place in the total number of CD’s sold by Idol winners. 1st. Carrie Underwood, 2nd.Kellie Clarkson, 3rd Clay Aiken. Tell me again about how bad ‘Country Music’  is. Good music is that which sells CD & passes the ‘test of time’, no matter what genre it is!

  13. One thing is true, there is not a lot of diversity this season. I was like wow, when they pick the final 24. It seems like, there going for another, country, or pop singer to win. I’m only going to watch if my favorites make it through. I hope they bring David back.

  14. Wow! In this corner turning purple by holding their breath are haters of country music and in that corner turning blue cause their angry are haters of  blonde contestants really, we might as well call this page “American Rumble”

    Hey guys c’mon chill, don’t forget that this is still a singing competetion!!

    For the record:  in 2010 Lady Antebellum won 5 Grammy awards.
                                  in 2011 Taylor Swift won a grammy for Album of the Year
                                  and AMA  Album Of the Year .

    And if just in case your eyes are bad and can’t see well , put on some glasses and take a good look at our Idol Judges and tell me what do you see???

    • I see 3 people who are paid an extraordinary amount of money to do as directed by the show’s producers that which makes the advertisers happy. Cater to white folks…
      Of course, most of you don’t have an issue with this because you are blinded by the rose-colored lenses which were handed down to you that keep you a deluded entitled (white) american.

  15. I hope they bring back David . I can’t believe that they chose Eben over him  . David is way better than Eben. I am not a fan though but that was just my openion.

  16. Wow. This is terrible for any minority child to watch. I can’t believe they went all white with one black guy. We all know black people can sing. The biggest stars in history like Michael and Whitney have been black. This sorry judges just didn’t give them a chance. This show truly caters to white America. Please black children don’t get discouraged from watching this show

    • Why does it have to be about race? If a majority of “black” singers went through, would you hear “white” people complaining that the show is racist? Probably not. And yes, we know, there are plenty of extremely talented “black” people but there are also plenty of talented “whites.” Maybe those potentials just didn’t stand out this year? It’s unfortunate because diversity is a beautiful thing, but people are people and at the end of the day it’s about the music. Or at least it should be. Minority children probably wouldn’t find this terrible, or discouraging, to watch if you didn’t plug such ideas into their heads.

    • It will be ten times worst if one “minority child” that read this  statement and believed it, because it is pure non-sense what you are saying, please stop it!!!

    • What?  its a commercial entertainment show.  I doubt black children will be discouraged.  I don’t think the judges have any agenda other than trying to keep the ratings up.  Thats their job. 

  17. Not a bad top 24, all my favourite singers went through – Phillip Phillips (hope he wins!!), Reed Grimm, Colton Dixon (amazing voice!!) and Creighton Fraker. I hope they bring back Jermaine Jones or Johnny Keyser!!

    • You said it yourself “not a bad top 24” so why bring back anybody else?
      I believe the top 24 has enough of the talents needed to declare a winner, besides I think there are more than four people left out in the selection that could have easily be in the top 24.  Let us move on!!!

      •  Well since they are bringing someone back, I want it to be Jermaine or Johnny. Sure, maybe some of the good singers didn’t make it through, but the top 24 could of been worse, I think its pretty good.

  18. I don’t like the fact they need to bring someone back.  I guess Johnny or maybe David would be ok.  Please don’t bring back cowboy.  He needs to grow up.  He is annoying.

  19. wasn’t johnny cut before the top 42?  wonder if they received some feedback from fans about him being cut?  i think is nice looking, and could probably win…but he is not the best singer…and seemed a little cocky to me.  I am a Phil fan…but i think the other three mentioned jermaine, david and cowboy will never win.  Jermaine is a too emotional mama’s boy, david has the best voice and i think will last a while but not sure he can make top five because he looks 12, and cowboy has been made out to be a jerk and his singing style is very limited.  

  20. No black people I have watch this show from the beginning I will not be watching this show anymore out of 24 people 3 or 4 r black it is not fair at all there were many great black singers this year will not be watching Randy is the biggest racist

    •  Your word is true. We are watching AI all the way from Australasia and were surprised to notes that there is a lack of race diversity- especially amongst the girls. There was quite a few of the African Americans who had the talent! Look at that poor young David compared to Eben… pure robbery! From what I can observe is this; AI has changed  and it’s now about image first, popularity and then singing- An example is Justen Bieber and Chris Brown- ask any teen these days, whose album they’re more likely to purchase?- It is what it is.

  21. Some of you white folks are either really clueless or just full of it.. If the show had 21 black or latino contestants and 3 white kids, they wouldn’t let it be called AMERICAN Idol nor would it be on FOX (It would air on BET) AND the majority of you wouldn’t even watch it anymore, especially you die hard country fans… What I find interesting is the fact that the majority of the ”singers” that were chosen mimic the vocal styling of gospel, soul & blues singers, in other words Black people.

  22. It doesn’t matter to me the style of music, though the color ratio should be close. This year they have two or three blacks. Would America watch idol this year if it was 22 blacks and the rest other. I’m not pulling the race card, but I believe we have talent in all races.

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